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    music is the most expressive form of art, so let's get to learn our musicians! if you're a musician, reply below on any and all instruments you play, and your favorite types of music! if you're not a musician, reply below your favorite types of music, and possible instruments you wanna learn!
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    I play the piano (haven't done so in a long time tho cause ours broke and we never got a new one....) and i sing :3 Dunno if that counts.... And I like all the musical songs :3
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    I really enjoy every kind and I'd like to learn how to play guitar if possible one day 🙈
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    I'm not the greatest exterior builder so I like building underground. It lets me design the interior with great detail and not having to worry about what the outside of the building looks like. Inside I use a variation of a rustic/medieval castle design with big arches and wooden frames.
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    The Return of King's Cup Years ago, a great tournament was held. Hundreds of talented warriors gathered from each corner of the kingdom as they fought and bled in the honor of their King. Now the time has come to dust off the cobwebbed pedestal and for a new Champion to rise. Gladiators once again take up sword and shield to forge through the brackets and distinguish themselves as the most talented fighter in Everneth. Saturday, The 24th of November, 2018 1:00pm Eastern Standard Time (5,64,170) The Everneth Colosseum All equipment, as well as storage space for competitor's items, will be provided by the Ministry of Competition. To signup, respond to this thread and we'll find you a spot on the tournament bracket. Unlike the last held Cup, this tournament will be double elimination, meaning you will have to lose two matches before you are kicked out of the event. Each match will be Bo3 (Best of Three) and fought with the normal Colosseum kit: Iron Sword, Shield, and Armor Unenchanted Bow, 64 Arrows Iron Axe and Steak Rewards: Along with a gargantuan statue in the Game's District of the Champion, the Champion will receive 8 diamond blocks, 8 gold blocks, the Champion prefix in-game, and most importantly, the golden King's Cup Champion medal. The Runnerup will receive 6 diamond blocks, 8 gold blocks, and the silver King's Cup medal. I hope to see you there! It'll be an honor to host the games and a great fun to watch them. From now until the event, I will be hosting mini tournaments like this one to hone your skills and prepare you for the main event. Lookout for these impromptu games in #colosseum of the official Everneth Discord channel. https://discordapp.com/invite/eHa4ws