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Public Wither Skeleton Farm Building!

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THIS PROJECT IS NOW FINISHED! The Tunnel to it can be found in the upper red section of the nether hub!

Hello, Everneth!

I think it is about time we make a public wither farm, so that is what we are going to do.  I am going to be taking a leading role in this, but before we can start building, we need some resources first.  The list below shows what we need to gather.  The design I have chosen is the newly made design by ImpulseSV and TangoTek.  They are awesome youtubers, and they both made a video about how it all works on their youtube pages.  While it is not a tutorial, it is simple enough to follow. 

5,280 Netherbrick (NO LONGER NEEDED)

73 Sticky Pistons

32 Obsversors

32 Obsidian

20 repeaters

795 Glass

40 Cacti

77 Vines

80 Redstone

38 Sand

64 String

6 Tripwire Hooks

20 Hoppers

64 Redstone Torches

A LOT of building blocks

A TON of slabs, any kind as fire spread is off

A lot of fire resistance potions


The goal of this farm is to have a public source of wither skulls, and it is all going to be going for functionality.  Looks do matter a little bit, it would be great if we could stick to nether blocks, but it is not a priority.  What is the priority is getting this farm up and running ASAP, so many volunteers are needed.  A list of what needs volunteers for is below.

Helping me with the redstone

Placing down the platforms

Building the exterior shell to protect from ghasts

Slabbing the surrounding area


Also, we of course need people to donate all of the recources.  Any donation/help would be greatly appreciated.  If you have any interest in helping out, reply to this stating what you would want to do.  

I am going to set up a donation area in the nether hub for anybody that would like to donate resources.  The building process will be 2 main steps with some other elements going on.  The first step is to place the spawning platforms and set up the flying machines.  The second step is to build the seperator.  For anybody that wishes to help out with the redstone, I am going to make a world download so you can go back to it for guidance, as I will be doing.

One problem that we have is that we, as of now, do not have a spot to build this.  Preferably it should be a nether fortress over lava, as that will increase the spawning rates and also there will be less ground to slab.  If anybody finds a suitable location, please let me know.

I believe that is all the information needed to start this project!  Again, if you want to volunteer, respond to this post.  If you want to donate, first look to see what is already donated in the chests at the nether hub.  I don't want to end up with a double chest of pistons.  As for me, I am going to begin collecting some recources.  The moment we have enough recources to start the first stage and enough volunteers, we will start building.  Let's get some wither skulls!


EDIT: The donation area is now set up, it is in the central area of the nether hub by the purple section.

Current Building Stage: Exterior Shell and Slabbing

We still need somebody to donate 20 hoppers, that will be greatly appreciated!


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