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Welcome to Everneth!

Everneth is a server with one vision. Grow a core community of friends playing Vanilla Survival Minecraft and become one of the largest whitelisted communities in the world. Most of us came here from other servers due to critical issues with the management of the community and part of the foundation of Everneth seeks to correct these issues to become a growth-driven server with streamlined staffing, autonomous decision making, and actively encourage community engagement.
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Steam Sunday

Steam Sunday is a weekly event that ventures outside the realm of Minecraft, and into the wonderful world of Steam Games. Featuring several multiplayer experiences, we take the opportunity to play various in both competitive and co-operative playstyles.
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Puddor: The Institution of The Arcane Arts (puddles neutral group)

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Sorcery. The Summoning of mystical entities. The Enchantment of items. Brewery of potions. Formation of matter. Puddor can supply the teachings and known knowledge of all these things.

Magic can be a touchy subject with some, some people choose to not believe in it where others live off it. My institute, Puddor, is not an enemy nor a friend to outsiders. We are neutral to all but will not hesitate to attack if necessary. The arcane arts are a sacred knowledge which can be disastrous in the wrong hands, that's why I have started a school to teach people how to properly use the powers with a good heart. 

The 4 Houses of Puddor have not yet been decided but when either 1-3 (may expand) others have joined me to form a school board they will be discussed (do not hesitate to hand in names for yourself, they may be accepted). to become one of these 'others' just message me and if you have these attributes then I will consider you:

  • My trust as a friend
  • Good intent
  • Fairness

You can be one of these people even if you're already in a group.

For the start of a new, magical, era in the modern world of Everneth.


-Headmaster Pudd

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This sounds great! I'd love to organize a class for the members of the ISU. Could come in handy.

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