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Seventh Parliament Election - Poll

Who should be next to serve as Council for the Evernethian Parliament?  

40 members have voted

This poll is closed to new votes
  1. 1. Who should be next to serve as Council for the Evernethian Parliament? (Baron 1)

    • P. / Puddles
    • Warwolf595
    • FearlessPie
    • Kaddaschatzi (Incumbent)
  2. 2. Who ELSE should be next to serve as Council for the Evernethian Parliament? (Baron 2; Pick one you haven't voted for on the other poll.)

    • P. / Puddles
    • Warwolf595
    • FearlessPie
    • Kaddaschatzi (Incumbent)

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Evernethian Council Election


Nominations for the elected Council members have closed - we have our finalists, and hence, we begin the final vote! Our finalists for this seat are as follows:


P. / Puddles



Kaddaschatzi (Incumbent)


You may have noticed that Baron lopp is missing from this list. In a usual situation, he would be listed as an incumbent for the office of Baron, but earlier he requested to be taken off the list of candidates because he does not want to run again. As such, we've honored his request, and thus there are only 4 candidates.

Our anonymous polls will be open until 11:59 PM EST on November 30th (Thursday), at which point votes will no longer be able to be cast. Once the polls close, all the votes will be tallied together from both polls, and the two top-voted candidates will win the two open seats. Until then, however, you are free to cast your votes as you please. If you need to change your vote for whatever reason, please ask a Staff member and we will do it for you, since IPS doesn't allow members to change votes on polls. Also, pick only one person to vote for PER POLL. This will help stop vote manipulation. Those who vote for the same person on both polls will forfeit their votes. The winners' term as Council members will begin on December 1st, 2017 and last until February 28th, 2018.

As the purpose of these elections are to give Evernethian Citizens a voice in the management of the server, we strongly encourage each and every one of you to cast your votes and let your voice be heard. Thank you, and as for the candidates: good luck! :)

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