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RashE (IrashiHeart)

Kingstone's Master of Coin

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Kingstone's Master of Coin
Kingdoms are built on strong sword arms and heavy coin purses.


Duke Jay Porter XX of Valland

Just as her vassals, the Throne of Kingstone also has a seat of councilmen to give aid and perspective to the ruling monarch. Arguably the most important of these is the Master of Coin. This seat of the council is responsible for making sure that taxes are being efficiently collected, and that federal payment is properly dispensed.

Officially, the responsibilities of the Master of Coin are as follows:

  1. To keep the Kingstone marketplace stocked with goods to be bought with Crowns
  2. To keep the Spawn horse wagon stocked with crowns to be bought with imported goods
  3. To ensure the Kingdom has enough Crowns to pay her vassals each week and to divvy up that payment
  4. To ensure that the Kingdom has enough Crowns in stock to handle emergencies and depressions


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