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Introducing Weekly Projects

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Introducing Public Works Projects


This was first brought about a couple years ago to our former namesake community, VanEvo, under the name of campaigns. We facilitate a large mega project and get the community involved throughout several phases of the project to vote on what we build, designs to build, etc. This process was a long drawn out procedure and it eventually ran out of steam in the early phases of our first project. So to reattempt this type of idea, we will only focus on one project a week at a time and move on to the next one so that there's something fresh to work on.

How will this work?

  • Step 1 - Discovery
    We will be looking for projects from you, the community, to work on. The interior already has some projects in mind but we want to have a specific passion project that the community votes to work on. In order to do this, we ask that you suggest in a build in this discussion thread!
  • Step 2 - Vote
    Once we take suggestions, we'll put up some of the popular ones up for a vote. If theres already a majority behind one particular suggestion, we'll skip the vote and put it right into the agenda.
  • Step 3 - Schedule
    If you haven't come across it before, our website features a Calendar. We will schedule the projects from Sunday to Saturday in 1 week blocks and alternate between them. For example: Week 1 is a spleef arena project, Week 2 is a Roller Coaster Project, Week 3 is a subway system project, etc. If there is demand to work on any specific project, the Interior may increase the frequency we work on those projects in the schedule.
  • Step 4 - Claim
    Once those projects are in place, the Interior will be tasked with choosing land for our builds. This is part of the Interior's special ability to claim land for Parliament / public use. Once claims are finalized, they will be documented on our Dynmap.
  • Step 5 - Build!
    Help out with some designs on the test server, contribute materials for the build on main, or help in the construction of the project. There is a role for everyone!
  • Step 6 - Get recognized
    Each week you participate in the project, you earn progress towards a medal. At project completion, you will be awarded the medal you built up to. With each project you will be working on a separate medal. You only need to contribute once a week to earn progress at this time. The tiers are as follows:
    • Stone tier - 1 week participation
    • Iron tier - 2 week participation
    • Gold tier - 3 week participation
    • Lapis tier - 4 week participation
    • Emerald tier - 5 week participation
    • Diamond tier - 6 week participation

How do I log my contribution?

Contact a member of the Interior or Parliament so that we can make a log of your contribution for each project and make note of your medal progress. All records are being tracked in a shared document among all teams. Whoever does your log entry will inform you of your medal status including the entry.

Who is running this?

This program is jointly managed by the Ministry of the Interior and Parliament. Management documents are shared among both teams. The program leaders are @EarthCube, Baron and Deputy Minister of the Interior and @Kaddaschatzi, Baroness and Member of the Interior. As such, they have authority over logging and project sites. For any suspicious activity/thefts, please contact a member of Parliament directly for assistance. For any other issues, any member of the Interior should be able to help.

How to I keep track of this?

Check the site and check it often! Each project is scheduled in the Calendar and will be shown in the upcoming events box on the side bar when you come to the site and login. We'll do what we can for convenience and quality of life purposes, but it is ultimately the community's responsibility to keep track using the website. It is also suggested that you join out discord for use of voice rooms or private calls.


For anyone interested, you are allowed to use the schematica mod with the forge client. Please note that the print function is prohibited without prior approval from HC which is only in extreme cases. While this makes building less convenient, part if the challenge in building is doing everything by hand. So lets build as fairly as possible.


In closing I would like to thank Kathi and Earth for volunteering their time and effort into taking the lead in this program. I would take the time to make build suggestions in the discussion thread (linked below, needs link) and we'll inform you whats happening next after suggestions come in.



Lord of the High Council, King of Everneth

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