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Roleplay Update 1.1: The War and Peace Update

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RP 1.1: The War and Peace Update


After a week-long hiatus (and a few days of resettling in), the RP is finally back, and after the disastrous battle at Heuvel, I believe it's time the RP got some well-deserved and much-needed changes and additions to its rules and way of playing. These changes are not game-breaking, so each RP player shouldn't have a hard time at adjusting to them.

First off, regarding the situation at Heuvel, at some point there will be a meeting held between the Xana/Kanada alliance and some of the remaining members of Heuvel to discuss Heuvel's future. If everything works out well enough, Heuvel should be ready to receive new recruits (post hopefully coming soon on that after said meeting) and a less rocky future in the RP as a whole. Do not worry, Heuvellians, I will not let Heuvel die out so easily, not after only one battle. You guys can't quit, the fun is just getting started. ;)


Now then, let's look at the changelog for this update, shall we?


  • Added Gold Mine: Income - 0.5 ---<>--- Building cap - 2

Building changes


War and Politics:

  • Added a 2-day grace period when war is declared so that both sides can prepare (during which neither side can attack the other)
  • Added restrictions on PvP during wartime (no fire or lava during PvP and no breaking beds; anyone in clear violation of this rule will have their whole city penalized by 10 gold per day for 5 days; no exceptions)
  • Clarified and reaffirmed a previously unwritten rule which states that the defeated town's income will still go to said town, not the conquering town.

War and Politics changes


I know it is not a whole lot for now, and I'm sorry if you were expecting a lot more, but it does fix a few major problems that we've encountered in the past (namely with wars) and will most likely help us all to dodge some salt. Don't worry, minor updates will be made along the course of the RP to further increase the players' enjoyment and to fix any unforeseen problems or mistakes that might occur.

Let's try to keep the RP a happy, fair, fun-filled place for everyone, shall we? It's not just about expanding and conquering, but also about politics and negotiation. Keep things civil, and hopefully nothing should go wrong. :)

See you guys on the next update! I'm also always willing to receive some feedback, so if you have any questions or problems you might see, be sure to let me know and I'll see what fixes and/or clarifications can be made.

Happy roleplaying! :D

King GreasyTroll4

Edited by GreasyTroll4
Nerfed the Gold Mine hopefully for the last time...

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