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Everneth is a server with one vision. Grow a core community of friends playing Vanilla Survival Minecraft and become one of the largest whitelisted communities in the world. Most of us came here from other servers due to critical issues with the management of the community and part of the foundation of Everneth seeks to correct these issues to become a growth-driven server with streamlined staffing, autonomous decision making, and actively encourage community engagement.
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Steam Sunday

Steam Sunday is a weekly event that ventures outside the realm of Minecraft, and into the wonderful world of Steam Games. Featuring several multiplayer experiences, we take the opportunity to play various in both competitive and co-operative playstyles.
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Just a fun question for ppl to answer what’s your guys New Years resolution?

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I’m not really big into this New Years resolution stuff since I pretty much always forget about them or just ignore them after a month or two so I pretty much just set up goals for myself and this year I wanted to push my limit in the gym so I want to take 80kg times 5-10 reps and squat about 115 times 3-5 reps for some ppl this may seem like nothing but for me it’s kinda big since I’m just shredded and and got a good psychics body because of MMA. 

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