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Season 4 Nether Hub Rules

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Season 4 Nether Hub Rules



The server has been up for a couple weeks now and with it has come a lot of work in and around spawn. However, people are already starting to spread out to build bases and with that comes nether tunnels! The Ministry of the Interior has been working very hard since the start of the server, designing and building the nether hub. Now that it has been completed, it is time to go over some rules for nether tunnels:


1) Tunnels can be decorated however you like as long as they are kept to a maximum of a 7x7 area, which includes the walls of your tunnel.

2) Keep your tunnel as straight as possible. If you need to turn, do so only once. If you absolutely need to go up or down, use a tunnel at the top or bottom of the hub, and only make the change in height at the end of the tunnel. If you run into an obstacle, go through it. If the obstacle is player-made, however, go over or under it until you've cleared it, then go back down to your previous Y level to keep it as straight as possible.

3) Remember, The ratio of blocks between the Overworld and the Nether is 8:1 (for every 1 block you move in the Nether, you move 8 blocks in the Overworld). Make sure your portal in the Overworld is linked perfectly (or as close to perfect as possible without moving the tunnel left or right) with its Nether counterpart by dividing the Overworld coordinates by 8.

4) Claim your tunnels! Place a sign next to the tunnel stating where it goes and who it belongs to.

5) Please be aware that the Ghast spawning algorithm (5x4x5 over a solid block) allows for Ghasts to spawn in these tunnels if care is not taken. Use a transparent center block (like glass) or some other method to prevent spawning (like slabs). We would also advise either building the walls or surrounding the tunnel with a blast-proof material, so it doesn't break from outside Ghasts.

6) Usually, it is not necessary to match the Y levels when syncing portals. However, if you absolutely must go up or down to sync your portal, use the upper floor of the hub when going up, and use the lower level of the hub when going down.


7) No diagonal tunnels this time! The hub is NOT designed for diagonal tunnels, and making tunnels this way will screw up a lot of other tunnels, as well as making tunnel designs overly-complicated.


8.) Do not cut off any other tunnels or possible future tunnels when building your tunnel. If all the tunnel locations on the side of the hub you want to use are taken, use the closest possible tunnel to that side on an adjacent side of the hub.


It is very important to follow these rules not only for the convenience of others, but also for the general ease of access and aesthetics of the hub. If there are any questions or problems regarding any of the rules, please contact an Interior member. Now, get building!

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