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RashE (IrashiHeart)

Season 5 Roleplay Prologue

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Season 5 Roleplay Prologue

And now, a new sun rises over Everneth, the chain of events behind us have created the perfect foundation for a new age of legends. An era where old empires and budding villages will clash and grow, fall and rise. Heroes and Tyrants, Soldiers and Peasants, The Living and The Dead. All will have a place in the unfolding chaos before us. A cunning mind or a strong sword arm is all you require to tip the scales and change history.


Kingstone stands victorious. Surviving the onslaught of the Solisian Empire, Loden's corruption, and bandit invasions, she is a shell of her former glory and many of the lesser fiefs have crumbled to dust, with only three surviving vassals. Their king, Icarus Forde, struggles to keep what remains together and to rebuild to its former glory. There is much to gain here, whether you pledge allegiance or claim her spoils yourself.


Valland rises from the ashes of 'the Halvening', a disease that wiped out half of its residents, and is now fit again to try and make a profit in the ever-changing political landscape. Will "The Ecotorah" lead them to prosperity or ruin? And will the merge with Anduril prove to be a powerful enough bond to become a world power? Valland is always looking for extra members to share in the profit.


The world is now perfectly set for the creation of new civilizations and rulers to rise from the ashes of war and craft a slice of land into whatever they wish. Rally like-minded warriors and architects to confederate, smash budding rivals to subjugate and build up your faction's province in preparation for war. For if you don't go out and find it, it will surely find you.

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