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I am new to the map, and while the exact nuances of the situation may still be unclear to me, it is a pressing and present issue that the spawn's housing district is bloated and is in great need of legislation and reform.


I'll begin with a summary of the issues & why they are negative impacts on the server and continue with some possible solutions.


To start, the ability to own a home near spawn is of great importance to the health of the community; with more separation of players comes the generation of clique social structures and a reliance on impersonal contact. With more common functions located around spawn, players are likelier to run into each other and in essence find new friends or just communicate more with others that they normally wouldn't due to contact. This in game personal contact generates a stronger sense of server pride and fellowship among members; this is what servers like Everneth run on, as opposed to niche servers like Hypixel's that are based around amenities.


New to the map, I am finding it incredibly difficult to find a suitable plot of land to build on; with the spawn being themed, it makes it difficult to spread out to areas like the plains where the general feel of the area is not as suitable to builds of the theme that feel good to the builder. On top of this, it is very disappointing that much of the area feels either cramped between larger builds that would most definitely overshadow anything reasonable to the theme built or the areas that are unsightly given the theme, a lake with random single block bridges of fence and a plains biome; with other very suitable areas claimed as plots that are undeveloped for far too long (a few for a build competition that passed yet are left claimed) and some even take up much more than a reasonable amount of space. (for examples view pictures) This is incredibly disheartening to new players, as it makes them feel left out and unconsidered, it is definitely not making of a server with 12 staff devoted to the ministry of the interior.


If the ministry does have and will to improve the spawn area and better the zones that necessitate it, the housing district is a key location to begin. A few suggestions to consider in it's improvement include:

Working to enlarge the surrounding forests to suit the theme

Actively working to make sure there is suitable space for new plots

Cleaning the surroundings of junk like the random wood that exists on the mountain and dirt pillars in the area

Creating new paths and adding space to the district's main zones so that plots don't seem in the middle of nowhere



Thanks for reading my rant on the housing district!


With due respect,



tl;dr spawn's housing district needs a cleanup & reform


Picture notes:

1. A large plot of land claimed for a competition that was never developed.

2-4. A large area in the middle of the district that is taken up by one player with two shacks connected by an underground tunnel, undeveloped.

5. Another player's undeveloped plot.

6-7. A player claims an entire mountain range on the edge of the district but does nothing to it except leave eyesores and land markers.

8. A player that built within the territory of the mountain range; since the player that claimed the mountain range is inactive, nothing came of this, but if this were to be done through the bureaucracy, it would have been difficult to achieve without multiple steps.

9-10. A land claimed that according to it's claimant was supposed to be for the build competition that passed.


*There have been eyewitness accounts of many of these players being inactive.











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I feel like you put too much effort into your drunk posts.

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1 hour ago, rolo_ said:

I feel like you put too much effort into your drunk posts.

I wan't drunk ;) 


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Just so you know, @Xen_, I've talked to the members of the Interior, and we agree with quite a few of your points and will be doing some clean up in the near future, not just in the Residential district, but also throughout Spawn in general. Half-chopped trees will be taken down, creeper holes will be fixed, floating blocks will be taken out, dirt pillars will be removed, decorations will be made, unused plots will be checked and, if the owner doesn't want them anymore, reopened for everyone else, and any other such eye-sores will be examined and investigated thoroughly to make sure that they are not being used for something.

Rest assured, Spawn will be made great again. ;)

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On 6/15/2017 at 9:36 PM, yoimbambi said:

Well hopefully they can fix this problem D: if i get white-listed i'd love to help out if needed!


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