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Welcome to Everneth!

Everneth is a server with one vision. Grow a core community of friends playing Vanilla Survival Minecraft and become one of the largest whitelisted communities in the world. Most of us came here from other servers due to critical issues with the management of the community and part of the foundation of Everneth seeks to correct these issues to become a growth-driven server with streamlined staffing, autonomous decision making, and actively encourage community engagement.
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Steam Sunday

Steam Sunday is a weekly event that ventures outside the realm of Minecraft, and into the wonderful world of Steam Games. Featuring several multiplayer experiences, we take the opportunity to play various in both competitive and co-operative playstyles.
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Ranks and Responsibilities

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As a member of the Dragonhearted, players are awarded the rank of "Knight." Knights of the Dragonhearted are expected to uphold the six tenets of the Guild as they go about their daily business, but are not required to house themselves within the home town of Fort Dragonheart or dedicate themselves solely to Guild business. Instead, after some deliberation I've thought about how best Knights of the Guild should contribute to the Guild's aims.

Upon becoming a Knight, members should make it their business to identify and propose a village that should be incorporated under the Dragonhearted's protection. Once approved, the Knight has sole authority on how best to defend, enhance, and light the village, according to certain guidelines. Upon being assigned to a village, the Knight may propose a name for the village, and gains the title of Protector for that specific village. For example, because I have been working first to protect the village of Pumba Valley, my official title would proceed as Knight-Commander Tex, Protector of Pumba Valley.

Protectors have complete artistic authority over the village, and as long as the defenses built follow proper guidelines, they can be built however the Protector sees fit.

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