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RashE (IrashiHeart)

Introducing: Kingstone Crowns!

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GJ6ISSp.pngKingstone Crowns

What are Kingstone Crowns?

Crowns are the custom currency of Kingstone, in-game they appear as written books and are used for all kinds of goods and services specific to Kingstone. They even have a neat custom texture in the un-official roleplay texturepack (if Optifine ever updates to 1.13.1), which changes dynamically depending on how many coins are in the stack.

Why Crowns over diamonds?

Anyone can grind out diamonds and then inflate the market, and a new custom currency can be pretty fun. I mint Kingstone Crowns in an effort to promote the roleplay community, as they are awarded for roleplay battles, quests, and bounties! Vassals and members of the Kingsglaive also get a weekly salary of crowns.

Can't Crowns be counterfeit?

Written books have the added security of being both signed and minted by me, so as long as the book is signed "by RashE_" and a "Copy of Original" you know you have a genuine token. Technically, someone could murder me while I am minting coins, steal the original, and temporarily craft their own, but since that hasn't been done to date and is technically griefing, you can rest assured that these coins are safe.

What can you buy with Crowns?

All the good consumables, such as fireworks, steak, and diamonds. The marketplaces in Kingstone are also stocked with all kinds of enchanted books such as: Mending, Unbreaking III, Silk Touch, Fortune III, Thorns III, Protection IV, and Flame. Crowns can also be used to buy real estate in the Capital, ranging from small houses to medium houses containing businesses such as blacksmiths and bakeries, to massive manors in the heart of the city.

Where can I get Crowns?

The most efficient way would be to join the roleplay battles, but you can also get them from Kingstone quests and bounties from the Official RP Discord's #oakstead-bulletin chat. Lastly, you can buy them in spawn with diamonds, emeralds, ink sacs, and oak logs. Look for a horse wagon with a golden crown on top in the shopping district.


(Prices are subject to change as supply and demand fluctuate.)

Items bought with Crowns(found in the Kingstone Marketplace):
-256 Crowns (16 Stacks) buys a Mansion in the Inner City(I am thinking about holding these at auction.)
-128 Crowns (8 Stacks) buys a medium house w/ side business
-64 Crowns (4 Stacks) buys a small house in the outer city

-48 Crowns (3 Stacks) buys an enchanted Mending book
-32 Crowns (2 Stacks) buys an enchanted Unbreaking III book
-16 Crowns buys an enchanted Silk Touch book
-16 Crowns buys an enchanted Fortune III book
-8 Crowns buys two diamonds
-4 Crowns buys a stack of firework rockets
-4 Crowns buys a stack of steak

Items sold for Crowns(found in the Shopping District, -228,72,79):
-1 Diamond buys 4 Crowns
-1 Emerald buys 2 Crowns
-64 Oak Logs buys 2 Crowns
-64 Ink Sacs buys 8 Crowns

Salaries for Vassals and Members of the Kingsglaive:
-Vassals earn 50 Crowns per week
-Kingsglaive Members earn 30 Crowns per week
-Councilmen earn 10 Crowns per week

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