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    music is the most expressive form of art, so let's get to learn our musicians! if you're a musician, reply below on any and all instruments you play, and your favorite types of music! if you're not a musician, reply below your favorite types of music, and possible instruments you wanna learn!
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    I play the piano (haven't done so in a long time tho cause ours broke and we never got a new one....) and i sing :3 Dunno if that counts.... And I like all the musical songs :3
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    I really enjoy every kind and I'd like to learn how to play guitar if possible one day 🙈
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    I'm not the greatest exterior builder so I like building underground. It lets me design the interior with great detail and not having to worry about what the outside of the building looks like. Inside I use a variation of a rustic/medieval castle design with big arches and wooden frames.