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    Question vomit.

    "If it ain't broke don't fix it" The forums are just a universal meeting place and everything serious or majorly fun happens here. Discord is for smaller, quick discussions most of the time. Your idea is nice, but Discord isn't as accessible to many like the internet + Google are.
  3. Pandeoo

    1000 Posts Game

    42: The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything
  4. TheSteelNinja14

    Theme Songs for Factions

    Kordon being told Kuiken (the island one) was decimated and then told to go clean it up by Poseidon - Red like roses by Jeff and Casey Lee Williams
  5. 20JPorter

    Theme Songs for Factions

    An I'm working on composing a theme for Valland.
  6. FearlessPie121

    1000 Posts Game

    41, doesn't have its letters in alphabetical order
  7. RashE (IrashiHeart)

    Theme Songs for Factions

    Never fear! RashE is here! To suck the fun out of everything by trying way too hard. Kingstone Theme Song: Warriors for Centuries (Mashup) "We are the warriors that build this town... from dust." "Remember me, for centuries." Nicku Crestshade under the Curse: Disturbed - Indestructible "I'll have you know that I've become indestructible" "My dedication, to all that I've sworn to protect, I carry out my orders without a regret." Kingsglaive Curse: Disturbed - The Curse "I've held on too long just to let it go now, will my inner strength get me through it some how? Defying the curse that has taken hold, never surrender, I'll never be overcome." Icarus Forde under the Curse: Casey Lee Willians - Ignite "Fool you shouldn't stare into these eyes of fire, you're going regret this little fight." "You'll watch yourself suffer, you'll watch me ignite." Kingstone's Foreign Relations Strategy: Bobby Roode - Glorious Domination "I won't give in, I won't give in, 'til I'm victorious. And I will defend, I will defend. And I'll do all I must." "Until the end, until the end." Icarus, Nicku, and Fredrick battling against the Solisian Alvionspawn at the end of the clash at Fort Acies: Aviators - Paralyzed "That adrenaline rush when weapons fly, it's the fear that brings out that body high" "At the mercy of my inhuman hands, I will bring myself to see this challenge through" The time in between now and when the war with Valland begins: Tomorrow We Fight "Sleep for today, but tomorrow we fight." "Armies surround us, waiting for dark" Nicku's attitude towards Icarus after he saved her life: Lullaby of the Moon "Because of you I now gaze up and sing, 'The Lullaby of the Moon" "Shining down, up one the earth, now they'll see, I'll prove my worth." Icarus Forde's Theme Song: Bastille - Icarus "Icarus is flying too close to the sun." Icarus and Nicku Duet: Skillet - The Resistance Heavy as a hurricane, loud as a freight train." Nicku Theme Song: Tangled - Kingdom Dance
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  9. The sails whipped in the wind and the men roared a shanty as the Wintergale soared through the Adrial Sea. Richard Matheson, only nine at the time, had set sail with his mother and father seeking a new wealth and riches in the newly established colony of Vandem. By order of Queen Jenian 1 year prior, Vandem was established under her governorship to expand the empire. The methods to manage Vandem were experimental, having run under Absolute Monarchy for several centuries with swaths of military might to bolster her divine right and authority of the land. Queen Jenian sought to run Vandem with only one government official, her majesty in her own right. Three months pass before the Wintergale would strike port in sprawling Vandem, bringing the then unknown Matheson family to the place of which their fame and fortune was born. James Matheson II, Richard’s father, had taken up arms and joined the Vandem Guard to pay the family’s way through seemingly rough times. With this, he had discovered a talent in military engineering, and soon petitioned her majesty for the formation of the Royal Engineers Corps. Though skeptical of such work being done so far from the homeland, such commission was granted and the REC was born. James was subsequently promoted to Sergeant and appointed lead officer of the Corps under direction of the Captain of the Guard. For the first 6 years, the Corps were met with failure after failure. Catapult improvements led to catastrophic failures and nearly destroyed the Archery Range barracks. Gun powder experiments to improve burn time resulted in the death of two corporals. By this time, Richard, aged 16 and a journeyman under his father, had narrowly survived the explosion. After hearing word of this incent, the Captain of the Guard burst into James’ workshop and slammed him down with inches of the table saw. “You monster of a man! You killed those two lads!” The captain bellowed. “No sir! They knew the risks! They knew it could fail!” James shoved back. “I’ll have you in the gallows for this!” The captain threw James aside and stormed out. What the captain did not know is that James had successfully used that powder test to fashion the realms first stable powder mixture for use in the realms first firearms. Sure that this success would mean those two men would not have died in vain, he quickly raced to Queen Jenian to seek audience. Unfortunately, the Captain had already had her ear when he arrived. “How dare you come here!” Queen Jenian shouted. “Your grace! Please hear me. Those men did not die in vain!” James choked, dropping a package and grabbing his chest. “How could you be so sure, Sergeant? The Captain tells me you deserve the gallows for your insolence!” “Because of this…” James unwrapped the package to produce his prototype iron rifle, bored for 56 caliber metal balls, laden in an oaken grip with a golden inlay. “This will change everything! Higher power and more accurate than the bow. This--” “You can’t be serious, Jim!” The captain interjected, livid and beyond his boiling point. “If you do not cease now, I will cut you down where you stand!” “You’ll be dead before you draw your sword, you fool.” The captain turned towards James, ignoring the repeated attempts by Queen Jenian to stop him, and put his hand on the hilt of his sword. With the swift slight of hand, James had the rifle at the ready, aimed for the captain’s chest, and fired. The bullet pierced the captain’s cuirass, and lodged itself in his lung. Blood began to fill the captains airways and he could do little to speak, his dying breath “Forgive me, pity he who is a fool…”. The incident before the queen had spread throughout the colony. The Man who struck Fear in Her Majesty. Before the Queen Jenian could decide his fate, news was brought forth from the mainland that war with Sphyria was taking a toll on the front, with the realm losing more than 30% of its lands to the enemy. Seeing James more as a tool for war than a criminal, she hastily promoted him to Field Marshal and dispatched the Royal Engineers Corps to the front to train and distribute the new weaponry. Richard, now 18, is left alone in Vandem. His Mother, Anne, had died 2 years ago to dysentery and his father now aboard a navy ship with the REC. His days were spent in the siege workshop under the employ of longtime childhood friend, the newly ascended Duke Meind Masters. The Duke, after the queen’s departure was charged with managing Vandem and was properly appointed the Governor General. For several years, Vandem prospered having endured peace and isolation from the war-torn home lands. This peace lasted until controversy broke out that the heir apparent to the throne had gone missing in action. Soon after, the Queen was assassinated by agents of Sphyria while on route to the front to raise the morale of the troops. With no successor to the throne, the home realm broke out into civil war. Meanwhile in Vandem, Duke Masters proclaimed himself Lord Masters, ruler of Vandem. Given the prosperity of the colony, little to no resistance was offered. He then turned his attention to Richard, and granted the title of Duke and their friendship grew. Migrants from the home realm and lands afar came to the ever prosperous Vandem for years to come until the fateful day, Knight Chronnus arrived to Vandem. Chronnus had come to Vandem seeking its riches and opportunity, having just escaped the clutches of the Sphyrian Legion ravaging the continent to the East. His notoriety quickly earned him a position on the Guard. Chronnus then excelled and flew through the ranks throughout the course of a year, and soon found himself among the royal court of Lord Masters himself, serving as Captain of the Royal Guard answering only to Duke Matheson and Lord Masters. All seemed well until one evening during the courtly supper, that Chronnus had particularly caught Richard’s eye. “I just got word from a dear old friend. There’s a legend stirring among the Sphyrians.” Chronnus began. “By jove, lad! What could it be this time?” Lord Masters prodded. “Some old codger single-handedly wiped out an entire regiment of Sphyrian Legionnaires carrying royal courier containing battle plans for the front. Then this man took this information and wrought fire and stone upon the walls of Hallburg, the Sphyrian Capitol while its men were in transfer to the front to free over 300 men held prisoners of war!” “Does this codger have a name?” Richard demanded. “James of Vandem they say. No word on his surname. I can tell you though he perished.” “What did you say?” Richard screamed. “Yes, sir. Died in battle shortly after. No one knows how he did it, or how many he actually saved or killed. The man is truly something.” Richard was taken aback after hearing of his father and excused himself from dinner. For 5 years the war raged on and James was presumed dead. Richard had written before in the dispatches sent from Vandem to inform his father of his rise to the nobility but never received a reply. Even more disturbing was Chronnus’ knowledge of his death. Surely word would have come to Vandem of such heroics… Why is it now that he hears of this? Over the course of the next month, Richard’s suspicions surrounding Chronnus grew. Lord Masters grew fond of Chronnus’ company in the Royal Guard and soon granted him Chancellorship of Vandem, his lordship’s First Minister. More months would pass as Duke Matheson grew weary of Chronnus’ hold over his lordship’s ear and one summer evening the young Duke pulled Lord Masters aside on the way to their private chambers. “Your lordship, can you spare me a moment, as an old friend?” Richard cautiously approached the ruler. “No need in seeking my permission, friend. We’re far beyond simple pleasantries! What is it? Count Chronnus has sent word from Rengir in the north and I’m not much time.” Masters warmly replied “Count Chronnus? He was only Baron for just a few short months!” “What can I say, the man has a way with the realm! Is that a problem?” “A gut feeling says yes. Something about him doesn’t sit well with me.” “Bah. To hell with your gut. Unless you have something more concrete, we’re done here.” The tone suddenly became firm and short. Masters immediately brushed Richard aside and strode off to his chambers. Never before had Richard’s counsel been some easily cast aside before… Surely there must be something going on! Suspicions peaked when a royal dispatch arrived at the workshop named Richard the royal regent of the throne and Archduke of the land. Such majesty and grand authority were bestowed upon him, but he knew it in his heart that it was merely a distraction, an attempt at placating him and pacifying him to keep him quiet. That night, after the forge had been dampened and the bellows came to a halt, Richard gathered his senior officers: Sergeants Warwick Cadbury, Rutherford Wrennington, and Man-at-Arms Sib Malone to stage the underground. The group of men agreed that a sense of impending doom and tyranny lay upon the horizon and put the Royal Engineers Corps to work. Through the course of three months, a steady exodus of Vandem was underway to the uninhabited lands of Evernethia to the south west, far beyond the peaks of Brom and across the Adrial Sea. The operation couldn’t remain hidden for too long as portions of Vandem became abandoned and run down. Count Chronnus’ had grown equally suspicious of Richard and suspected him to be behind the disappearances of the people. After pleading with Lord Masters, Chronnus found himself Richard’s equal, both Dukes of the realm. With the newfound authority and power that came with dukedom, Chronnus began to investigate, shadow, and intercept communications between Richard and the REC, suspecting his use of the Engineers Corps to do his bidding. Not much came of the messages sent through; most of them contained dispatch orders, plans, designs, work orders and the like. Nothing out of the ordinary. Still Chronnus pressed on searching for the silver bullet to end his demons and one night his moment would come. Sergeant Wrennington was spotted leaving the East Quarter Pub having delivered a dispatch for the inn keeper. Usually this was a purchase order for ale to be brought to the REC. But this famed night had brought Chronnus his long sought-after cache of evidence. Once Sergeant Wrennington turned the corner and his torchlight faded, Chronnus crept inside the pub and slinked into a stool at the bar. The inn keeper took one glance his direction before asking the usual, “What’ll ye be, lad?” “1 pint and that slab of ink you just received from the sergeant…” Chronnus said, his fowl excitement barely held back. “Can’t say I have any paper, lad. Just a drink” “Bring it here or I’ll have the Royal Guard rip this place apart” Chronnus lifted his hood and stabbed the bar with a dagger hidden beneath his cloak. “Oh, uh… pardon me your lordship! Here it is… uh. Sorry. Have a pint on the house!” RM, The last ship sailed. Any others can come freely aboard the Frostbite. See you across the waters. -RW He had it. All he needed to win over Lord Masters and eventually seize the throne for himself. Now for the part he had been waiting for all this time. And behold! He didn’t have to even leave the pub for this opportunity. In came Richard Matheson, Duke of Vandem himself. Oh what stroke of luck was this! “Evening Fendil! Just the usual half gallon if you would please.” Richard jokingly requested. “Sorry Richard, I’m all out today. Please forgive me.” Mathias quickly scurried away to the far room in the pub. “What in heavens is—” “Traitor!” Chronnus brandished his longsword and extended his arm towards Richard.. “Chronnus, I should have known! What brings you to this fine establishment?” Richard broke a smile, arms opened wide. “I could ask the same, you despicable traitor! Where are they!” “Where is who, Chronnus? Put that sword down, man.” “You’ve been behind the population decline! Where are you taking the people of Vandem? WHERE?” “I don’t know what you’re talking about Chronnus!” The pub fell silent, all eyes and ears on the quarreling nobles. “Don’t play the fool with me, Matheson! I have the dispatch!” Chronnus bellowed, raising the note in his left hand for Richard to take heed. Seeing no way to end this dispute quietly, Richard decided to concede defeat. “All right, Chronnus! You’ve got me. I started an expedition with the REC and we’re moving operations abroad. This was meant to be secret so as not to arouse suspicion, but I see that it still has managed to creep up on us.” “Hellfire! You lie to me even with the evidence here in my possession! You’ve lost your way Richard, just like you father.” Richard was caught off guard by such an off-hand remark. Shocked at such a statement he couldn’t resist. “What do you know about my father?” “I know everything you daft little man. Even how he was killed.” “And why have you never told me!?” “Because…. You wouldn’t want to hear it.” “Tell me why!” “I wasn’t always a defector, you fool. It was I who suffered the losses Hallburg and I who slew the madman James!” “How dare you!” Richard drew his pistol and squared a bead on Chronnus temple. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you… How about we make a deal... hmm?” The evil grimace returned to Chronnus’ complexion. “What say you, then?” “Leave this realm with your vagrants. Never return for if you do I will cut you down myself.” Richard hesitated and acquiesced. “We have an accord.” Over the course of a week Richard had stowed the remainder of his belongings aboard the Frostbite, ready to set sail for Evernethia. To Chronnus shock and dismay, more than 200 of his 230 man Guard had abandoned their duties to join Richard and the entire REC. Furious, Chronnus and the his Royal Guardsmen came and verbally accosted Richard in public view. Despite the verbal attacks, Chronnus dare not draw a sword, for he was vastly out numbered in the shipyards. That same evening, word reached the Engineers Corps that Sergeant Warwick had been captured and sent to the dungeons, Sib and Rutherford already plotting an escape for their fellow officer at a table near the water’s edge. “Hold steady gents. “Richard interrupted. “Unbeknownst to you two, I have a hidden passage to the dungeons. My father and I dug it out in the untimely event we were labeled traitors to the crown. We can fetch him there and pray he is still in one piece.” “And what of Chronnus? That bastard deserves to be thrown in the wash!” Sib slammed his hands down on the table. “Easy. I too have unfinished accords with that slime. Let’s go tonight as soon as the sun sets over the horizon. Inform the harbormaster and ready the ships, we’ll be sailing out of port in a hurry.” Richard assured them. That night the sun settled over the horizon, the streets deserted. Nary a rat was stirring as the three men made their way trough back alleys up to the cliffside below Lord Masters Bastion. Richard began to dig his heels into the ground at varying patches beside the cliff, searching for the hidden entrance he and his father had buried a decade before. After an hour of searching he finally hit metal. The three unearthed the metal trap door that lay a few inches beneath the topsoil. With one good heave, Richard pull the trap door open, releasing a waft of stale and putrid air and revealed steel rungs leading down into the passageway. Sib lobbed a torch down the shaft and it fell for a good 12 feet. Despite the uncertainty of the hidden passageway, the three climbed down and pressed through the narrow cavern. Every so often they had to crouch to get through as the ceiling dipped down and raised up at random until they reached a stone brick wall. To the right lay a rusty iron key on a hook, which puzzled Rutherford. “What does this open?” “On the other side is a storeroom that’s usually kept locked up. We need it to get through.” Richard replied while pressing against the wall. “If Warwick is where I suspect, he’ll not be far.” The wall would not budge at first, but soon began to crack where the doorway had set against the real wall. Dust and rocks began to snap and the door gave way into the storeroom. What no one had expected however, is what was to be stored in this room: not supplies, not dry goods, not even treasures. Torture machine parts, blades, collars, chains, spikes, rope, and straps lay about the room, some carefully stored methodically as if categorized by the act they commit, others just strewn around the room. “By the fires! Pity the soul that lost his way in this forsaken place!” Rutherford gasped locking away towards the passage. “Warwick, you better be—” Screams echoed throughout the dungeon and stopped Rutherford in his tracks. Panicking by the horrors occurring beyond the door, he quickly grabbed the key and unlocked the storeroom door and burst into the chamber beyond. In the next room, a bloodied Warwick lay propped up on a rack, wrapped in iron chains from head to toe hooked up to a pulley system to tighten the chain. A hooded figure and Duke Chronnus stood before Warwick and quickly whirled around to face Rutherford as he burst into the room. “Let him go!” “Kill them!” Chronnus ordered as he ran the pulley to tighten the chains. The hooded man charged Rutherford but easily fell to his cutlass after two bouts brought the fateful blow. Chronnus dashed for the gate to escape the Dungeon as Sib leaped to stop the pulley and Rutherford struggled to free Warwick from the chains. Richard intercepted Chronnus and ordered the others to escape. “Not so fast, you slime!” Richard shouted as he slammed the gate shut and locked it with the same key from before. “Draw your sword.” “You think you can best me? Hah! You really are a fool, aren’t you?” Chronnus taunted back, drawing his longsword. “If you wish to die, then I won’t stop you from joining your father! Chronnus lunged forward thrusting his longsword out ahead like a sharp rapier. Richard swiftly parried and slices Chronnus’ left shoulder, blood beginning to seep down his arm. Unaffected by the pain, Chronnus continued his offensive. Up high, to the right, parry, riposte, thrust, up high, block, to the right, parry again. Suddenly Richard was struck with a searing pain in his left thigh. Blast! He landed a cut! ARGH. Gripping his waist, Richard kept defending. Again to the right, parry, riposte, thrust, up high, until Chronnus slammed his head forward against Richard, knocking him back several paces and falling to his knees. “Had enough have you?” Chronnus began to roar with maniacal laughter, filling the dungeon. “Throw down your sword so I can run you through without trouble. Ha ha ha!” Almost as if time had frozen, the room began to slow and the color started to fade. The pain in his waste evaporated and all that could Richard could think and feel was a blind rage. How could someone be so despicable? How could you betray a trust built over so many years? It can’t be over. Not now. And within an instant, time had resumed and the color returned. This time Richard lunged forward and lead an onslaught with Chronnus struggling to maintain his defensive posture and pushing him further and further back. Sweating buckets and dying for air, Richard gave one final swing with all his might that clashed and snapped the opposing longsword in half while dropping the cutlass. Chronnus was flown back against the wall and dropped the broken half of his sword, and before he could ready his dagger it was over. Richard picked up the broken blade while recovering and plunged it into Chronnus’ heart, putting his tyranny to an end. “I pity you and your loved ones, for they must know not of what you truly are.” Richard looked down upon his foe as his breathing became harsher. “By the fires, rest your soul.” Within twenty minutes, Richard arrived at the shipyards shouting for a cast off. Warwick had successfully been rescued and lay below deck on the Frostbite recovering. Sib and Rutherford stood by the bow and took notice of Richard coming aboard. Without speaking, Richard matched their gaze and simply nodded before going below decks. They knew then that Chronnus was no more and set sail for Evernethia to start anew with those who would follow them abroad.
  10. OfficialFluffy

    What is your job/field of study?

    I read the most recent "Rant." post and commented my opinion and wanted to do what I suggested by including a little background of myself, like an intro, and a different questions I haven't seen recently. I'm starting my senior year in HS and thinking about studying Electrical Engineering in college. I've always been strong in Math and Science which is the key aspects in any field of Engineering. In one of my classes last year in HS I learned basic coding which is also something I'll be considering studying in college. In my intro I asked if anyone was into Engineering and one person replied. I'd like to see what everyone else is thinking about studying, currently studying, or already working a job in their field of study. Please don't just comment, "I'm a nurse" or "I'm studying to become a construction worker." Please give details and background knowledge so I can reply and have conversations.
  11. OfficialFluffy


    Agreeing with Panda_DJ, I defenitly think that there should be a higher requirement than just a few words per post. Something new people (myself included) should comment on posts but also make a brand new thread that they don't see a thread already for. It would make them start conversation with the community and get their opinion or just to get to know everyone more in depth than just. "What is your fav food?" or "What is your fav block?" is too boring and not really important. Something along the lines of, "What got you into Minecraft and what keeps you coming back for more?" Combining a few posts already made.
  12. _MrDawson

    What is your favorite book?

    I would have to pick either the hunger games or divergent.
  13. TheSteelNinja14

    Panda_DJ's Whitelist Application

    1.8 you say, it'll take a bit getting used to the "new" combat then. anyhow, good luck getting in as per usual!
  14. OfficialFluffy

    What is your favorite book?

    The main series that I've enjoyed is 'I am Number Four'. I'm really into sci-fi and these books really struck my interest.
  15. lopp

    Panda_DJ's Whitelist Application

    Welcome to the forums!
  16. Last week
  17. Panda_DJ

    1000 Posts Game

    40- Forty is the only number in the English language with its letters in alphabetical order.
  18. Panda_DJ

    What is your favorite book?

    Most of the books I read are part of a series (my favorites being the Apothecary and a Series of Unfortunate Events). My all-time favorite stand-alone books, however, are; the One and only Ivan (A book about Animal abuse in circuses, written in perspective of a gorilla named Ivan), Things Fall Apart (a book about the European colonization of Africa), To Kill a Mockingbird (Who doesn't know that, a classic), and Stonefox (a cute, yet emotional book about a kid and his dog. I would also recommend the Les Mis book, the story is so beautifully sad. If you like musicals, there is a movie of the musical of the story that is very well done. Got some great recommendations from this thread, thanks! -Abby/Panda_DJ
  19. Panda_DJ

    Do you play any musical instruments?

    I play a mean recorder. But I also really enjoy playing piano, drums, Guitar. I've been playing piano for like 10 years, the drums for even longer, and I just picked the guitar (acoustic) up like 3 months ago (I'm really bad). Ive always wished I could play the flute, or maybe the violin. I think the next instrument I try to learn, however, will be the electric bass. Cool question, glad to see everyone who plays music like I do! Abby or Panda_DJ
  20. Panda_DJ

    Favorite food?

    My favorite food has got to be mac and cheese. There is nothing on planet earth that makes me happier than a good mac n cheese. Other foods are inferior to home-made baked mac n chese. Even the kraft box stuf is good. This concludes my TED Talk. JK My grandmother makes the best Shrimp fettuccine, that would have to be my favorite food. -Abby, Panda_DJ
  21. Panda_DJ

    Do you have a go-to biome?

    I really like building really elaborate tree houses which I do in the jungle. My favorite base I ever did however was a lake house that I built over a lake off of a hill that was on the shore. it's hard to explain but it looked really cool and natural. If I could pick one build to recreate it would be that one. I do find that for fully functional bases, Extreme hills biomes are the best. They provide a lot of space to build an underground base, and also have a lot of natural necessities. (Coal, wood, sheep, cows, pigs, sometimes ponds). -good question, Abby (Panda_DJ)
  22. Panda_DJ


    As a new applicant trying to post in order to be allowed into the server, I agree. As far as I could tell, the whole point of creating the "10 forum posts" system is to avoid applicants who give little to know effort or insight in their application, as these people are usually just trying to troll. Based upon what I see among my fellow applicants, people take the 5 word requirement very seriously. I see posts like "Yeah me too, I agree with your statement" (well maybe not that verbatim, but you know what I mean). Maybe instead of making a higher post requirement, the word requirement per post could be increased. I don't really know how to solve the repeating topic issue, but maybe increasing word limit can reduce the spam at least. I hope this issue is resolved, -Abby (Panda_DJ)
  23. Panda_DJ

    When did you start playing minecraft?

    I started playing in the alpha I think. Then I stopped playing a little after the release of 1.8. I think 1.13 inspires me to play because of the new mobs (Dolphins/fish) I always thought the ocean was wasted space in the minecraft world. Whether I tried to build in the ocean, or travel across it to reach a new biome, I was never quite satisfied with its role in the game. Now I feel much more inspired by the ocean and the ways they've spruced it up since I've last played.
  24. 20JPorter

    Valland: Costly Profit

    The last thing a king was expected to do was go riding around the wilderness trading with whatever peasant he found. King Porter XX had come up with a long list of excuses in his mind as to why he was riding around the woods with goods. If I meet a new kingdom or village, it would be profitable. It is extra profit on top of what I already make. I’m scouting for more things to sell. But the King knew he just did it to get away every once in a while and remember his seemingly fading youth. He had taken a new path, as he always did, and saw a small pillar of smoke in the distance. This was common for a campfire, and unless it was an entire village, smoke meant profits. Jay pulled the reins and redirected his horse. Within minutes he came to a clearing with a sizable camp set up. A group of people sat around a fire. “Good afternoon, gentlemen.” Jay loudly said. “Hello There. Who are you?” asked a man. He wore a simple shirt and pants, but those were ripped and fading from the sun and the specks of ash on it. “I am King Jay Porter the Twentieth of Valland. I have come to sell goods.” “Ah, King Jay Porter, I have heard many rumors from sailors about the riches of your family. Why have you bothered to come to us?” “I- I enjoy occasionally coming out here to relax. Not to mention it brings more profits and helps diplomacy.” The men looked at Jay intently, obviously eyeing his attire. Jay wore the most well-made plate armor he could find and a special gold-weave pair of pants. “Well, Mr.King, sir,” started another man in the group, “Where are your shoes?” The King tried to hold back his blush. “Ah, my shoes, I have worn them as little as possible since my coronation.” “And why?” “Because I’m the King and I can and because I enjoy it. My father always forced me to look like royalty, even alone in the Palace. This makes me feel a bit more human. Anyways, I have plenty of varied goods. Have you heard of the Vallish Breed of Pigs?” . . . Jay looked up at the son and realized it was evening. These men had a surprisingly large amount of money, and they let him rant about the entire history of each item, including the 200-year Valland Royal Vodka that had been mass produced and stored in a vault for generations. Jay began to get back on his horse. “Well, I believe I must go.” “Wait, sir, it is getting late. Why not stay with us for the night?” “I-” Jay saw the first star pop up in the sky, even with the sun still up. “Very well, I guess there is no harm in staying. I am tired anyway.” Jay set up his tent, said goodnight, and tried to fall asleep. . . . A rustle to the right. A rustle to the left. A rustle behind him. Something was off. There was some type of animal surrounding his tent. He held his breath. Something was missing. His horse, no matter which horse he picked it always made some type of breathing noise. All there was was rustling, no howls, no snoring. Jay slowly unsheathed his sword. An ambush. Jay ran out of the tent, sword drawn, to reveal that the five men surrounded the tent, all with swords ready. One man was right out of the entrance and was taken off guard as a sword faintly orange from the distant fire appeared and cut off his right arm that held his sword. The man yelled in pain. The other four began charging Jay as Jay ran towards the fire. Find the horse. Find the horse. He saw a horse-sized figure a little ways from camp. That’s not where he had staked its lead to the ground. There’s the horse. There’s the horse. He came to it and saw that its throat had been slit. He turned behind him as one of the men came charging at him, sword up. The other two were farther behind. They must have tripped in the dark. Suddenly, the charging man fell to the ground. Horse blood is slippery, after all. Jay began slamming his sword down against the fallen man, who used both hands to hold his sword up. Suddenly, Jay jumped into the air and stabbed straight down, missing the defending blade and going through the man’s chest. The other two were close. Jay took the sword of the man whose blood was now mixed with that of a horse and began to charge at the two remaining. He held his swords straight to his sides and managed to slice both of them at the same time. Jay stared towards the fire as a warm liquid touched his feet. Wait. Jay swung his body and one of his blades directly behind him, catching another. There were 5, I killed 4. Jay swung his left blade down and his right blade to the left, the downstroke caught by the man's sword, the other cutting his abdomen. The man grunted and trusted is sword right into Jay’s chest. The sword was pushed to the side by the plate armor of Jay. Jay crossed both swords against each other and put them against the man’s neck. He dropped the sword and put his hands up. “I surrender! I surrender!” “A good choice,” Jay said. . . . The search party was small and mainly present as a precaution. Jay planned to be back two days earlier, but probably just spent a bit more time wherever he went. One group of three horsemen was traveling through the woods when they saw the gleam of gold. It was Jay and another man each carrying a large amount of bags. The man with Jay had his hands tied. The lead horseman got off his horse. “My King, let me assist you with these profits.” “Thank you very much, sir. You two, take this man to the dungeon under Conspiracy to Murder the King and Attempted Murder of the King. You, take me back to the palace and call off the search.” Jay and the horseman rode off. “So, my King, what had taken you so long?” “Well, I came across a camp of five men…”
  25. 20JPorter

    Live Auction, 8/18/18 at 1 EST

    Was the auction a success? We had a great number of people show up and bid and we had some fun while doing it. If you were to ask me, it was a success because more people showed up than I anticipated. However, the items themselves often did not sell at all largely due to many repeating items and bulk items. If you ask many of the people who came, they might say it was a failure because there was nothing they wanted to buy. Next time, I will be sure to put a deadline on entries and better use my right to deny entries for the sake of time and repetition. I will also seek out people with specific items to auction off in order to create a larger variety of items.
  26. OfficialFluffy

    what do u like in 1.13

    One of my favorite parts is that dolphins give speed boosts... This allows for fast underwater travel as I just saw on the hermitcraft Series. They made an underwater area that trapped the dolphins so then they could make the dolphin transportation. Pretty cool. Here is the link to it if you were curious as to what I was trying to say. https://youtu.be/mSa2AaRVYhU?t=11m3s
  27. OfficialFluffy

    Panda_DJ's Whitelist Application

    Welcome to the forums! Not played since 1.8? You will definitely enjoy MC now haha, there has been so much added especially in the 1.13 update. People say the 1.13 update is maybe 3 updates in itself (Such as 1.9 + 1.10 + 1.11 as an example) with how much it has changed MC. It is a lot of fun.
  28. TheSteelNinja14

    What resource pack do you use?

    I use the JUG pack Rashe was going on about
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