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Rejoinder to Kingstone

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The following message is from the Grand Imperator of the Empire of Solis, Yogi:


Salvete King Icarus Forde of Kingstone! I hope you had a joyous holiday season! Over my festivities I have read your so called “ultimatum” and have reviewed it with my high council.

The Summus Conventus, after a thorough conversation and contemplation, has come up with the following to respond to your “ultimatum.”

It is quite laughable at the amount of audacity Kingstone has. This “ultimatum” gave us great joy and lots of laughs over the holiday season, and I appreciate that. You, King Icarus Forde King of Kingstone and all its vassals, are perhaps the most impetuous and brash ruler we, the Empire of Solis, have come into contact with. How dare you take advantage of the people of Lutum into thinking that you have this so called “upper-hand.” How dare you act in such bias and prejudice. It is laughable. It is disgraceful that you discern yourself as “better” and “superior” to Solis in every right. And to have the audacity to declare that “...[A denial to respond] will result in an immediate Kingstone victory and SHAMEFUL end to the Solis Empire…” is truly what gives Kingstone its greatest weakness and exploit: its arrogance. Do not think we ignored your “ultimatum.”

The council finds great hilarity in your little “game,” dearest King Icarus (Ike) Forde of Kingstone and all of its vassals and prophet of the gods, so we have decided to, in fact, respond to it.


DEMAND #1 (Lopp steps down as Consules. He is a war criminal and peace between Solis and Kingstone is impossible as he holds power in the Empire)

It infuriates me that Kingstone can go to such lengths to say that they control our government. They have no right to say these things. This only adds to their arrogance and brashness.


DEMAND #2 (Kingstone shall never again bend to impromptu and non-consensual battles. Failing to understand this will mean an immediate surrender of the pertaining battle.)

This part of the letter is the only part in which I can come to terms with. We will cooperate.


OPTION #1 (Solis continues the fight, using the days until the 2nd of January to train their warriors and recruit new men. You must respect our second demand)

This is the only option we actually like as it gives time for the hatred to die down and doesn't mean that our time with Kingstone is to an end. However, in the description it treats us like we're the only ones who have done wrong, which we find ignorant as to project the blame on only us and that 'us' includes all of us where it was actually a minority of 'us' who caused an already problematic situation to become bigger than it had to be and not include themselves to be part of the problematic situation.


OPTION #2 (Solis has one final stand. They defend their capital against Kingstone, if they win, and respect BOTH of our demands then we will give them a very very attractive peace treaty)

This is a grab for another battle which we feel we already don't want to do. Most of us at the Battle of Fort Acies did not enjoy the battle, we just wanted it to get over and done with because it was so much hassle due to miscommunication and pure ignorance from Kingstone. It is known by now throughout the lands of Lutum that Solians are not good at fighting, but to throw another fight at us that we will surely lose is a pure sign of Kingstone’s cockiness and arrogance.


OPTION #3 (Solis admits defeat and decides to work with Kingstone towards a fair and final peace treaty. You must respect our first demand)

We believe this option not only is insulting, other than the actual 'option', but also arrogant and brash in its description. Kingstone has done nothing but boast from the start of its days in Lutum. A boast which has been noticed by many and commented on, but those comments have been ignored by those who say they want to improve. We believe that description sums up what we've been up against.


In conclusion, King Icarus (Ike) Forde of Kingstone and all of its vassals, prophet of the gods, bringer of peace, savior of the world, we “met” option #1. We will never stop fighting against Kingstone and its arrogance. This is why we wish to rid of you from our lands because of your arrogance. Take this however you want, mighty king, because it still will not matter in the end. Solis will still be forever in the shadow of the great Empire of Kingstone and it’s mighty, great ruler, King Icarus (Ike) Forde of Kingstone and all of its vassals, prophet of the gods, bringer of peace, savior of the world, the new Messiah, the chosen one, freer of chains.




Grand Imperator Yogi

Consule Kaddaschatzi

Consule Puddles

Praetori Pandeoo

Legate Lopp

Tribune Sh3mm

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On the third day of the first month of the new year, King Icarus sounded the horn of council, calling all of his glaive and all of his vassals to the great hall to share the contents of Solis' response. As servants poured ale and fine wine, Ike re-read the degree twice, and three times more as all the seats were slowly filled. There was just one seat empty, it suddenly occurred to the king that that seat wouldn't be filled tonight. He cleared his throat and stood. A single right hand on the shining red pommel of Brisingr.


"It appears we won't be needing to send yesterday's document to Solis after all. They have, late as usual, decided to humor us." Immediately there were some outbursts. Some declared this document came too late, others laughed, the rest sighed in relief or didn't react at all. Ike rose a hand to silence them, continuing: "The war continues. They call our efforts for peace in this meaningless war 'arrogance'. They were wise, however, and respected both our demands. The haven we earned this new year is quickly ending, and we must prepare ourselves for more conflict. This is still a defensive war for our home. We imagine they will send out another offensive, this time, more cautious. My greatest masons and carpenters are already working on fortifying the Wheat Gate in preparation for a naval attack, and I'd ask that the Mage Eye be turned northeastern towards their landpath. I ask once again for the 'glaive to pick up their burden again as I will and prepare for a new and rejuvenated wave of Solisian forces. Finally, there is the matter of Avalon. After multiple warnings, the 'glaive found more and more evidence damning Ulther of the crime of dark magicks. The castle was still under construction and is in the continued possession of the Empire of Brytannia. Whether I will hold the castle myself or delegate it to another architect who holds the promise to finish the project and hold it steadfast against invaders is still up in the air. Now, before we come to a close is there anything else that must be discussed?" Pausing, Ike scanned the room. Despite their earlier objections, his loyal few appeared to be full of hope and determination. If I had to go to war with anyone, I'm glad it is them, he thought. "Well then, this council is dismissed. For Kingstone."

"FOR KINGSTONE!" they chanted back.

(( Lopp also was annoyed I mentioned his position in the government, saying that I had no right to control it. It appears like the rest of Solis agrees. You see, I never meant to control Solis' government in a shady way. It was a demand. Solis remove Lopp as Consule themselves or Kingstone would never have peace.

It also just occurred to me that I got all of my vassals presents but I got nothing for Solis. We all pitched in and got you guys a thesaurus. I hope you had a great Christmas. I wish you luck in the coming calamity. ))

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