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RashE (IrashiHeart)

Season 5 Roleplay Megathread

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The Season 5 Roleplay Megathread!

What is Evernethian Roleplay?

The Evernethian Roleplay is a long-standing tradition reaching all the way back to the old Vanevo days of 2014. It is simply another thing to do along with the normal vanilla experience. Players banding together and working united to build a great kingdom or empire to battle and bicker with members of other factions. If that interests you, then read further, because with Season 5 we've been working tirelessly to present a new era of roleplay.

How is this season different from the others?

In Season 5 we are attempting to blend the fun and freedom of Season 4 with the newly revamped tier systems. There will be no mandatory currency management, nor worker hiring. The emphasis will be on building your settlements and battling your enemies, along with the new assassination and quest systems, there will be plenty of things to do and explore in the ever-expanding universe of Everneth.

Why should I care about the roleplay?

To be frank, it's a great time. Building and battling alongside friends leads to some great memories, not to mention how invigorating and enjoyable the pvp battles can be. But for the more financially inclined, the roleplay has plenty of other incentives, including rewards for winning/performing in battles and roleplay quests. Some factions even pay their members regularly.

How do I join the roleplay universe?

We are always looking for new players to join in the battle, simply head over to the Signups Thread, and look over the different factions available to be joined, or create your own! All the information can be found in the Signups Thread. Also, make sure to join the Official Roleplay Discord found here.

Helpful Links:
-Faction Index/ Signups Thread
Roleplay How To & FAQs
-Roleplay Building Tiers
-Roleplay PVP Guide

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