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Everneth is a server with one vision. Grow a core community of friends playing Vanilla Survival Minecraft and become one of the largest whitelisted communities in the world. Most of us came here from other servers due to critical issues with the management of the community and part of the foundation of Everneth seeks to correct these issues to become a growth-driven server with streamlined staffing, autonomous decision making, and actively encourage community engagement.
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War & Politics

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War & Politics

The means for a settlement or its liege lord to test their mettle. War comes when claims are pressed, allies enact their pacts, or when a faction gains enough power to revolt for independence.

Requirements to Declare War

Before any fighting can begin, a casus belli (CB) is required. This is an action or event that occurs to justify war. Valid CBs are an example of the following:

  • A caught spy seeking intel on settlements alliances/dealings
  • Comments/threats made publicly against another settlement/lord
  • Title claimant with enough backing from peers

Once a CB has been established, a formal declaration of war must be made publicly on The Open World Forum that include the details of the CB as well as who is being declared upon. Any allies joining the war must also publicly declare their intent on The Open World Forum, preferably receiving a request to join the war from their ally prior.

A settlement must be at least level 4 and either elect a commander of their armies or be de facto led by the noble peer of the settlement. Exceptions to this are liege lords ranked higher than those of a settlement.

Once War has been Declared

Each side will be given a percentage score system. Each player in a faction counts as 100 soldiers, if enough players die that equals 0 soldiers in their total, that side loses 25% of their score.

Example: Side A has 5 players (500 soldiers), Side B has 4 players (400 soldiers). Starting scores are 100% / 100%. Side A kills 3 players, Side B kills 6 players. Since 6  players equals 600 soldiers, Side A lost 25% and the score is now 75% / 125%. Once one side reaches 200%, the other must surrender and accept loss of title and currency (most likely will be gold). Other options of surrender are cease fire: both sides lose currency, white peace: losing side loses resources and winning side gains those lost resources, and voluntary surrender: loss of title to surrendering side and some resources.

1.1 changes: Once war has been declared, a 2-day grace period MUST be enacted, to give both sides a chance to prepare for the battles to come. During said grace period, both sides are prohibited from attacking each other.

1.1 changes: There will be NO breaking of beds, absolutely no fire or lava will be used during PvP, and outright dickish behavior will not be tolerated. Anyone caught using said items or breaking beds will have their city's income penalized by 10 for 5 days. Also, declaring war sets battles 2-3 days apart based on what people wanted and at an agreed time to fight for fairness sake.

Offensive Requirements

Since all settlements are pretty far apart and travelling back and forth from deaths would be excruciatingly soul crushing, it is required to build siege camps for the aggressors to set spawns and hold your armor. The requirements to maintain your levy still apply as listed in the Military thread.

Once the War is Over

At the end of a conflict, resolutions must be announced on The Open World Forum to inform everyone that the war is over and agreements have been made. Immediately after the war is over, both sides enter a Reconstruction phase and cannot declare war on each other for 10 days as part of a Non-Aggression Truce. This truce cannot be broken.

1.1 changes:  Victors in war are able to claim title, gold, or another various benefit from the war. However, said victors are unable to funnel income from the defeated city into their own.

Forming Alliances & Making Non-Aggression Pacts

Alliances are made to benefit two or more sides militarily.  These alliances are made by the parties involved and once formed, must be publicly announced on The Open World Forum. The details to the alliance are not required to be shared, only the type of pact formed. If two settlements or liege lords seek to avoid all notions of conflict, they may sign a non aggression pact to make a formal promise not to attack/declare on each other. This must be announced on The Open World Forum. Types of pacts:

  • Non-Aggression Pact - promise to not attack or declare war
  • Mutual Defensive Pact - promise to come to the aid of an ally if called to a DEFENSIVE war
  • Mutual Defense or Aggression Pact - promise to come to the aid of an ally if called to a DEFENSIVE or OFFENSIVE war

Breaking Pacts

Do so at your own risk to fellow peers and other realms. A pact is often times a sign of friendship between two or more entities and may change opinion to fellow leaders. If Declaring war on a group that has an active pact with you, you must formally break this pact in The Open World Forum or otherwise wait for the pact to expire.


  • Initial draft made.
  • Edited in war requirements for offensive engagements
  • (8/22/17) Added in RP Update 1.1 changes for (hopefully) better enjoyment overall.

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