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Rolo's Ultimate Guide to Getting Whitelisted!

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Welcome to the forums! If you're reading this, I'm assuming you're new to the forums and looking to get whitelisted! Well, this guide aims to help you do just that, in as short of time as possible. In the next few minutes you'll read the do's and don'ts of forum etiquette, the rules of the trade, and an in-depth look at the unseen details of the whitelisting process. Without further ado, into it we goooooo. . .


Whitelist Requirements

As any other whitelisted server has, we have requirements you must meet before you can get whitelisted. While some may find this daunting, we're considerably lenient in comparison to other whitelisted servers. Upon signing up with an account on the forums, you must complete the following listed below:

Create a whitelist application: After creating an account, you should be prompted to create a whitelist application. Filling out and submitting the application is only the first but the most important step!

Create an introduction post: Now that you've expressed interest in joining our community we'd like to get to know you a bit better. Go on over to our Introductions Subforum and create a new post. Tell us a little bit about yourself, and anything you might want us to know going forward. Try to make it at least 100 words if possible!

Achieve 10 posts around the forums: It should be noted that posts like "That's cool", "Wow I really like this", or "I can't wait!" are NOT going to get you whitelisted. Please make comments that add something to the conversation, taking the following as an example: "Wow, you are such a great builder! Personally, I go for more medieval type builds, but modern builds look so cool when done right!". Your comment should add something to the conversation, instead of repetitive responses that took no thought to type out.

Wait a minimum of 4 hours after posting your application: You are more than welcome to begin work on your introduction and 10 post requirement after posting your application. But, not there is a minimum wait time of 4 hours after your application is posted before you qualify to have a whitelist vote made. So, please don't come ask a staff member to come review your application and requirements if you only applied 2 hours ago!

Friends of already whitelisted members are exempt from the 10 post rule, and just need to get the application and introduction post submitted!


The Do's and Don'ts

Some of these are common knowledge, and others will be explained by a staff member once your whitelist application has been posted, but just in case I've compiled a short list here for your benefit.



  • Feel free to create threads asking questions (assuming they haven't already been answered in another Support thread)!
  • Create long, meaningful posts that had more than a few seconds of thought put into them.
  • Create your own threads to show off your totally amazing and wonderful builds, life stories, requests, etc.
  • Feel free to ask about any concerns if you've not received an acceptance or denial message 24 hours after meeting requirements.



  • Ask to be whitelisted the moment you hit 10 posts. This will not get you whitelisted faster, and often leads to denial.
  • Ask how your whitelist vote is going. Once we know, you'll know I promise!
  • Create short, meaningless posts that make it impossible for people to contribute to whatever you've said.
  • Necro-post (replying to threads that have not been posted on in weeks). If a thread is old, it should warn you before posting. Please do NOT disregard this warning.
  • Double post. Double posting is posting on a thread twice in a row before receiving a reply. Just use the handy edit button, which appears at the bottom of all your posts!


The Process

The process of approval / denial is an ancient technique passed down by the great ancestors of the Evernethian lineage (that's about 29 months as of the last time this was edited). Once we see that you've hit your whitelist requirements, a staff member will post on your application telling you that you've hit requirements, and a whitelist vote for your account will be posted in the hidden Staff Subforum. The vote will remain open for a maximum of 24 hours or until you've received a 50% approval / disapproval rating. Once the vote has ended, you will get an acceptance or denial post on your whitelist application. If denied, you must wait 7 days before re-applying.


Should you be accepted you will be promoted to Citizen on both the forums and discord, whitelisted on all 3 of our servers (Main, Test, and Games), and have your whitelisted application moved to the 'Accepted' Subforum. So get out there, and show us staff how qualified you are to become a member of the Evernethian whitelisted community! :dance:


On another note, if you haven't already joined us on Discord, follow the link. You can keep up with the community and any impromptu events that might take place: https://discordapp.com/invite/eHa4ws

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