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    I'm a builder, as are Kathi and several others. Here's a sample of a city I made on our last map (sorry if it looks a bit stretched in some spots, my FOV is at 90, not the normal 70):
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    -King Icarus "Ike" Forde- Icarus Forde is my primary character this season and ruler of the Kingdom of Kingstone. I've had him with me in the ol' walnut brain for five years and this profile is for the version as seen during Season 4 of the Everneth survival series. Born in a floating steampunk* city in the sky during its industrial revolution Icarus's life on the impoverished streets of Zebulus was hard. Child labor and outright slavery were widespread and that, combined with the total-war stance it took against its own people in the countless civil wars left Icarus with a growing feeling of dread for his home. It was only once his younger brother was crushed between two massive gears due to terrible working conditions, that Ike finally decided to incite his own war against Zebulus. With his closest friends from the ghetto, Jodie Holmes -a tomboy with undying loyalty and a violent attitude-, Selphy Fitz -a member of the rich Fitz family who ran away from home and was drawn to Ike's over-confidence and initiative, and Mako Varg -Ike's closest friend and protector- he commandeered one of Zebulus's precious airships: The Lady Valkyrie. At age 19, he was captain of the infamous "Sky Pirates" who struck fear in the heart of airship pilots all around Vennterria. As the Sky Pirates grew in number and respect, they had a real impact in transforming Zebulus from the cruel and desolate city into a flourishing hub of culture under Irashi Heart, the new and fair Wingman (President) of Zebulus. As thanks for their service and sacrifice, Irashi gifted Icarus Forde a quarter of the very same tablet that kept Zebulus afloat, as long as they would continue to serve as peace-keepers and defenders of the new and fair Zebulus. Icarus forged the tablet shard into his leather gauntlets, which gave the gauntlets untold fiery power. When the Mantisphere -a wicked and ancient magical seal trapped in time- began to leak magical energy back into the world, a war was started due to a magical arms race. After losing many of his crew and his beloved airship preventing the genocide of Kalador(a mountain capital city of dwarves), which was instigated by the Fitz family, the war was over and Icarus Forde sore. Without his ship and crew, Icarus was without purpose. Seeing war's negative effects first hand, and with his experience fighting, Agusta Rustero's cause was perfect for him. She vowed to unite all of Brytannia under one banner to put a stop to the endless wars between petty kings. Serving in her Queensglaive for ten years, he helped her unite the Empire and make her Empress. She was a fine queen and Ike did good under her, becoming her most loyal vassal and trusted advisor. But it was still Vennterria. He lost too much here and decided now that the wars were over he would finally have a chance to get away from it all. The Greek goddess of strife, Eris, began speaking to him in his dreams. She was proud of all the discord and adversity he had faced in his life and felt pity for him. She promised that she would gift him the Apple of Discord, and a safe-haven to colonize a city free from Vennterria's dark past, it was a bastion for him and his remaining crew. He foolishly accepted. It was a long and hard voyage across the sea. But Eris was right, this land was very fertile and stunningly beautiful. Using the power of the gauntlet, and the magic of the Apple, they created the famous capital city of Kingstone in eight short years. They quickly razed or recruited all of the minor settlements and bandit lairs in the area until Kingstone seemed safe from invaders. Even Loden, a malicious entity of unknown purpose, couldn't crack the proud stone walls as the defenders valiantly sent the demonic abomination and his hellish generals back to the pit from whence they came. But a few short days after Kingstone was completed, they learned a terrible truth. Donning the Roman title: "Discordia" Eris revealed multiple messages and finally an ultimatum from an ancient empire named "Solis" she had stolen. They contained the truth that Kingstone was built on the ancient ruins of a settlement named Hartguard, and that she had set them up for war from the start. Accepting the fact Icarus had to fight once more, he decided he was now too old to wield the gauntlet in the same way he used to. He removed all but a speck of the tablet from his right gauntlet and gave the left gauntlet to a shade named Nicku Crestshade. He forged 13 swords of different forms and none of them were good enough until he named the thirteenth and final one Brisingr, ancient language for "fire". He forged the Zebulan tablet into it and cut a ruby "trigger" into the pommel. He has since used this and many more magical relics to create a "Kingsglaive" a group of legendary fighters tasked with defending Kingstone and carrying out the King's will. (( Icarus "Ike" Forde is a part of the "Seal of Heroes" universe that I have been working on for 4-6 years now so there is a lot of content that I either forgot to cover or didn't find pertinent. Any questions would be excitedly answered for you and I may be found double-posting or necroing this thread as I remember, create, or experience new content I find relevant or interesting regarding his character. )) *(( I know you hear steampunk and groan, but this isn't the top hat and tea steampunk, it's gritty and remembers the "punk" in steampunk. ))
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    It's always a shame to see people leaving, but like you yourself said, you only played for a few minutes. It sounds to me like you just don't like the structure of the server - which is even more lenient than others, given the fact that our staff members are chosen by the community - and that's fine, but please don't pretend like it's some dystopian terror. It's a Minecraft server, man, none of it really matters and there are much better places to attention grab. You don't need to bring down everyone else's fun just because you decided you didn't want to play on a server, because clearly the rest of us enjoy it. I hope you enjoy your next home more, though.
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    Whats your favorite thing you've seen of 1.13 so far? For me, it would have to be the beautiful colors of the ocean floor!
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    You don't have to label every game in your library, just your most played games. for me i'd have to go with, PUBG, CS:GO, 7 days to die, and ARK.
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    This is a necro I know, but we tried order and it devolved to what we have now. The current system is less of a headache to everyone and allows for more creativity. We will definitely try for better roads tho so we can avoid cramped areas
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    Things have been quiet, much too quiet For a while now, we've been kinda coasting on by as a community. Much of us have been straight up burnt out, waiting for new features, moved on to other games, suddenly became adults, started college, and so on. Some side effects of this has been that we missed out on the last elections and haven't pushed to make amends to this just for the sake of time and activity. Lots of rumblings have been heard, and I'm mainly going to dispel rumors and confirm most of what many of you have already been talking about. So lets get started here with a non-exhaustive list of whats to come. The Discord Its no secret, the discord casts a large shadow on the website. While we use the website as a gateway to the community, its largely a pile of mud that players must dredge through in order to join us. For those that do manage to join us, the mud is so overpowered they move on to a new community. Who knows, we might even make them reevaluate their lives and discover Minecraft just isn't worth it. I have no idea. So whats going to happen to discord? Psych! Nothing huge. Well, not overtly huge anyway. Some channels may be disappearing... Most notably the map development areas. Categories will return very soon for staff areas and maaaaaaybe the events section. Projects will probably disappear. Most importantly however; a new #help channel will be implemented. This was suggested by FearlessPie some time ago and I believe its a good time to try and beta test his plan. #help will be used to contact staff for problems or ask questions. Once these have been sorted, the messages will be deleted from #help to keep it clean and to show our queue of issues. This should help two-fold: you will have a primary point of contact to get staff help and you will see more transparency between staff and players. In a nutshell, treat this channel like a hospital: Only use it when you need help If its empty, no news is good news The reports forum on the site will remain! So don't fret! For those who don't use or participate in discord, it will still be there. About the staff... Again, its no secret that staff has been running on fumes for a looooooong looooooong time. When 1.13 comes closer to pre-release, we'll have people return to play and check out the new content. At the same time, Parliament will be dissolved down to just myself and will form a temporary provisional Parliament much akin to how Everneth began 2 years ago. Once Par has been dissolved, I will appoint 2 barons(esses) for the permanent seats, one (or two if it works out that way) of these Council members will head up the Ministry of the Interior. Then an election will be started like usual for the temporary Council members. As for the High Council, I will be seeking 1 member for the HC position who is more technically inclined to assist with server administration. The goal here is to have the lower council outnumber the high council as sort of a social experiment, as well as put more technical expertise toward the top so that the load is more evenly spread. While the HC member appointed may as well effectively be the Duke, this may or may not be the case. About the map... Without hesitation, 1.13 changes everything and anything to do with water. As such, this means we will start fresh with a new map to get the most out of the new content. Much akin to the previous reset, Par (as much as it is stable at the time) and the Interior will aim for getting basic infrastructure laid out before unleashing the floodgates. One thing I want to try for 1.13 is the addition of challenges. These challenges are something you would find in old survival maps such as skyblock or deserted island such as: build a cobble generator, build a mob farm, etc. The challenges for us won't be nearly as simple since we aren't restricted to a small floating island, but the idea is there. Feel free to toss ideas around here on the site or in our discord. About the site... The site will stay. Its still a bastion of information that should stay posted regardless of what communication tools we use. The forums will stay for now. Some tools to integrate with Steam may come in later on down the line. Some tools to connect your in-game stats may come later as well. Its a slow and endearing process. About the Charter... There are some proposals I have in mind to pitch once Par is back up and running strong with 1.13 coming out to amend the charter. Most notably is the treatment of thefts. Do we want to remove the ability to return items and jump straight to a 72 hour ban? Do we want to forgo charter points for thefts unless the victim of the theft "presses charges" for it? Reason for the consideration is that 62% of the issues that arise within our community are theft related and the current due process for theft is fairly exhaustive and a long process. Definitely something to debate/discuss/rage/shrug about. For sure let me or a member of par know! A couple of them are representing you after all! In Closing We have quite a bit to look forward to. Some changes are being made. The map is getting reset when 1.13 launches. Staff is being shaken up around the same time. If you have any questions, ask!
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    -February 1st, 2018- Figured I should start this post with the results of last times. The twin towers bordering the wheat gate are perfect for covering its flanks and give me plenty of room for sea-watching balistae. Some more decoration along with internal infrastructure needs to be done, but the externals alone give an epic feel and although I might have to mess with some of the arcs, I had a fun time experimenting with the open walls. You can also climb to the very top for a bird's eye view of the city. Next up is the wheat portion of the wheat gate. Kingstone evolves with me, and since enjoying Stardew Valley so much lately, the farmhouse is filled with my character and his wife. The wheat terraces will be a time consuming by satisfying piece of work since it is a lot of organic and terraforming building. Gonna be placing custom trees and resting benches or workstations here and there and make sure that there is enough room in the roads for horse carts etc. The docks will have minimal storage outside the walls since we want to keep most of that protected, the kingdom also insures the farmhouse. Below is a rough idea of how the "terraces" will work. Lots of retaining walls and waterfalls. Should end up feeling really warm, cozy, and little dirty.
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    I personally am a huge fan of modern houses's and making small villas. My ultimate Minecraft goal has been to make a full castle. I wanna design it myself but i also want to replicate a existing castle... (and Hogwarts)
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    @PrincessBubblesYeah, I watched the movie at-least 5 times and every time I watch it I enjoy it as much as the first time.
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    I am a builder, I was apart of several build teams until my build work was done and wasn't needed anymore.
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    With 56k dirt blocks mined and another 45k placed, I'd say I've done my fair share of terraforming myself. Zebulus is a steampunk city on top of a floating island. Kingstone will have a massive tiered castle with causeways and courtyards. And my first build in spawn was 80-year-old-Icarus's cozy cabin. You'll do well here.
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    We have a lot of talented builders on the servers. I myself love doing landscaping and terrain stuff If ya ever want to I'm sure we can collab on some builds.
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    My favorite video game would have to be Pokemon Red, as that was the very first video game that i ever played.
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    Great topic! Games have always been a big part of my life also. Ever since i got my first Gameboy color when i was 6 i have always played video games. With that Gameboy color i got Pokémon Gold (which i still play sometimes, on the same Gameboy color i got back in 2002). But choosing one favorite games is hard! But if i list some i would choose these: World of Warcraft Hearthstone Roller Coaster Tycoon (Original) Fallout 3 & 4 Pokémon franchise (Emerald as #1) Zelda franchise (Minish cap as #1) Halo franchise (Halo 3 as #1)
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    I'd say my favorite would be the polar express because it's the first movie i actually paid attention to what the story was and what everyone was saying
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    Last map I made the Fire Nation from Avatar the last Airbender. As I progressed, I realized that I wouldn't have time to build this on the main server so I never started it. I did, however, nearly finish it on test. Since it never got to see the light of day, I thought I'd showcase it here, on the forums. Enjoy!
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    Oh, shit my boy. Not even kidding I saw that on test and gushed about it to my boys on my discord. The Azula outside was banger too! "Sounds like the firebending's back on..."
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    They say the Desolate One did not fully act alone. Many moons ago, he made a pact with Lord Porter of Ghat. Lord Porter was an ambitious man who had powers that that rivaled the daemon king. When they didn't, he would soon find a reason to add upon his multitude to strengths and become godlike. Thirsty for more power, he led the Desolate One to the land of Everneth to reap the land of its riches. Porter had taken the responsibility of summoning the daemon Formitiis during preparations for the spawn attack. Halfway through building the magic circle, he decided to take a break. No one knows why but immediately he began construction of another project: The Enterprise. It was a large vessel that he praised many uses for. Alas, this too he grew slack on and never finished. Lord Porter suddenly renounced his Lordship over Ghat and disappeared, leaving his many commitments unfinished. The Enterprise grew to be an eyesore and was smelted down for metal in the daemon armory. No one knows where Lord Porter is now. Some say he died. Others say he found a woman at a literature club and eloped. His legacy however has gone to where all the great antagonists have gone, the Recycle Bin. With his absence, the daemon Formitiis withered away in the void and the Desolate Two became the Desolate One.
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    Monthly dispatch-like things re-re-restarted Staff Updates Council Election As the nominations have closed, the vote is now on for the next term of parliament elections. Your top candidates and current Council are Warwolf595 P_Puddles FearlessPie Kaddaschatzi (Incumbent) This vote will last a week which started on November 23rd, 2017 and will close on November 30th, 2017. Once the voting closes, the electorate shall start their term the following day on December 1st. Vote! High Council Changes For a while now, there have been 2 Dukes at the upper echelons of the HC. This was never the intended purpose of Duke as it is meant to be a singular position as second in command of staff and not co-inhabited. As such both rolo_ and GT have agreed to voluntarily descend to the rank of Count for the time being. Dependent on the changes coming in Term 7, I may be faced with re-selecting one of them to regain the role of Duke. For now however, there is no inherent need for a Duke at this time. Community Updates Raffle and Voting The first monthly raffle was a huge success resulting in 271 entries into the contest. With the success of this raffle, I will continue supporting the raffle monetarily. In case you missed it, the first winner of the raffle was none other than Mr_Yogi_Bear. Please drop a quick congrats to Yogi and thanks to all who participated in October! Let's keep this up and keep our community growing! Map Longevity Survey On November 20th, 2017, I posted a survey in discord asking for feedback on keeping the map alive for much longer than are usual time. Most of our maps last roughly 6 months and we would like to aim for a year and follow through with that for the first time in our communities history. With that I will provide some data collected from this survey and let you all know where we are headed from here. The top 3 picks for top priority projects were the Modern City Megabuild with 62.2% favor, Spawn Subway with 48.6%, and then PVP arena with 40.5%. So expect to see these 3 projects scheduled more frequently in the calendar. With the implementation of the community projects, the average response was roughly 67.8% somewhat confident in these changes, 18.9% very confident, 10.2% somewhat not confident, and 3.1% not confident at all. Out of 22 responses at the time of this writing, staff will be investigating these ideas Tour videos More frequent small events Bring back weekly minigames Customization achievements/advancements Weekly challenges that record the top players on a sidebar scoreboard RP events using Dungeons & Dragons style characters that players create. Tellraw lore/interaction and Summon'd entities for events Promote community based projects Better/More frequent vote reminders for growth. reduce pings Resurrect staff from the dead Out of 37 responses, the top 3 events that were requested to happen more frequently were (in order of 1st to 3rd in votes) the following: PVP Battle Tournaments (56.8% response) Spleef Tournaments (45.9% response) (Tied) Generic RP Events & Archery Tournaments (37.8% response) With the implementation of more frequent events varying in size, over all confidence was roughly 63.9% very confident, 27.8% somewhat confident, and 8.3% somewhat not confident. For the reintroduction of a spleef league, overall reaction to this was somewhat split between Maybe at 48.6%, Yes at 40.5%, and No being 10.8%. Overall wish list ideas that I intend on investigating are the following PVP battles that involve invisibility Custom Advancements Underground labyrinths in the game district Haunted mansion as a tour or rollercoaster Rollercoasters Ice Boat Races Community Projects This is an attempt at starting large projects that the community can contribute to as a whole. These projects change each week so that we don't get burnt out with one project in particular and consistently get some change happening each week. These projects will be coordinated by the the Ministry of the Interior and Parliament (staff) and will be led by Kathi and Earthcube. For more detailed information on the community projects and how they will be handled, please check out this announcement: Server Updates The decision and discussion behind moving to Sponge is still very theoretical is not remotely close to being feasible at this time. The major features/plugins we need don't quite line up just yet. Its something along the lines of this: Map - There is a solution available but it is NOT real time. That said, in-game signs on this other map can appear on the map which could be used for base marking Discord Link - There is a solution available much like the current. Permissions - There is a solution available much like the current. WorldGuard/Edit - There is currently no solution available to setup commands restriction by region Until these core requirements are met, we're going to stick with the battle-tested spigot. If you know of a plugin for sponge that's stable and offers command restriction by region, feel free to DM me on discord or PM on site. In Summary In case you missed it, this is a quick tl;dr of recent events: We recently had our map reset on October 1st, 2017 There is now a raffle every month for those who vote for our community We are starting community project builds that rotate every week A couple editions of Roleplay are on the way A survey happened to get your feedback and it was a huge success There is an election going on. Go vote!!! Come join us on site at http://everneth.com and in our Discord at https://discord.gg/0zdTSF2v9w0Ik1tt
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    The intent for this one was for people to have fun building and get recognized/rewarded for it. I kept the theme specific enough for the holiday season, but broad enough so I wouldn't get several renditions of Christmas trees. Winter/Christmas/(other Holidays like Hanukkah) is generally what the theme entails.
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    Honestly there is something about Top Gun that just makes me feel like such a badass after watching it! Like Tom Cruise with the cool jacket and shades, nothing can beat that!
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    Bit of a necro, but just wanted to chime in and say that I think Canada is excellent. I'm obviously pretty biased but I feel very blessed to live here and think that if we continue pushing things in the direction of socialism we will be on the right track to becoming one of the best countries in the world overall in the future.