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Welcome to Everneth!

Everneth is a server with one vision. Grow a core community of friends playing Vanilla Survival Minecraft and become one of the largest whitelisted communities in the world. Most of us came here from other servers due to critical issues with the management of the community and part of the foundation of Everneth seeks to correct these issues to become a growth-driven server with streamlined staffing, autonomous decision making, and actively encourage community engagement.
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Steam Sunday

Steam Sunday is a weekly event that ventures outside the realm of Minecraft, and into the wonderful world of Steam Games. Featuring several multiplayer experiences, we take the opportunity to play various in both competitive and co-operative playstyles.
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Roleplay Open World


  1. Guides & Mechanics

    Guides for the Roleplay and its mechanics and various aspects will be available here. This forum is read-only.

  2. Open World Forum

    This forum is for the new Evernethian Roleplay and is meant to be "In Character" (IC) only. Any "Out of Character" (OOC) posts will be removed and sent to the archives.