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A Formal Response to Garmany from the Crown

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Faceman    21

Greetings Citizens,

Blessings upon you all and your houses. I have received a request from the interim leadership of your settlement hereby seeking from the Crown a grant of royal assent on their proposed government. This matter was brought before the King's Council for further advisement, and the councilors have agreed in parallel to my judgement. The peerage title of Baron shall not be distributed among a partnership and may only be granted to one individual of subsequent merit. That is not to say that the settlement may not be independently managed in the King's name, however; a request of dual rule is akin to suggesting open rebellion to this kingdom.

Therefore, the request for the creation of two baronies is thus denied. It would be advisable to take counsel in this matter among the citizens and leadership of Garmany. Please await the appraisal from the His Majesty's Steward of the Royal Office of the Exchequer to be presented to the Crown. This appraisal will properly suggest the necessity to the creation of the Baron title.

His Majesty's Seal

Faceman, King of Everneth

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20JPorter    0

King Face of the Great Kingdom of Everneth or His Advisers,

Garmany has decided to stand with the crown in these matters. The People have decided that I, Porter, should be their leader. We will have a similar structure, but with one leader; I will lead, the council will exist as before, but there will be a Head of Council, chosen by me to be DPP, who will be the High General of our Military, but not be able to make non-military decisions. He can suggest ideas to the King and Council and can veto the actions of the Leader. A veto from either the Leader or Head can be negated by the council with a 2/3 majority.

As for the past system, it was I who suggested it and I who take responsibility for the problems it caused. I, along with the entire Council, were not aware that it would cause such problems. May something like this not happen again.

From Porter and the Council of Garmany

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