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When AFK, what do people do? (in game)

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Remzs    0

When i first afk-ed for my witch farm i had this question. What do most people afk for (in game) and why do they afk (irl). 

When I AFK I usually do it at my sugarcane farm, but now i do it at my witch farm. I'm trying to make an afk guardian farm w/ potions. And when i need to afk IRL i do it when i need to babysit my niece and nephew.

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GreasyTroll4    18
2 hours ago, _Pande_ said:

I fish while I am AFK and I AFK because unlike gt, I have a job.

I'm working on it, man, no need to rub it in. ;-;


On topic though, I rarely AFK, and when I do, it's usually at an XP farm or some such. I never AFK in real life, though. Too hazardous for my health in-game, since creepers are everywhere.

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rolo_    6

I don't AFK as much as I used to, mostly because anything I need I'm willing to actually work for rather than freeload off of the creations of others in hopes of turning a profitable margin which ultimately means absolutely NOTHING. Err... small tangent there. If I'm afk it's usually for my sugar cane/slime farms. :P

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