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    Hey,congratz for the accepting ! Hope to meet you on the server soonish 😄
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    Dorian Mercer Dorian Mercer is a character I designed for @Beolyx for use in the Season 5 Everneth Roleplay. Dorian and his sister Helena were two siblings of royalty in the faraway land of Mettenheim. Their childhoods were strict and bland as they were both molded for their royal destinies. Dorian Mercer learned swordplay and stewardship from the finest knights in the kingdom as Helena was taught the duties of a lady-in-waiting. As was customary in Mettenheim, the young princess was to be married off like a pawn for diplomatic favors and her father's renown. Helena had known this, but no one could prepare for a husband as cruel and repulsive as the Duke of Valonbray. It burned Dorian to see his dear sister try and tolerate this truly evil man, but even he did not expect the Duke to try and take her before their wedding day. When her screams wouldn't stop him, Helena killed the man before he got what he desired. Not even their father would listen when she told him the truth, and she was imprisoned that night, to be hung in the morning for her crime. Dorian was infuriated at his father's bigotry and betrayed by his culture's laws. He couldn't watch Helena be killed, and that night he slew both the prison guards and Dorian and Helena ran away together. Mettenheim declared them enemies of the realm and put hefty bounties on both of their heads. When the men and women of Hero's Village heard of Helena's defiant defeat of her would be rapist, and of Dorian's brave rescue, they gladly opened their arms to the two royal siblings.
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    Hello everyone. A lot of you have probably been wondering where I've been for the last month and a half, and why I have not appeared on the server. Today, I wanted to dispel the rumors and talk about what's been going on in my life lately. Some time ago, we learned we had to move from our current house, and that the lease could not be extended to give us more time. This is all well and good, and I'm happy we're moving out of this dump finally, and the next house is a lot nicer, in a better neighborhood, and is a lot more calm and peaceful and quiet (with fresher air to boot). However, the problem is that because I also have to work and my brother has university studies, it's putting a lot of pressure on us to get packing and to pay the rent at the same time. This, coupled with longer shifts at work (due to me being one of the few people still available for longer shifts now that university/college has started again for most employees), already takes a lot of my time away from the server, and I need to do the longer shifts at work in order to cover for my brother. On top of that, I have to help take care of my mom, who is still heavily under the weather and sick. On top of that, I have been studying for my GED and my G1 drivers license, which takes even more time away from the server. These are both really important for me because of what I have planned for my future (which I will discuss in further detail below). For a long time, I thought that coding and computer programming were things I could do as a career, but I've learned that it just doesn't suit me. So, after a few more stumbles, I have finally found something that will suit me, as well as help me support both myself and my family. In about a month, my family will be moving to Ottawa, and after a few months of settling in (and finding another quick job to help pay for the rent), I will be sending in an application for the Canadian Armed Forces to serve in the Air Force as an aircraft technician. This position will not only discipline me and hone what skills I currently have, but will also teach my multiple trade skills I can use in future careers, should I ever leave the military. To apply, I have to first complete my GED, and I'm also aiming for my G1 (and, if possible, my G2) drivers license, in order to make my training easier. If my application is accepted, it means 3 months of basic training. During most of those three months, I will be completely cut off from the internet, mobile devices, computers, friends, and family (only on the weekends will a trainee be allowed to visit or call his family, and even then, not on the first month, unless it's an absolute emergency). Once my training is completed, I will be sent to a base somewhere in Ontario, where I will live for 4 years and complete my training for my field. All this to say, the future for me does not look good in regards to playing on the server. But despite this, I still want to go ahead with my plans. It brings good money, it gives me skills I desperately need for the future, and it gives me a purpose. The second reason for why I have not been active on the server is actually very simple: I don't want to get on. For me, Everneth has changed. It isn't the community I joined or the server I used to play on. When we first started, it was awesome and exciting and fun and new. Now, it's "same-old, same-old", and in my opinion the community has grown distant and too sarcastic/negative, preferring memes over actual fun. Yes, I know, "Everneth was built on memes" and all that, but it wasn't this excessive when we started. Most of the current members of Everneth I don't even know anymore. It's quite simply boring and draining for me now to get on. So, a while ago I had decided to not play anymore and instead focus on enjoying Minecraft the way I always had before, this time through a different outlet: singleplayer. No more resets. No more salt. No more memes. Just one big world for me to explore and build in and never have to worry about losing anything. And it worked. I can't recall a time when I've ever had this much fun playing the game since season 3. As for Everneth, while I don't want to play much on the server anymore, I will always be in the Discord and will always chat with folks here whenever I get a chance. I have made many friends here, and I don't want to lose them. Yes, even during my military service, I will always find time in the day to talk with you guys (when I can get a computer, that is, since I can't bring desktops with me, I'll have to buy another; which is actually good in the long run because the military gives discounts, plus I can get a brand new shiny Windows 10 with a good graphics card). In regards to being Staff, I want to announce my official, permanent retirement (until further notice, anyway), and I would ask to be excluded from getting any votes (even unofficial ones) during the elections. I have requested to the High Council to be excluded from the polls, so it won't do anyone any good to vote for me. I can't deal with the extra pressure of being Staff right now, and I probably won't ever be able to again down the road, until my life settles down again. I will complete this last term as Baron, but afterwards no more Staff positions for me, at least not for a while. In regards to all my stuff in my, ahem, "base", I will donate all the valuables to Interior, and as for everything else, it's all up for grabs (such as it is, anyway). I just wanted to let you all know about all this. However, I want to reassure everyone, this is NOT a "goodbye", this is a "so long". I'll still be around every so often, and who knows, I might even pop in to join in a UHC or game every so often, if I have the time and the computer to do it on. I will never forget the memories we've shared, nor will I ever forget the friends I've made on here. I would never trade the last few years for anything. I will always be a part of this community. However, until my application goes through, I will still be in the Discord server to talk with you guys. I am not leaving just yet. Today, however, marked my last time on the server, in order to prepare my place for anyone who wants to take some stuff. If anyone wants free stuff, my place is at 800, -1280. From the bottom of my heart...thank you all. When I joined this server, I was miserable and very discouraged at that point in my life, but you all brought back a lot of the joy I once had in my life, and I can never repay that in full. So, thank you. My final official order as a Baron: enjoy Everneth, and never stop enjoying it! You won't ever find another server quite like it! Click. *Save and Exit* GreasyTroll4 has left the game.
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    I nominate Kordon as well. Go get 'em, kid.
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    Fishy Adjustments & 1.13.1 Hey folks! This weeks Tuesday Update brings some more changes that I felt needed a post in the News & Updates board. Adjustments to mob caps have been made and some plugins have been updated. Water mobs have had their cap increased by 112% Hostile mobs have had their cap decreased by 15% Prism will be deployed to Main. It is currently running on Test. Prism will run side by side with CoreProtect for 7 days. If successful, CoreProtect logging will end next Tuesday Update and Prism will be the primary logger. CoreProtect will be retired after an additional 3 weeks. With the 1.13.1 update we should see some performance improvements but it won't be like 1.12. Both Spigot and vanilla MC have a substantial amount of room for improvement going forward so dont expect this update to fix all the issues. Faceman Lord of the High Council, King of Everneth
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    The Elytra Well will be Refilled Starting tonight the Tuesday Update will now include more network management scripts and routine housekeeping cleanups. More importantly The End will now be reset! Don't panic! The main end island will remain and the Dragon will not be reset according to the majority vote in the Discord. So what exactly happens in this update? You will continue to get a 30 minute, 15 minute, 5 minute, and 1 minute warning prior to the server shutdown at 11:59PM EST Save-all fires at 11:58PM Shutdown fires at 11:59PM Network cleanup fires at 12:00AM The End Reset runs and processes the dimension at 12:01AM The main island is copied out so that the End Farm, Exit Portal and island are preserved The existing gateways will be reset, though for now even though the block is gone you can still pearl through them safely (see pic below) All the old files are backed up and then deleted The seed of the end is changed Restart fires at 12:10AM That's right. The Tuesday Update will now take 10 MINUTES Be prepared for there to be chunk errors and possible glitches in world generation. Also make sure you are out of the end or at the very least on the main island or end farm. I cannot guarantee your safety with this in place. This HAS been tested but not under heavy load. And with that I hope you all enjoy the new and improved Tuesday update! Faceman Lord of the High Council, King of Everneth
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    Season 5 Nether Hub Rules Even though the season is only a few days old the Ministry of the Interior has been hard at work to get the layout of the hub done. This time the design was built in creative way before the start of Season 5 to allow us to set up the basic structure of the hub ASAP. We will finish the entire hub over the next few weeks. Until then the cobble squares around 0,0 are where the tunnel entrances of the finished hub will be so you can go ahead and start building your tunnels! Don't forget, you don't need to be a member of Interior to donate materials or lend a helping hand. We always appreciate the help. After all, this hub is the community's. Sneak peek of the Hub design! To make sure that everyone gets on well with each other in the nether it is very important to follow these rules: Tunnels can be decorated however you like as long as they are kept to a maximum of a 7x7 area, which includes the walls of your tunnel. You may also add an extra layer of blocks for ghast protection on each side. Keep your tunnel as straight as possible. If you need to turn, do so only once. If you absolutely need to go up or down, use a tunnel at the top or bottom of the hub, and only make the change in height at the end of the tunnel. If you run into an obstacle, go through it. If the obstacle is player-made (such as another tunnel), however, go over it if you are on the top floor or under it if you are on the bottom floor until you've cleared it, then go back down to your previous Y level to keep it as straight as possible. Remember, The ratio of blocks between the Overworld and the Nether is 8:1 (for every 1 block you move in the Nether, you move 8 blocks in the Overworld). Make sure your portal in the Overworld is linked perfectly (or as close to perfect as possible without moving the tunnel left or right) with its Nether counterpart by dividing the Overworld coordinates by 8. Try to keep the Y levels as close as possible if they desync. Claim your tunnels! Place a sign next to the tunnel stating where it goes and who it belongs to. Please be aware that the Ghast spawning algorithm (5x4x5 over a solid block) allows for Ghasts to spawn in these tunnels if care is not taken. Use a transparent center block (like glass) or some other method to prevent spawning (like slabs). We would also advise either building the walls or surrounding the tunnel with a blast-proof material, so it doesn't break from outside Ghasts. Usually, it is not necessary to match the Y levels when syncing portals. However, if you absolutely must go up or down to sync your portal, use the upper floor of the hub when going up, and use the lower level of the hub when going down. No diagonal tunnels! The hub is NOT designed for diagonal tunnels, and making tunnels this way will screw up a lot of other tunnels, as well as making tunnel designs overly-complicated. Do not cut off any other tunnels or possible future tunnels when building your tunnel. It is very important for everyone to follow these rules not only for the convenience of others, but also for the general ease of access and aesthetics of the hub. If there are any questions or problems regarding any of the rules, please contact FearlessPie, Kaddaschatzi or any other member of the Interior Ministry. Now, get building! Regards, The Ministry of the Interior