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Character profile: Murdek Urmmin

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 "As a boy Murdeck was always working with his hands, fighting wild boars and helping his family in the mine. He has been strong willed and wise due       to his wealthy family paying for a private tutor of elvish origin. While he was growing up he fell in love with the tutor's daughter. He saw how she was         kind to him and all of the nature around the area. He Later married her and they lived in the mine where he was a chief and fighter for the miners core.       One day while he was down deep in the mine a massive cave troll shook the ground with its massive movements causing much damage to the mine         and the town in the mountain above. Many casualties occurred during the battle, but thanks to Murdeks leadership and skills lead to the miners                 winning the fight. but when he returned to find his wife dead and everything they had built lost during the fight. After that he helped rebuild the town           making his building skills become those of a master builder. Once he finished rebuilding he left his life behind and vowed never to hurt anything again       unless absolutely necessary. 

    On his journeys he went through many tough times but ended up in jail for trying to help an innocent person being picked on by soldiers in the army.         His punishment was to either die or join the army for 5 years. He had to break his vow and fight again. With his prior skill he was able to stay alive for         the duration of his sentence and move on with his life. He realized that he should do something with his life and try to help people.

    He moved to kingstone to start a new life. Although he is a strong miner and has fought massive beasts from deep in the ground he has learned to be     compassionate and caring to those in need from his late wife. He moved to kingstone to create a town where anyone who has troubles or just wants to     be independent can come and plant there roots. He uses his building skills to create massive stone homes for those who choose to join his                   community and care for each other."

  This is still a WIP but this is how i have got so far.

Character Description: Murdek Is a dwarven miner who has left his hometown to be a leader of a small town. He was chosen to be the leader of this small town due to his leadership experience in the mines, but most of all because of his hobby of being a home builder.

Build Description: The build will consist of underground cavernous areas where there is rare minerals and crystals. The above ground area will encompass large stone houses with high ceilings and some small farms.

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