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    State of the Realm Introduction We’re officially over a month into the latest update, 1.12, and we’re having some awesome progress on the server and I’m happy to report that you, the players, are Everneth’s greatest quality. This can be further evidenced by the feedback given in the latest form I sent out on Discord yesterday. Over 95% of you said that the community itself was the greatest aspect of Everneth and that follows in quite nicely with the vision I have for this community. With that said, it has been a while since my last State of the Realm update and I find it only fair to open up with some transparency. Most of this is unseen work, other parts is work only found on Test. In a nutshell this post is meant to clear up “What is Par actually doing?” and “What are the plans for the future?”. Let’s go! The Emergency Election To clarify what is going on, Mindovermaster (AKA Mentalistic) had formally stepped down recently from Parliament. When that happens, the Charter specifies that Parliament vacancies must be filled. Basically, put it back the way it was before the resignation. While not a requirement, HC usually takes this opportunity to promote an elected Baron (mod) to a permanent position. In turn this opens a vacancy in the elected seat and according to the Charter, we must hold an immediate election. As of this writing, the nominations have closed and the vote is on! Head on over to this announcement to vote! Communications and Competition Ministries are Removed This is the second time I’ve tried to get all ministries rebooted up and running. The major changes to this attempt was giving more things to do for both ministries but those who were interested quickly burned out from doing some of the roles and then they just drifted further into obscurity. The only ministry that consistently performed was the Interior so that ministry will still remain with much the same responsibilities and roles. Comms dispatches will pretty much be replaced with posts like these and Comp will turn into a Par managed series of events (+Syb). With the removal of these ministries, the concept of deputies and ministers is being phased out. The remaining ministry of the Interior will simply be managed by the entirety of HC. Creation of Privy Council One of the most successful parts of having the ministries was opening up medal nominations to everyone involved. So I am creating this group of players to bring in what’s remaining of the Interior and will be seeking out a few more members of the community to contribute. This group will be led by Zieon and he is in charge of recruiting the remaining few for the group. Behind the Scenes For quite some time, I have been working on adding in a new panel to profiles (like about me and awards) that included various in-game statistics. This has been a slow development due to learning the IPS4 architecture and my novice level knowledge of PHP. While I’m not new to object-oriented programming, I’m far more familiar with ASP/C# than I am PHP. There are also several staff related tools that I’ve been developing to help speed up the whitelisting process and streamline the flow for new players and make it easier to get citizenship to Everneth overall. Some details of the new and improved UX flow is guiding the player to sub their app first, then show the introductions forum to make an intro, then once that is complete they get access to the standard pending role. While a similar UX has been put into place, its not as efficient as I’d like and so I’ve still been working on improving this procedure. With regards to new tools, I want to speed up the whitelisting process at the approval stage. The plan has been to add two profile fields to our profiles: “IGN”, “UUID” and “Whitelist?”. By entering your IGN, the UUID field will fetch your ID from Mojang and automatically populate it. When a player is whitelisted, staff can check “Whitelisted?” and it will send a command with your UUID to Main, Test, and Games servers to whitelist you right away. Other work being done includes automating the Games Server to rotate between a cycle of maps, restoring inspector’s abilities to inspect with the boundaries of spawn, an MC based single player sleep using the new functions to see if Dynmap wont fuss, setup anonymous feedback forms within the site, restoring the donation portal, adding more “for fun” features to the site, sync last login time on the forums with the server to encourage forum activity, and more. New (sub) Titles and Roles for Parliament With the destruction of the ministries, I want to focus on members of Parliament serving some sort of role for the community as well as their usual moderation role. While mostly for theme purposes, these titles do relate to the roles that each member of Parliament is taking on and is meant to highlight each member’s abilities to best help the community. The new titles/roles are as follows: Lord Chief Inspector – Warwolf595 Responsible for the Interior and its team of inspectors. Lord Justice – Faceman Responsible for the fairness carried out by the Parliament, maintains oversight of appeals process for banned members pardons. Lord Chamberlain - _Pande_ Whitelisting lead in handling the process of pending applicants to becoming Citizens, while not exclusively performed by the Chamberlain, the office is meant to ensure the work is done. Lord Privy Seal – Zieon Responsible for the awards and recognition of all members of Everneth. Leads the Privy Council that handles nominations and awards selection. Lord Chancellor – GreasyTroll4 Responsible for the oversight of the (Low) Council. Responsible for the handling of elections as required. Lord Grand Inquisitor – rolo_ The head of Evernethian intrigue. The grand inquisitor is tasked with investigating serious offenses that usually may result in a permanent ban. A new non-partisan event based RP Every time we start a role play, lots of interest is there, things start moving along, and then it plummets. As a casual nonparticipating observer of the last several attempts at the RP, I’ve noticed that the key reasons for each of the RP's demise is due to one or more of the following: One or more key figures go AFK and thus halts the story The RP as a whole was far too restrictive Too many people want to lead a faction which divides the numbers True unbiased events aren’t generated by someone interested but not participating in the RP So I’d like to experiment with something. Everneth was originally created as a medieval themed RPG project with elements from Crusader Kings 2, World of Warcraft, and a text based game I had played called Politics & War. How to achieve this? I stand in as the King of Everneth (in the RP), I recruit a band of explorers (members of the RP) that want to settle new lands south of the realm. After I get a sizeable number of explorers, I will select a leader for the expedition. The explorers find a new land to settle and lay claim to the land. The group will then submit a name for their settlement to the King for approval. Once the name is approved, the RP officially starts. The expedition will then be given a set of tasks to formally turn their settlement into a city. Example of the tasks will include a Town Hall, 3 houses, one watch tower, and the start of a town gate and walls. At this point, I will look to appoint the first members of the Peerage of Everneth. I will select one Baron to lead the city, and then the Baron will have authority to select 2 Knights (second level of a typical peerage). At this point the settlement can either flourish to establish a second city or a band of explorers can return to the King of Everneth for another expedition. Rinse repeat the same process from before. Once 2 cities have been established, the title of Earl (Count) will be created to manage both cities. I expect that either a 3 band of explorers to appear to lay claim to the title or one of the barons from the two cities to lay claim to the title. War To lay claim to a title, a formal declaration of war must be made on the forums in the RP forum (to be created). Each side will be given a percentage score system. Each player in a faction counts as 100 soldiers, if enough players die that equals 0 soldiers in their total, that side loses 25% of their score Example: Side A has 5 players (500 soldiers), Side B has 4 players (400 soldiers). Starting scores are 100% / 100%. Side A kills 3 players, Side B kills 6 players. Since 6 players equals 600 soldiers, Side A lost 25% and the score is now 75% / 125%. Once one side reaches 200%, the other must surrender and accept loss of title and currency (most likely will be gold). Other options of surrender are cease fire: both sides lose currency, white peace: losing side loses resources and winning side gains those lost resources, and voluntary surrender: loss of title to surrendering side and some resources. Further expeditions Once the title of Count has been conferred, the Count may then expand his land and seek to create another settlement under the same criteria but must have X amount of currency to fund the expedition and must also appoint a baron for the new city once it is completed. Revolt A faction or coalition of cities may form and revolt against their liege (most often a Count) to lay claim to their own leader of a faction to gain the title. If the revolt succeeds, the claimants strip the titles from the losses and the former Count/Liege lord becomes a gentleman of the peerage (lowest peer rank). If enough interest is gained for the RP at this point, I may open up the option to revolt against the King (me in the RP) to sever ties to the realm and further the RP as a whole. Progress As a non-participating player aside from the beginning elements of the story line, I will do my best to write the progress of the RP as well as write in events and changes to the RP as they come along, ie: tornado rips through settlements, X currency was used as funds. I will get input from the leaders of the cities/settlements/expeditions/counties for added drive to the story line as much as possible. How to join the RP I will create a thread outlining the start of a new expedition for fame and glory to drum up the beginning of the RP. Anyone interested will sign up to become an explorer for the expedition, I will have the list open for 3-5 days or until X amount of players (exact amount TBD) have volunteered for the expedition. At that point I will post a second expedition to begin with another set of explorers to settle the second city. The Rules of the RP Be mindful of the Charter when going through the RP. Respect is key to keeping this alive and successful. While not realistic to a set of events, no buildings are to be griefed under any circumstance, but temporary structures for battle may be placed done in the event it takes place. Keep mindful of the amount of time it would take to tear down the temp structures. No theft is allowed. Most resources will be given and lost via scripted events laid down by myself. Some of those events might be “In the past season X city struck gold in the mines and gained an extra 20 gold bars, Y city was raided by a band of outlaws and lost 10 gold. By signing up for the RP, no player is to be killed unless war has been declared AND the players involved in the war are in RP areas (ie: no killing RPers in Spawn or the hub). IF WAR HAS BEEN DECLARED AND YOU ARE KILLED HOLDING NON-RP VALUABLES/MATERIALS IN YOUR RP BASE, YOU ARE LIABLE FOR LOSSES/DAMAGES. It will be impossible to enforce the PVP Code fairly otherwise. With that one exception, the PVP Code will be enforced as before. Misc RP bits I will flesh out more of the RP information little by little to get this ready. I’m hoping to deploy the first expedition in the next week or so given that I can efficiently write up more information about playing in the RP and other aspects of it. Competitions and Events This has been the most common feedback item on the survey I put out a couple days ago and I agree with the feedback. We need more events again on top of just UHC and Steam Sunday. So The first thing on my agenda is to get a spleef tournament up and scheduled before the end of the month for everyone to look forward to. We will also try to bring back the weekend minigames for the games server (games.everneth.com) so we can take a break from the daily grind of building our base on the main server. We also want more incentive to make this current map last as long as possible so these extra events and the next RP attempt should serve to either give a nice break or a renewed purpose to play on the main server. Awards I mentioned earlier about the Privy Council, while its not completely formed yet, I am receiving nominations for June as of tonight from Par and the members of Int. Hopefully by the months end the PC will be able to take the reigns in handling medals from there on out. In Closing This has got to be my longest post in the entire 4 years I’ve been managing and leading a community but it has been a while since I’ve had this much to say and this much to try out. I can’t stress enough my enjoyment in seeing you all have a great time here. We get our fair share of grefiers, the occasional and sometimes too frequent theft here and there, but all in all its been a great experience for me as the owner of Everneth and I hope we continue to succeed as a community together for the time to come. I hope that these changes and the new RP aren’t too confusing for everyone and its also my hope that they will help move us forward and create a much more fun and rewarding experience for you guys. Discussion <3 Faceman Lord Chief Justice, King of Everneth
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    Introducing the Monthly Voter Raffle Starting with this reset and the month of October, we will start a new incentive to get you guys hyped up and voting for our community. To achieve this, I will begin using some of the funds we receive from donations to raffle off a $10 to $20 Steam gift card/certificate to those who vote for us on any server page we are listed with. Each of these listing is linked with a votifier listener and the votes you make for us are tracked and recorded to an internal database. The Rules In order to participate, all you need to do is vote! You must use your current IGN in order to receive valid entries to the raffle. Each vote you make is an additional entry to the raffle. Fake IGNs will not be counted towards your total. At the end of the month, I will take all the entries recorded and randomly generate a number out of the total votes. The number generated will be matched up to the entry with the same number and that player will receive the prize! In order to get the prize, you must have a valid steam account! If the winner does not have a Steam account or refuses the code, I will select another winner. Good luck and get voting! http://minecraft-server-list.com/server/350215/vote/
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    It's been about a week since the attempt on King Sybillian and Queen Chiptzel's life, carried out by Romancia's General Zevi. But what has happened since then, and how can we end this senseless violence? Well, I have had conversations with both the leaders from Romancia and Ilia, DefendPopPunk and Sybillian respectively. After the unprovoked attack on the King and Queen of Ilia, the monarchs decided that those responsible for the attack must be dealt with accordingly. According to my sources, Zevi has been fined and demoted, which the monarchs were not happy with. So, after hearing this, Ilia decides to take matters into their own hands. Ilian soldiers capture Zevi during a quick, decisive battle, ending in Ilian victory. The ISU retreats. Ilia declares that any ISU must be killed on sight, and thus sparks the Ilian-Romancia war. King Sybil has then sent his cousin to try and negotiate a deal with Romancia and the ISU. But, apparently that is not what happened. These negotiations were very deleterious to Romancia and the ISU, and thus were disregarded. Romancia decides to reqrite these terms when Ilia allegedly attacks the Fire Nation embassy nearby. So, the cousin of King Sybil get's her pinky finger removed and becomes battered and bruised, and gets shipped back to Ilia. The Romancian king then decided to remove King Sybil's pinky finger as punishment for provoking the ISU. So, what now? Well, after talking to both Sybil and DPP, they both openly stated that they were interested in holding a parley. The location of the parley will be at a third party location, which will be released at a later date. So, why rehash all of this? Well, you, yes you reader, have the chance to come up with terms for a treaty. Try and keep this as balanced as possible, and just note, that the third party ultimately has the power to write the treaty to be negotiated with both parties. Please, for the sake of peace, try and stay friendly. All suggestions can be placed as replies.
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    Sorry, but it looks like someone just learned how to use the tag feature 0_o ...maybe a little too much
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    We Have a Winner! (And Maybe a Chicken Dinner Too!) At midnight last night, our impromptu Council election - to fill an empty slot left by promoting Zieon to a permanent position, if you hadn't heard - ended, leaving us with a clear victor! Please join me in congratulating: Kaddaschatzi (Kathi) Kaddaschatzi has won the election by a whopping 13 votes, and has now earned the title and rank of Baroness! She is the second person to hold this special title, the first being sunshinemel. Make us proud, Kathi! Kaddaschatzi will be serving as a Council member from July 24th to November 30th due to the timing of the election, as stated by the Charter: Congratulations once again to our new Baroness! May she have a wondrous time serving as a Council member, and may her efforts to help make Everneth a better place be fruitful!
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    @Kaddaschatzi I mean, if you want to believe in things that aren't true, that's none of my concern.
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    I shall sign up too! Let's just hope I can make it this time...
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    Evernethian Council Nominations Our permanent Council member, Mentalistic (or "Mind"), has decided to resign from Parliament due to reasons that are explained by him here. As such, we are obliged to follow the direction outlined in Section 3e of the Evernethian Charter: In accordance with the first point, the High Council has selected Zieon as the newest permanent member of the Evernethian Council. Welcome, Zieon! (Do us proud!) As Zieon advances to the role of permanent member, a vacancy has been left for the role of temporary, elected Council member. As such, we are hosting an impromptu nomination - the three candidates with the most nominations will advance to the final stage of the election process and be voted on in a separate topic. Therefore, we, the Council of Everneth, ask that you reply to the thread below with your Council nominations over the next three days. Please refer to the previous elections if you wish to see how this went last time for reference. Thank you! Place your nominations here:
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    Welcome to Minecraft 1.12, Evernethians! Its one of the best updates we've been waiting for since End Cities were released! Or is it? All servers have been updated to the Minecraft 1.12. So you will need to switch to the latest version of the game. Reach out to anyone you can to let them know the update is out and we're up and running! There are many players that have been waiting for the update to start playing again. You said something about the border. . . right? Yes! If you haven't heard yet, the border will be expanding to allow more room for the update to generate in! This also gives more opportunity for naturally generated structures and so on. The border will double in its size from 10k to 20k. We will probably never run out of land at this rate. The End will remain at 30k. Know of someone waiting to come back? Let them know about the update! This post will also be emailed to everyone here (excluding opt-outs) to inform those who have taken a break or stopped playing to wait for the update. Enjoy!
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    Fourth Passing of the Blades With the closing of the Fourth Term, it is the time for the ceremonial passing of the blades once again. For those unaware, the elections have ended, and Zephyr, Blade of Parliament, is to be passed to EarthCube and Zieon! The Third Passing of the Blades is to be held once again at Spawn, Saturday, June 3rd at 1pm EST (That's tomorrow!). As always, members of Parliament will be passing their sword to their successors, and in the event of an absence the next available member of Parliament will be given the responsibility and honor. I unfortunately can not make it to this event that has become an Evernethian tradition due to a family trip planned on the same day (and starting at 7am no less), however, The Duke and Counts in the High Council have been given the authority to carry on the ceremony in my stead. I hope many of you are able to make it to this event as its been rooted in the fabric of our community as part of the Order of Everneth. What is the Order of Everneth? Seeing as how we've grown exponentially since the last Passing, many of you might not know what the Order is. The Order was originally founded on August 30th, 2016 at the closure of Term 1 as a means of elevating the old "Distinguished Member Medal" to something more meaningful. You may have seen people in game with the Sir or Lady titles. This is the Order's rank shown. To give a quote from the old post: The intention is that this honor is difficult to get. Much like real life honors, going above and beyond is absolutely a minimum requirement before the Order is even considered to be given to someone. Most of those who have been inducted to the Order are past and present staff. It's not secret that its skewed this way, but Staff have been given an extra opportunity to serve this community and those who have been exceptional and representing what Everneth is meant to be have been awarded appropriately. Current Members: StuartSnook GreasyTroll4 rolo_ AmzCuriousPanda Sybillian If you are aiming for the Order, I encourage you to aim high and don't give up. Keep in mind that you need to go beyond the lower precedence awards (King's Cross, Virtuous Medal, et al) and truly make your mark among the cornerstone of this community. This doesn't mean budding up with staff, and simply working silently away at your base. Get involved, engage with people, participate, and contribute in the best way you can. One Last Note In regards to awards: Members of a Ministry are, as of May 23rd, 2017, able to nominate members for the monthly awards alongside members of Parliament. This change was made to extend out recognition beyond the eyes of Parliament to a more grass roots level so that we increase the chances of everyone being properly recognized for their hard work and efforts. The monthly awards announcement will also be making its return starting this month (June) by popular demand so I will do my best to prepare them again for you all to enjoy. Best of luck and hope to see you guys at the ceremony! Glory to the Order!
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    My experience on the server has been simply fantastic so far. Nowhere else have I found a community of Minecraft players that were as numerous AND as friendly as this community has been. The builds I've seen are extraordinary, and even as it is a very vanilla survival experience, there is already a good economy system going, and even roleplay and lore. It's one of the best servers I've come across.
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    A Reset and a New Chapter It seems like only yesterday that we started this current map. We've had some great times, shared a lot of laughs, seen a lot of members (new and old) come and go, and have seen cities and bases rise and fall. But now it's time for the next chapter. Citizens of Everneth, it is my duty as King to inform you that on October 1st, we shall be resetting the map. I know I said before that we would be making a second vote for this, but after Parliament discussed the issue and after seeing overwhelming support for the idea, we felt it was necessary to go ahead with the reset plans. Of course, there are still many things to be discussed and sorted out before the deadline hits, so until then, prepare yourself for news/rikileaks, and some public discussions on how we will proceed. I can tell you the theme for the next spawn though. That theme shall be...NO THEME! That's right, we're going back to the good ol' days of Everneth, and going back to our roots with a free-building theme for spawn. Let your imagination run wild, and may your hands make wonderfully unique buildings for Spawn City. ---<>--- ---<>--- ---<>--- Now that the reset has been announced, there is one other thing that needs to be said. When October 1st and the reset arrives, I will be effectively stepping down as King, and Faceman will be reinstated as King. I know this announcement may come to a shock for a lot of you, but I feel that while I've had a good run, leading a server just isn't my thing. However, this does not mean I will be leaving Staff behind. Face has offered me the position of Duke, and I have accepted. Until the reset arrives, however, I will remain King and will be helping Parliament in the reset planning. Do not think that I was pressured into this by anyone. This is a decision I have made on my own. While I do wish in some ways that I could continue to be your King, I think that for now, the role is better suited for someone who is simply more experienced than me. Until then, I shall remain your King and do everything in my power to make this transition as easy as possible for everyone. GLORY TO EVERNETH! --King GreasyTroll4
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    (Totally did not forget to nominate someone. Nope. Not me. Not at all. Never. Not ever...) I nominate lopp!
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    I gotta disagree with you @Puddles. Unlimited blocks and flying is great but a building competition is about more than just making a nice build. Half the fun of it is actually building it in survival, having your landscape blown up a few times and not being sure if you are going to be able to finish. You have to blend it into the environment you are building it in, so that it looks like it belongs exactly where you built it. I do not think that this could be achieved in creative mode and on a flat world. So yeah please do another one and make sure I can do a lot of landscaping
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    Technological Advancements For all intents and purposes, Technology trees are meant to add more challenge to the RP as well as give more purpose and use to the gold earned everyday. Each technology unlocked has a cost in gold to invest and gives access to further advancing your settlement, your military, and your income. Technology Trees Arcane Magic Level Requirements Cost Unlocks I Wizard Guild 10 Enchanting, Potions II Nether Portal Gate, Full Enchanting Iron Set for 3 30 Nether travel and exploration, Netherwart Farming III 4 End Crystals, Defeat of Pelandria, Dragon Queen of the End 50 The End travel and exploration Military Operations Level Requirements Cost Unlocks I City Infrastructure I 10 Barracks, Armory II Barracks, Armory 30 Soldiers +20 per player, Castle III Castle 50 Soldiers +30 per player City Infrastructure Level Requirements Cost Unlocks I Hamlet 10 Income +1 II Village 30 Income +2 III 10 Total houses, paved streets, 3 total farms, City Specialization 50 Income +3 Industrial Innovation Level Requirements Cost Unlocks I Hamlet, 1 blacksmith 10 Iron Gear II Arcane Magic I 20 Diamond Gear III City Specialization 30 Income +2 Tech Modifiers Each level of Industrial Innovation reduces the effects of weather based damages by 10%. Each level of Arcane Magic reduces the effects of epidemic based damages by 10%. Each level of Military Operations reduces the effects of desertion based events by 10% and raider based damages reduced by 5%. Each level of City Infrastructure reduces the effects building neglect based damages by 10%. Changelog City Specialization requirement moved from CI 2 to CI 3 Military Operation unlock clarification. These are soldiers per player increases.
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    Hello Hello Hello So, I know a few of you guys have heard me yapping on about digging this massive hole in a mountain, and how I shall explain to you my plan. Part 1: Dwarven Cavern For the central bit of my base, I have a 257 block diameter circle outlined, which i will be digging from roughly y=100 to bedrock (and i will be using dragon eggs to flatten out the bedrock). The bottom layer of this giant circle will be (possibly) a flusher mob farm, This would be extremely efficient seeing as the base itself would be a perimeter, and no hostile mobs will be able to spawn anywhere else but that level. On top of that will be a villager powered crop farm. The entire circle will be one giant crop farm, which will then go to feed my villager trading room, which will be positioned somewhere in the cavern, or within the walls of the cavern. The design ill be going for is something similar to this: That being the mostly empty cavern with huge, semi natural looking supports and bridges going from place to place. Within the actual cavern, I'm not sure what else i will build, as I'm keeping just about all farms totally out of this base. I will end up having one of the access terminals to my nexus storage system connected to the central pillar, and thanks to that design, the actual storage can be hidden away either within the pillar itself or along the wall of the cavern. Along the outside walls where caves have intersected the tunnel, i plan to build possible housing for whoever wants to come and chill in the base. I already have DivineBovineYT as a member of the new group, and he has been a huge help in the mining of the cavern. Anyone else who wants to join is free to do so just let me know, i can use all the help i can get with both mining and designing. Just a little progress on the mining. The entire cavern will have something like 5 million blocks mined out by the end of it. Part 2. Farming Base So, as I said i want to avoid cluttering up my main base area with all kinds of farms, and keep that area more aesthetic. After wanting to build one of these since my first map on good ol VanEvo and watching several Hermitcraft players make them over time, I've decided to make a Guardian farm, and around that guardian farm, make a farming district. In this farming district i will have every type of automated farm possible, because the idea of this district is that you can stand in the center and run all of these farms at once (praying that the server can handle it). That will end up including at LEAST: Stone, Wood of every type (though not all at once), prismarine, XP from guardians (not afk cry), food and crops of every kind, slime, afk fish farms and whatever else ive missed. The design for this Farming district will be somewhat darker, im thinking ill use a nether like colour palate. Also, this Farming district will be my only real shop. Part 3. The Afk Shop So as i mentioned in the previous section is that this Farming District will be my only real shop (DAE Inc. Will still exist but its more on an order system rather than a shop you go and buy stuff from whenever). The way i will be doing this is slightly... different. The way it works is that you pay by AFK session. So whether you come for 20 minutes or you are AFK for 12 hours, you pay the same amount, and it wont be much. I will have a redstone system in place to where you and you alone can access what you have been AFK to get, because i know very well what it feels like to have AFKed at a public farm only to find that someone came along and took everything you've gotten. I'm thinking ill use some unique keycard type deal for that, and ill either make one for every player, or have a machine that will spit a random code out that you will have to write down. As a note, the XP farm will be free for all to use, no payment needed. Part 4. The Mountain This bit is... Kinda ridiculous even in terms of what I've already stated. Because of the varying terrain of where I'm located, mountains next to plains next to stone, the circle itself breaks into the air at certain parts. Because of that, and because i think it'll look amazing, I plan to build a mountain. I know it's kinda ridiculous, and it'll take me forever, but i think ill make the build. So anyone who's good at terraforming or like this kind of thing, let me know. The plan is to have it look similar to this: Though scaled down a good deal. I like the way it gradually goes down from the main mountain down to the smaller range of mountains. Also the text in the image isnt mine... So there ya go, thats the plan. Any questions let me know. If you want to help mine you are welcome to, and you can keep whatever you find (just send me a ping and ill tell you where to do it)
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    How to find unloaded chunks: 1) Ignore Dynmap. It's slow to update. 2)Fly to the world border. 3) Look right or left. 4)Pick right or left. 5) Build and go.
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    First off, this thing is biased af towards the ISU 2nd, you refer to the ISU 50x more than Ilia in the Ilian paragraph
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    Cmon korbin, you need to keep continuing the game! Without a new this or that question the game ends. qq
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    A minor but important clarification; After the boat battle, Ilia closed borders to the ISU. The war did not begin until the ISU sent back our envoy maimed and carrying a declaration of war from their side, and we did not attack the Fire Nation embassy - we would've been stupid to do so with our envoy present.
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    It is pretty much just anything that you can do in vanilla. So as gt said, any natural spawners are perfect!
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    I don't know how I missed this build, but if the final result is anything like that screenshot, I'll be amazed.
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    Hi Evernethians! I just wanted to share a little something I made for us all. I was looking for a safe place to mine Hardened Clay without ruining someone's build area or view. I found this spot waaaay out beyond all the Mesa Islands that's on the very edge of the map. I scoured this land mass and didn't find any claims, so I've claimed this area for shared mining use. A Public Access Tunnel to the mining area has been completed. It is in the Blue side of the Nether Hub, middle level. Here's a screenshot of the location:
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    Sign me up, I'll find a friend soon, if not I'll just choose someone from here.
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    Hello! We do have a twitter, as stated above; but yes, it's not currently in use. I, however, plan to change that very soon. With the end of the school year approaching fast we will be able to accomplish a lot more than we have in the previous weeks. You can find the Twitter Page Here.