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Maphya's Start

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Maphya was created when several groups of bandits decided to band together in an attempt to take over one of Kingstone's holds. They made a huge & organized effort to break through their defenses and take as much stuff as possible. They failed nonetheless, but the alliance lived on, the war-camp they started turning into a fortress. Their numbers fluctuate, as there are many members that travel around pillaging or trading with random Evernethians. Their races are extremely diverse, ranging from elves to dwarves to literal tree spirits. This is mostly because their requirements for joining are somewhat low, requiring mostly an ability to work with thieves, and to be useful. There are no laws set in stone, and their peace between each other relies mostly on a thieves' honor, meaning that most of the time the only way to be exiled completely is by treason against Maphya. They are organized enough to band together for intense and intermittent raids of Kingstone & Valland, and disorganized enough so that past alliances are not permanent. When they are hired as mercenaries, they usually don Maphya's shield, sometimes even fighting alongside the other side as well. In such a case of disorganization, they silently agree to not kill each other (not really that's for lore, in an event it doesn't matter) and don the shields of their client. In an event of a bandit raid, it's usually pretty obvious they will attack, as war-camps are set up outside the holds. Those who wish to hold a prejudice based on appearance or belief, and not deeds or character, are looked down upon. While the belief of equality is high on their list, leaders and higher-ups are chosen by skill, merit, and intelligence. The powerful families don't always stay powerful, as a core belief is that people have to prove their own worth as they mature and work.

Maphya has it's main base hidden & protected by mountains, and also sits in a natural valley. There is a stone fortress with some houses and tents outside that house the people who are stopping by. Their numbers can never truly be counted, but it's rumored they are in the thousands across the lands of Everneth. There is also an underground city built by the dwarves among them, housing even more people than that are seen in the day. But those not members of Maphya usually never see it unless they are on diplomatic missions, and it is locked down entirely in the case of a raid. Food is made underground using artificial sunlight, and animals are raised as well. 

Much is still to be learned about Maphya, as it's recognition grows, as it's battles are fought, and as it's lore is written!

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