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Righteous Treason

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*Two Months before the attack on Kuiken*

Momo: It's finally complete! The central halls of Hero's Village are now ready for its first heroes

Wulfric: What are you going to do about the attack on Kuiken?

Momo: I am a man of honor. Me and Noah will fight with our all in the coming battle.

Wulfric: Why not just throw the fight?

Momo: A hero never backs down from a fight.

*On the Journey to Valland*
Wulfric: I told you you'd lose.

Momo: Well we would've won if *someone* knew how to shoot.


Momo: Shut up and drink your Diet Coke

Pande: We're here

Wulfric: Momo fire your cannons or something. We need to get their attention.

Noah: I got this. *moans incessantly*

- Vallandians gather around the Fountain -

Wulfric: People of Valland, gather round. I bring an important announcement for all Heroes of Valland.

Too long have royalty oppressed your people. The recent war has proven it more than anything else, with many heroes falling needlessly for the affairs of your King, who does not even bother to talk to you to see what you would want.

You all are being ignored and killed all for the petty affairs of one man who would gladly let you all die, just to line his own pockets. Too long has this gone on. Fear not, for there is salvation at hand.

Hero's Village will gladly shelter and protect any heroes of Valland who wish to live freely and for their own reasons, not for the affairs of a man who cares not for you. Join me, Heroes of Valland, and come with me to a new home!

King Jay: Wait! I must make a defense, of course~

Momo: I will follow you to Hero's Village!

Noah: *drinks Pepsi*

Wulfric: I care not for your words, you selfish king. Maybe you should talk to your own people for once to try and salvage what little you can of your abused and hurt kingdom.

Momo: My men are tired of starving in this forsaken kingdom King Jay! We deserve a better life!

King Jay: What have I done to damage our people?

Pande: What have you done to care for them?

King Jay: Quite simply everything I have done was for the benefit of my people or for my profit without damage to my people. I am not an abusive King!

Momo: A King's kindness does not cover the face of their ineptitude. What profit is to be had in a battle with no righteous cause!

King Jay: Wulfric! You have walked into our city to steal for yourself! You are no hero, you are a bandit!

- Wulfric spins around and begins the trek to Hero's Village with Momo, Noah, Beolyx, and Keshi in tow -

Keshi: I'm sorry Jay. I can't stay in a land that threatens to hurt my Deer Kordon with each battle it fights...

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