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Character Profile: Rhextel Rayydark

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Name: Rhextel Rayydark

Nicknames: Rhex, Rex

Species: Elf

Height: 6’7”

Weight: 115lbs

Age: 97


  • Can take the top off a pint at 300 meters

  • Excellent at parkour


  • Not the best with a sword, but can hold his own in hand to hand.

  • Easily distracted and phases out at times, mainly due to traumatic past.


Rhextel is an Elf from the Yggdrasil forest, who is just turning of age, being almost 75 years old. He has long brunette hair and is clean shaven (Such like most elves). He favours the bow, however is an excellent spear-man. He was tutored by the Librarian in the village and so has a deep understanding of history, maps and is fluent in both Elven and Man. He has a fantastic memory, and can remember images and memories extremely vividly. He sometimes loses concentration or phases out at times, and is often a very quiet and reserved being when around people he isn't familiar with, however does open up and becomes very lively and talkative around his closest friends or if he is under the influence of a good brew.



Screams pierced the air around him, his home ablaze with the white hot flames spiraling up around him. Dodging between the burning trees and the splashes of flames spewed down from above, Rhextel found himself realising what was really happening. He was an elf, and had lived in the Yggdrasil forest all his life, and was soon to come of age and take the test of adulthood and be given his role in the village. He had been excelling in all aspects of his tutoring, and was being primed to succeed his father as the Head-guard, however his life had just been turned upside down while he was out hunting for the village. Rhextel knew Yggdrasil wood was completely resistant to all man-made fire, and could not be broken by their tools either. This left one possible reason as to why everywhere around him was covered by the amber hues thrown out from between the dense forest…. Dragon fire.


Rhextel knew what he needed to do, and how to do it, and rushed as quickly as possible to the armoury. Kicking in his Father’s private office he broke the cabinet where his father had kept his prized possession, the Heart of the Forest. The Heart of the Forest was a legendary bow, created from a branch from the Tree of life itself, growing deep in the centre of the forest, where his ancestors had stumbled upon it by accident out hunting. He hastily shouldered the bow, and picked up his father’s old quiver. Back outside, the Fire had grown, but the screaming seemed to have stopped, and sans the sound of the wood buring, and the occasional snapping and thonking of a tree, it was silent. Rhextel found a tree, surprisingly unaffected by the flames and climbed up its 100ft trunk. Now at the top of the tree, he had a clear view of the destruction.  For miles on miles around the forest had been devastated by the flames, and then he saw it, the beast who had inflicted such destruction on his home, the dragon.


The giant scaled monster swooped through the smoke, blowing up from the forest down below, spewing fire across the treetops. As the beast neared closer, Rhextel drew his bow, and notched an arrow before pulling back and letting it fly. The Arrow, propelled by the Heart of the Forest, flew at tremendous speed, lodging itself into the Dragon’s underbelly, causing an ear splitting shriek to erupt from the creature. Rhextel’s heart skipped a beat as the dragon’s focus shifted towards him, and it started to descend towards the tree. Rhextel notched another arrow in his bow, and let it fly just as the Dragon reared up to erupt its flames, piercing the dragon’s eye and disappearing into the black abyss of its pupil. The creature seemed to drift to the floor, before a ginormous crash thundered through the air and shook the trees around the impact, almost knocking Rhextel off his feet.


After climbing down, Rhextel rushed around the village, hoping to find any survivors, but after many hours, it was clear he was the only one there… They had left without him. Rhextel finally gave up his search and sat down inside the crumbling ruins of his house, pondering his next move. He had been studying the maps with his tutor in the library, and remembered of him telling him of a great and powerful city, which had 30m high walls and a massive port. Of course, I didn’t believe him at the time, no one had seen it from my village as none have ventured outside of the forest for generations, but I knew now, that it had to be real, and that was where I needed to go. I rushed to the Library, Luckily the basement was reasonably preserved, as this was where the maps and non fiction books were kept. I scoured the shelves for the map that had been shown to me when I was younger, and found it, completely untouched, but sure enough, it showed me where I needed to go. I packed the remnants of my belongings and entered the town hall, to give my thanks to the forest, and pray that I find my way to this magnificent city. But out the corner of my eye, I saw them. The village leader’s Mithril tools and Lhang. I placed them into my backpack and with the Lhang hung in its sheath around my waist, and the Heart of the Forest on my Back, I headed south, hoping to find Kingstone.


“Rhextel!” Boomed Icarus as I regained focus. “Now is no time to be drifting off!” I sat up straight, and apologised to the King, averting my focus back to the large war map on the table…

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