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Everneth is a server with one vision. Grow a core community of friends playing Vanilla Survival Minecraft and become one of the largest whitelisted communities in the world. Most of us came here from other servers due to critical issues with the management of the community and part of the foundation of Everneth seeks to correct these issues to become a growth-driven server with streamlined staffing, autonomous decision making, and actively encourage community engagement.
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    Evernethian Council Election Nominations for the elected Council members have closed - we have our finalists, and hence, we begin the final vote! Our finalists for this seat are as follows: Kaddaschatzi GreasyTroll4 Mentalistic You may have noticed that there are no incumbents included on the list. This is because the previous barons were removed from office during the purge, thus there are only 3 candidates. Our anonymous polls will be open until 11:59 PM EST on June 30th (A week from Saturday), at which point votes will no longer be able to be cast. Once the polls close, all the votes will be tallied together from both polls, and the two top-voted candidates will win the two open seats. Until then, however, you are free to cast your votes as you please. If you need to change your vote for whatever reason, please ask a Staff member and we will do it for you, since IPS doesn't allow members to change votes on polls. Also, pick only one person to vote for PER POLL. This will help stop vote manipulation. Those who vote for the same person on both polls will forfeit their votes. The winners' term as Council members will begin on July 1st, 2018 and last until September 30th, 2018. As the purpose of these elections are to give Evernethian Citizens a voice in the management of the server, we strongly encourage each and every one of you to cast your votes and let your voice be heard. Thank you for voting and good luck to all of our candidates!
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    Arlin Zumrik was born in a small forest elf village, by the name of Ryvelin. Ryvelin was a very beautiful place, the chirps of birds and blooming flowers all filled the air with delight. Arlin grew up in a small home, with 3 siblings. Personal space was very hard to come by in the home, so Arlin spent most of his childhood with the wildlife outside. Arlin's mother and father were both hunters, providing a significant amount of food for the village and the family. By the time Arlin was 15, he had already learned how to skillfully hunt, and provide for the family as well. Arlin believed that he wanted to become a hunter himself, and live within the village until the day he would die. This soon changed however, when Arlin's mother was fatally shot during one of the routine hunting trips. Arlin knew that being killed as a hunter was a large possibility, thus, his dreams changed. He no longer knew what his life would contain. One day, as Arlin was sitting in a tree above his home, the smell of smoke traveled through the village. He jumped down and looked into the forest, licks of fire shot up through the canopy. Arlin started yelling for everybody to get out of the village, knowing that they did not have the resources to stop the raging flames. Arlin's family wasn't in their home, they were surely mourning at the cemetery on the outskirts of town; where the fire had already burned. The village was surrounded, and Arlin knew he had to run. So, using his wit, he ran up the tree once again, reaching a branch that was above the fire. Arlin leaped, praying that he could make it over. When Arlin touched the ground, he was joyful that he could not feel burns all over his body. Arlin made a run for it to the Northeast, where he had heard rumors of a rising kingdom. Arlin traveled along a path, hoping that it would lead to the faraway place. After several days, of walking, hunting, and resting, a tower bearing a red and gold flag appeared over the horizon. Arlin screamed with excitement, which was strange after all that he had just lost. He walked up to the gate, asking to speak to the King. The guard questioned him, then allowed him to speak to the King after hearing his story. Arlin went into the keep, and found King Icarus Forde already aware of his presence in the kingdom. Arlin began to speak, "H-Hi, sir. I've come from Ryvelin. I need a place to live and work. If you need anything done just tell me and I'll-" The King cut him off. "Listen, son. There is an area around here. It goes by the name of Mirkwood, recently renovated from a bandit's lair into the flourishing city it currently is." Icarus said. "Can I live there?" Arlin asked. "You may, on one condition: Mirkwood doesn't have any ties to Kingstone as of right now, I want you to change that. Put up a wall, flags, recruit soldiers. You can lead the village as a vassal of Kingstone. There is no leader of Mirkwood right now, and it seems no citizen wants to be the leader, this is your shot." Icarus explained. "I'll go there right now and tell the citizens I will be their leader. Thank you," Arlin told the king. When Arlin arrived in Mirkwood, the people were thrilled to see a new face in town. Arlin rounded the people up on a path, and spoke of his plans with the village. The people were joyous, finally having somebody to lead them through the dangers in the world. Arlin adopted his culture into the village, with elves being the skilled military archers for the settlement. To this day. Arlin still continues to build Mirkwood into the greatest it can be.
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    Season 4 Awards Traditionally we haven't seen monthly awards in several months and while this season draws to a close it is again time to honor the accomplishments of the citizens of this community. These awards aim to recognise our citizens for their hard work, service to the community and exceptional achievements in building, redstoning and PvP. While most awards are given out exclusively based on merit, the Companion of Everneth and Parliament Service Medal are time-based and are thus awarded automatically for being a citizen of Everneth for six months and completing a term on parliament, respectively. Other awards that are being given out this time are: Beer award: For committing the derpiest act for the given month (or in this case several months). Purple Heart of Dedication: Awarded to players who go the extra mile in helping new players transition into our community. Outstanding Build Medal: For completing a truly exceptional project or build on the server. Virtuous Medal: For significant contributions to public works and projects. Ministerial Excellence Medal: The equivalent of employee of the month or student of the month. The Ministerial Excellence medal is awarded to the top performer of all ministries. Order of Everneth Medal: This medal is awarded to members inducted into the Order. This award is the hardest to achieve and is Everneth's highest honor. Members of the order are knighted and respectable members of our community. So, without further ado, here are the awards for Season 4 (December-July), as per usual in order of precedence: Companion of Everneth SillyEmily, X_Master20, SoupsIsEz, Ploog, choocola, Thosmabubla, liddo, Demi_Goddess, RealQuin, Jake_Sawyer, FallenearthTV, medo_gamer2003, Bogart00, MarioStar621, Pikachu044, MinecraftGran, Soheen, LordGeokal, artichoke_cat, Alphawolf2350, Foximity, PseudoStorm, Temmies, Mthai93, MohaKA, Teagles_, ShawnTheSheep, Shawn_Turtle, Frn, Dave Tran, MintyToothpaste, ParkyParks, Savanni, MADelements, Bonii, Peeche, alligatoahFTW, LoneWolf, RashE, Vo1tz, DMiGaming, Arozica, owencr1, wubwubwub79, LuckyRabbitZ, BamboozledAgain, KingNicku, EmmJea, DanklyDavid, 3at_me, Aekuros, Rkji, Stoopidmunkey1o1, Boombayah, Pee_Sin, Crav, Luvion, TheSteelNinja14, Ebokk, Alosion, KGuida, TwoEdgedDeath, Danolicious, maddie, Teewie, USAWarrior, Wyrmnus, AbsurdoBurgo, NeoStar, Brun3o, Deathinmate, William_Lindstr, heuh, Vluxed, MakenziePK, Sybey, Alfrety, Beolyx, Spojinowski, Etalis, JackWagon_, 0zm0sis, SH4D0W, HiromiMC, miraxtseos, Sprngsteen, Rexel, goodjop, Birgutter, PrincessBubbles, iifallen, AverySD, Bzsears, wasilla, NikeNeonNitro, Cats, Hoodiey, boofsly Parliament Service Medal Puddles Beer Award Mr_Yogi_Bear - messing up the paths at spawn Purple Heart of Dedication RashE, QueenMunchii Outstanding Build Medal Faug_ - Faug_s Season 4 Base Puddles - The Mountain Build Kaddaschatzi - The Mountain Build Virtuous Medal QueenMunchii - Buckles Bay, Season 4 Spawn Puddles - Season 4 Spawn Kaddaschatzi - Season 4 Spawn Ministerial Excellence Medal FearlessPie - Rebooting Interior Kaddaschatzi - Season 4 Spawn Order of Everneth Medal Kaddaschatzi We would like to congratulate every recipient of these awards. They are all very well deserved. If you have been missed for Companion of Everneth please PM and it will be fixed ASAP. Regards, The Parliament of Everneth
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    Here is a link for more information about Kingstone. Looking to join Kingstone? Then this is the post for you, here are the official Kingstonian Entry Examinations*! Kingstonians are elite, outnumbered, and fiercely loyal. As such, the Kingstonian applicants for the Season Five Everneth Roleplay must be the very best. You're dedication, standards, and creativity will be tested if you wish to become a citizen of the Kingdom of Kingstone. Why join Kingstone over another faction? Well, Kingstone has a reputation of victory in Season 4, remaining undefeated against the unadulterated assault of Loden, the Desolate One, The Empire of Solis, and the Western Bandit Hordes. More impressive than this, however, is it's rich and immersive lore that has been crafted and refined for over six years. Kingstone prizes loyalty, pride, initiative, integrity, endurance, and determination. A Kingstonian is a bastion of strength and hard work. If all of this is attractive to you than you should continue reading below. Remind yourself that grammar, formatting, and effort all have the utmost importance to your chances of getting accepted into the kingdom. I also feel the need to say that many people have expressed a desire to join Kingstone and I wish to be outnumbered by enemies, so you will be competing with your fellow applicants. Kingstonians will begin to earn monthly allowance** as they rise to the ranks, as well as secret discord channels and war councils. There are six basic ranks of players who can call themselves Kingstonian. The King - The ruling monarch, King Icarus Forde at the time of writing. The Inner Circle - Through dedication and working closely alongside the King, these members have gained his deepest trust. The Kingsglaive - The legendary warriors who are die-hard loyal to the King and his wishes. The Vassal - Landowners who receive the King's protection and wealth for answering the call of war and fighting against the enemies of Kingstone. The Councilmen - Advisors to the above tiers, tasked with assisting their liege in construction and decision-making but are barred from fighting in war. The Laborer - Peasants paid per-job, serving as gatherers and builders supporting Kingstone's economy and infrastructure. Now, the road to becoming King is long and hard, and if you want to become King of Kingstone you'll be looking for me as a corpse, so I'll only be accepting Kingsglaive and below, as only going above and beyond the call of duty can earn you the title "Inner Circle". ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Joining the Kingsglaive - There are three basic requirements to becoming a part of the 'glaive of Kingstone. Unique Character Design/Roleplay Skill - The Kingsglaive are an integral reason Kingstone's military has seen such success, and their prevalence in the "Legend of Kingstone" require them to be interesting, unique, and immersive. A Character Profile would be infinitely helpful in your quest to becoming a member of the 'glaive. These players are held to a degree of roleplaying skill, this means your character must fit in the world of Kingstone, and the Everneth Universe at large, think low fantasy medieval, I'll be denying any TRON robots with nuke launchers. Finally, you must always respect roleplay etiquette. No meta-gaming (causing your character to act with information he/she shouldn't have but instead acting on information you have as a player), or controlling other characters (speaking for another player's character without permission or assuming your actions go without reaction, for example: avoid saying things like "I stab you in the throat, killing you instantly"). Loyalty to the Crown - Kingsglaive are defined by their loyalty. They obey the King's commands without hesitation and trust in his ability to lead the kingdom to further victory. As a result, I expect my Kingsglaive to respect Kingstone and defend it with your ((character's)) life. Its citizens and homes must be protected at all costs and an insult to Kingstone is an insult to you. Combat Proficiency - Kingsglaive are feared on the battlefield, and powered by Ike's magical weapons of war(Brisingr, Ax of Odin, etc) the earth must shudder under you as you walk. You won't be required to be Achilles or anything, but I expect the 'glaive to perform well in the field. All loyalty in the world is no replacement for raw talent and strength. Some vassals become Kingsglaive, but I have yet to have a Kingsglaive member that wasn't also a vassal. I am willing to work with you to help design your character and weapon as well as the circumstances in which your character meets the King and becomes a member of the 'glaive. Example Kingsglaive Application: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Becoming a Vassal - There are two basic requirements (along with joining the event battles) to becoming a vassal Building Skill/Progression - The main job of a vassal of Kingstone is the build and rule over a small part of the kingdom's territory. This means you must be willing to start and finish your build. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was Kingstone, but I expect progress to be made, even if it's just fifteen minutes a day. Fiefs (areas of land given to vassals) must 'fit' in the Kingstone theme, this means doing your best to build something attractive, and believable. Medieval is a good theme to follow, but I'd also except high elf fantasy, oriental, etc. Just don't build any cars or spaceships, and don't build bigger than the capital itself. Character Uniqueness - Vassals also need to have their own characters to play as, but aren't expected to be as passionate about the lore and war as the Kingsglaive. However, like the Kingsglaive you would greatly benefit from a Character Profile. I am willing to work with you in designing your character as well as finding a purpose/theme for your build. Example Vassal Application: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Becoming a Councilmen - Compared to the above two applicants, looking to become a part of someone's council is relatively easy. A councilman's main job is to assist their liege in any way they can. This usually means help them build/design their fief, or advise them in matters of state and politics. The councilman can be a priceless tool to a vassal or 'glaive, and unlike a laborer, members of a Kingstonian Council receive a monthly allowance. In order to become someone's councilmen, all you must do is earn a member of Kingstone's trust and attention. Vassals are responsible for their council just as the King is responsible for his vassals, so it is important for a councilman to be trustworthy as well as hardworking, as a vassal with too many councilmen can begin to lose track of his people. Councilmen cannot participate in official roleplay battles, as that would unbalance the teams in Kingstone's favor. Example of a vassal or 'glaive member officially accepting a councilman: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Becoming a Laborer - The easiest rank to attain in Kingstone. The laborers are players who aren't so much interested in the roleplay or the wars, but rather making a paycheck or buying land in Kingstone. They import or gather materials for Kingstone in return for Kingstone Crowns** Kingstonian Laborers can also, of course, sell and work for other factions, a practice that would be very suspicious to any other rank. However, they do not receive a monthly allowance, nor are they allowed to participate in official roleplay battles, as that would unbalance the teams in Kingstone's favor. Example of a Laborer's Application: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Yes, I take it that seriously. The good news is though, that the harsher I am with the applicants, the more dedicated the people who actually end up joining are! **Kingstone Crowns (and a currently unnamed, unconfirmed silver coin) are the custom currency I will be minting in Season 5 of Everneth. Crowns can be used to buy real estate in the Capital, as well as steak/diamonds/fireworks. I'd ask that all applications come as replies to this thread. That said I wish you all good luck and encourage you to apply to any opposing or neutral roleplay factions if you aren't fortunate enough to make it in while we're recruiting.
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    Icarus would deal with the elf later, the sand dripping arms and skull had one thing correct. For now, the mage was broken. The Wheat Gate's parasite remained, however, and now it was time to dance. Forcing a malicious smile, Icarus spoke quietly. "I choose 'perish'. You forfeited my ability to stay neutral the second you invaded Kingstone." Quieter still, he whispered to Kordon in an attempt to keep the enemy unaware. "Kordon, make your way 'round to the Noble Gate and demand a sentry's broadsword. Climb the battlements and wait on a Wheat Gate tower. On my mark, you are to plunge deep into the Lich's skull from above. Shade, keep Rem safe and retreat down to the port." The shade's eyebrows furrowed and as she opened her mouth Ike finished: "That's an order." Glancing back at the Lich and then at Ike again, she grabbed Rem's hand and led her away from the gate, furious. With luck, he wouldn't need the curse but Kordon was right, the single shot boomstick was a liability and low caliber at that. Inhaling deeply, Ike charged into the fray. Mid-step his back foot was caught and he fell flat on his chest. Rolling, he saw the dry skeletal hand that had grabbed him. As he swung Brisingr at its wrist, a new skeletal warrior made his way out from under the still flowing sand. Without the curse's boost to his reaction time, he was too slow to parry the blow against his neck as Brisingr was still between his legs. He braced, but instead of the sound of steel against throat, he heard a woosh and a metallic twang. The sound shook him and Icarus rolled out of the grasp on his foot. Standing up, a swing from Brisingr shattered a third undead warrior and Ike turned his vision to the source of his savior. Agista Rustero, daughter of the Empress, was catching her scythe as it spun back to her. Barefoot and in loose black clothing Ike realized she had just been sleeping. "For someone who hates me, you save my life a LOT," the King teased. Smiling, she turned into smoke and then appeared by his side, "Somebody had to. And I AM your 'glaive." The sound of shambling corpses and rushing sand caught their attention once more. "A fucking Nec, it had to be a Nec, didn't it Murphy?" Ike cursed. But this one was far stronger than Ulthur, and ever so slightly bigger. "With me," he commanded. Agista smiled and vanished again. Now careful of the sand, Ike swung from above, smashing the ribcage of the nearest enemy minion. Its spine had caught Brisingr however and without hesitation, the king had cleaved through it and two of its skeletons comrades in one mighty cleave. Agista had appeared behind a column of the undead and halved them all. As her scythe was still swinging, her free hand cast purple flames that sent several more back to whence they came. The fight was on and despite their number, Kingstone's enemies were slow and fragile. Foe after skeletal foe fell, shattered, and broke. The two of them were quickly making headway towards their malformed master.
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    The shade, the maid, the mage, the 'glaive, and the king went as five down the castle's causeway. The night sky was filled with countless stars and strokes of pink and blue, it was getting colder. The inner city was fast asleep and in silence the five bodies took the staircase in a tower along the inner wall that led them to them to the Noble Gate's battlements. There they followed the eastern outer wall, passing guards making their rounds and soon the wheat of the Wheat Gate was seen, the dark blue tint of night over an unmistakably golden crop. Now on the ground level, Ike passed his hand over the tips of barley as they walked the path. Soon they were standing together in the port and stood around Fredrick and waited. "When you're ready," said the King.