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  • GreasyTroll4 declared King after King Faceman 'conveniently' died in potential plot for ultimate power. Warwolf595 was soon to follow. To many, 'the end of an era'.
  • Riots break out in the streets of Heuvel as many people dressed in Riot gear beat their citizens to death.
  • The resurgence of the bot 'Momo', popular among young boys, raises questions.
  • Breaking! 3 party-goers found dead in supposed Poolside Scandal.
  • P_Puddles was found strangled to death after he made one bad pun too many.
  • Aaronmango lashes out at Mojang's Lead Creative Designer, Jeb, after claiming the realm of Minecraft is headed downhill.
  • Group gathers outside town hall when city bell rings, riot then forms when they realize it's another call to vote.
  • Pandeoo caught smuggling 30 tons of shrooms, denies they belong to him.
  • Sybillian was banned from all men's bathrooms today after an alleged peeking incident.
  • DefendPopPunk has been reported missing for several months, no one has begun a search to this day.
  • Zieon was spotted cleaving watermelons on his front porch using a bush axe that eventually drew a crowd to view this spectacle.
  • Today EarthCube discovered that he had his identity stolen when reports of a "MarsCube" was arrested in Liverpool, UK and charged with 17 counts of identity fraud.
  • Pandeoo earned a place in Everneth history as his awe-inspiring account of defeating the Ender Dragon ended with his own spontaneous combustion.
  • Recent reports show that rolo_ is still not a huge can, unfortunately.
  • 20JPorter was arrested for the 18th time last night performing a ritual to resummon the demon Formitiis. Bunkmate Sybillian is not amused.
  • Parrots have been rare in the jungles lately; sources say they're hiding from Kaddaschatzi's gaze.
  • The investigation into MoAboss16's supposed "perverted nature" has hit a wall; Kaddaschatzi still swears "he made me do it!"


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  1. Abdication of the Throne

    I, Faceman, abdicate as your King As I have always said in times like this: Timing is OP. I just want you all to know that this has been about 2 to 3 months in the making and wasn't at all influenced by recent events or anyone in particular. I've been a part of management and leadership of this community for 4 years as of today, and in the last 4 months my playtime has diminished to nearly non-existent levels. With those levels of activity, I can't dedicate myself fully to my role of King as I should. With this, I have put through Parliament the means to step down as King, but keep this place alive and running. What on Earth(cube)? The proposed idea is that I detach myself from the game and the management of Everneth to form an oversight committee with the name of Community Relations Council. The goal is to have nonpartisan members that do not play the game nor serve any official role in the community so that there is no existing bias to be had for personal gains. This is the following text in the amendment as proposed to Parliament: To put this in perspective, I am basically the equivalent of a labor relations specialist that comes in for arbitration. If the community has a problem with leadership, I will step in to solve the problem and if needed: remove staff members. This way the community does not have to die out with my resignation and can continue on free from fear of corruption of the upcoming Kings to take my place in the throne. That aside, I am taking a sole technical role, helping the new King with system related things only. I will, as well as any other member of the CRC, have no affiliation with the staff from hence forth and no say in the day to day operations. The CRC and myself will be available for any problems that arise between players and staff and nothing further. So who shall be king? As laid out in the proposal to parliament, I am selecting my successor before fully detaching from my duties. As such I feel that it would best serve the community to name a well-respected player, long time adviser to me and other staff members, and just a plain old good friend to take my place. This player is none other than the one you all know and love: GreasyTroll4. He began playing with this community almost 2 years ago and begun his first run at staff as a Moderator of the VanEvo community (our former namesake) and again began a similar role when Everneth was formalized a year ago. Since then he has risen to the level of Admin and continued that very same level of respect, likeness, and overall friendship to everyone here. He's had his ups and downs like we all do, but overall, I personally believe that he will be able to fill my shoes over time and eventually make his own mark on this community. Its my firm belief that while GT is at the helm, the CRC should never need to be called upon and that alone should be a good sign of faith to you all in trusting him while he gets the training wheels ripped off his bike and leads Everneth henceforth. Lastly, I'd like to thank you all for being a part of this great server, and for tolerating me bumbling through as the owner of such a great group of people. Thank you so much! Glory to the Order! And lastly... The King is dead. Long live the King! Faceman Some guy in the CRC, technical adviser to the King
  2. Treaties Xana <-> Kanada - MDoAP Agreements None
  3. Trade Agreements

    Trade Agreements Once settlements get to the level of Town, they should have a specialization picked out. At this point a settlement is now able to sign trade agreements with other Towns. All trade agreements must be made publicly in the Open World Forum and must include the following clauses: Binding clause that stipulates anything regarding non-agression Exit clause describing criteria for breaking the agreement Recommended to include a grace period to announce X days before the agreement ends Expiry clause (or lack thereof) Towns may not sign trade agreements with other towns that have the same specialization. Each trade agreement will generate additional income and a buff available to both towns in the agreement. The current possible combinations are as follows: Trades Table Trade 1 Trade 2 Result Lumber Milling Wizards College +1 Gold, Siege camp can house 100 players per bed/armor stand Wizards College Iron Mining +2 Gold, +25 Soldiers per player Agriculture Production Lumber Milling +1 Gold, Farms produce +0.2 Gold each Iron Mining Lumber Milling +1.5 Gold, 50 per bed/armor stand increased to 60 Agriculture Production Wizards College +1.5 Gold, Weather based damages decreased for Ag settlement by -25%, +0.2 gold per farm for Wizards College settlement Iron Mining Agriculture Production +2 Gold, Cost to maintain levy reduced -25% Each settlement is allowed 2 trade slots meaning 2 trade agreements. So choose your partners wisely. Trade agreements can be made with any affiliation however, a liege lord may command an agreement to be exited as per their authority. Changelog Initial table
  4. Greetings Citizens, With recent developments among the settlements, His Majesty has written express order for a new county, Tengyre, to be formed. With the rebellion growing at a rapid place, the King has established the claim to be made available to all settlements who would be classified as a Town or above by the King's Steward of the Royal Office of the Exchequer. In the event the claims must be pressed in war, the Crown will be unable to assist militarily. In the event that a claim could be achieved peacefully, please submit an candidate from each settlement with support from at least one other settlement. The Royal Chancellor's Seal First Minister of Everneth (OOC) While peaceful means of gaining claims is available, they are not as secure as those gained from war. Be mindful of this when making the decision among yourselves.
  5. Please stay tuned for an announcement today guys!
  6. Military

    Military When having a military levy raised, your settlement has a new daily cost associated with it: wages. If you can't pay those wages, you can't raise a levy. The cost of a levy is 2 gold per 100 soldiers. Each player in a settlement serves as 100 soldiers in their levy by default. If a settlement cannot afford the gold for the first day, they cannot raise the levy. If a levy has been raised and the settlement can no longer afford it, the strength of the levy is reduced by 50% unless it is disbanded. Increasing Strength afford. In order to increase your levy's strength per player in the settlement, you need to construct military buildings and invest in the advancements of the Military Operations technology tree. Building Soldiers Cap Total Soldiers Watchtower 0 ∞ 0 Armory* 50 supported per rack ∞ ∞ Barracks* 50 per bunk ∞ ∞ Militia Training Grounds 100 2 200 Archery Range 100 1 100 Jousting Yard 100 1 100 Gallowglass Guild** 100 1 100 LEGEND: Gold - Required to raise levy | Red - Must be either be a wing or detached building adjacent from the Noble House *These buildings increase the size of the army you are able to support. In order to support a 600 man levy, you must have 12 bunks and 12 armor stands (loaded with gear). **https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gallowglass While at War You must use the equipment stored in your armory so plan wisely. It may benefit your settlement to support twice the size of a levy you can actually raise just in case you need the extra gear. If you run out of gear or are unable to recover dropped gear during battle, that does not penalize your ability to support the raised army like have insufficient gold would. It is your leader's responsibility to be fully prepared for the eventual war to come. Changelog Initial mechanics Educate on what Gallowglass is Add default soldier amount per player
  7. They will be, you guys will get a handicap for late start such as Military Operations 1 and/or industrial innovation 1.
  8. RP Event #3

    RP Event #3 Kanada suffered a large raid that made away with 50% of the treasury. 13.83 gold targeted - 85%, 2.08 gold lost. Garmany had no report. Income unchanged. Heuvel collected extra taxes from a large fair. +1 Gold per day for 3 days. Xana had no report. Income unchanged. Notes: Events are generated at random with "No report" set to the highest single chance of 40%. No events are generated for settlements issued manual penalty.
  9. Going for a stroll...

    Even a King needs a break Hey all! Recently I've been getting some increased IRL pressures that I need to come to terms with as well as needing a short break away from the helm. Most of the issue remains personal, the other portion is general fizzling out from being ye olde admin. That said, I am planning on a minimum 4 day hiatus away from almost everything (except on occasion steam), and then up to 3 more days after doing no admin work, but available on Discord and Skype. During the break, Warwolf595 will be serving as regent as stipulated by the Charter in accordance to the rank of Duke, and GreasyTroll4 is appointed as Interim Chief Justice for any ban appeals that come in during my absence. In the event that there is an emergency (physical server crash, actual fire, etc), HC will be able to reach me as I will still be somewhat available via mobile. This won't put a hold on the RP as its been managed as a group (which is fantastic btw, im loving the initiative thus far), and if this continues we should be well into the next few days. I WILL generate an event around day 5 of my hiatus but that will be the extend of my activity. <3 you guys. Faceman King of Everneth, Lord of the High Council Chief Justice of the Realm
  10. Greetings Citizens, Blessings upon you all and your houses. I have received a request from the interim leadership of your settlement hereby seeking from the Crown a grant of royal assent on their proposed government. This matter was brought before the King's Council for further advisement, and the councilors have agreed in parallel to my judgement. The peerage title of Baron shall not be distributed among a partnership and may only be granted to one individual of subsequent merit. That is not to say that the settlement may not be independently managed in the King's name, however; a request of dual rule is akin to suggesting open rebellion to this kingdom. Therefore, the request for the creation of two baronies is thus denied. It would be advisable to take counsel in this matter among the citizens and leadership of Garmany. Please await the appraisal from the His Majesty's Steward of the Royal Office of the Exchequer to be presented to the Crown. This appraisal will properly suggest the necessity to the creation of the Baron title. His Majesty's Seal Faceman, King of Everneth
  11. RP Event #2

    RP Event #2 Kanada had no report. Income unchanged. Garmany suffered a large fire that burned more than half of its surplus wheat. -3 Gold. Heuvel's had no report. Income unchanged. Xana discovered a small deposit of rubies and sold them to the Crown. +3 Gold. Notes: Events are generated at random with "No report" set to the highest single chance of 40%. No events are generated for settlements issued manual penalty.
  12. Greetings Citizens, I bring grave news to my loyal citizens of the realm. There has been a rebellion launched against us in the north. Unfortunately our efforts were at a loss and the Lord Marshal has ordered all settlements evacuated for the safety of the people. Those who remained forged an alliance with the the rebels, and out of fear for retaliation by the Kingdom of Everneth, the Lord Chancellor has met with the opposition and signed a cessation of hostilities. Peace be to you all. Signed, HM Faceman, King of Everneth (OOC) If you would like to join the RP, I'd like to get 5-10 more people signed up for this new faction to the north. Please let me know if you're interested here!
  13. War & Politics

    War & Politics The means for a settlement or its liege lord to test their mettle. War comes when claims are pressed, allies enact their pacts, or when a faction gains enough power to revolt for independence. Requirements to Declare War Before any fighting can begin, a casus belli (CB) is required. This is an action or event that occurs to justify war. Valid CBs are an example of the following: A caught spy seeking intel on settlements alliances/dealings Comments/threats made publicly against another settlement/lord Title claimant with enough backing from peers Once a CB has been established, a formal declaration of war must be made publicly on The Open World Forum that include the details of the CB as well as who is being declared upon. Any allies joining the war must also publicly declare their intent on The Open World Forum, preferably receiving a request to join the war from their ally prior. A settlement must be at least level 4 and either elect a commander of their armies or be de facto led by the noble peer of the settlement. Exceptions to this are liege lords ranked higher than those of a settlement. Once War has been Declared Each side will be given a percentage score system. Each player in a faction counts as 100 soldiers, if enough players die that equals 0 soldiers in their total, that side loses 25% of their score. Example: Side A has 5 players (500 soldiers), Side B has 4 players (400 soldiers). Starting scores are 100% / 100%. Side A kills 3 players, Side B kills 6 players. Since 6 players equals 600 soldiers, Side A lost 25% and the score is now 75% / 125%. Once one side reaches 200%, the other must surrender and accept loss of title and currency (most likely will be gold). Other options of surrender are cease fire: both sides lose currency, white peace: losing side loses resources and winning side gains those lost resources, and voluntary surrender: loss of title to surrendering side and some resources. Offensive Requirements Since all settlements are pretty far apart and travelling back and forth from deaths would be excruciatingly soul crushing, it is required to build siege camps for the aggressors to set spawns and hold your armor. The requirements to maintain your levy still apply as listed in the Military thread. Once the War is Over At the end of a conflict, resolutions must be announced on The Open World Forum to inform everyone that the war is over and agreements have been made. Immediately after the war is over, both sides enter a Reconstruction phase and cannot declare war on each other for 10 days as part of a Non-Aggression Truce. This truce cannot be broken. Forming Alliances & Making Non-Aggression Pacts Alliances are made to benefit two or more sides militarily. These alliances are made by the parties involved and once formed, must be publicly announced on The Open World Forum. The details to the alliance are not required to be shared, only the type of pact formed. If two settlements or liege lords seek to avoid all notions of conflict, they may sign a non aggression pact to make a formal promise not to attack/declare on each other. This must be announced on The Open World Forum. Types of pacts: Non-Aggression Pact - promise to not attack or declare war Mutual Defensive Pact - promise to come to the aid of an ally if called to a DEFENSIVE war Mutual Defense or Aggression Pact - promise to come to the aid of an ally if called to a DEFENSIVE or OFFENSIVE war Breaking Pacts Do so at your own risk to fellow peers and other realms. A pact is often times a sign of friendship between two or more entities and may change opinion to fellow leaders. If Declaring war on a group that has an active pact with you, you must formally break this pact in The Open World Forum or otherwise wait for the pact to expire. Changelog Initial draft made. Edited in war requirements for offensive engagements
  14. Buildings & Income

    Buildings & Income Each civilian building in your settlements adds to your daily income. The more buildings you have, the more income you bring in via taxation. Each building has a cap when you no longer receive extra income. (IE: 10 houses brings a maximum 1 gold per day, 1 more house would not increase income) Building Income Building Cap Total Income House 0.1 10 1 Farm 0.25 5 1.25 Market 0.5 3 1.5 Tavern 0.3 2 0.6 Blacksmith 0.5 1 0.5 Town Hall 1 1 1 Noble House 3 1 3 Wizard Guild 0.75 1 0.75 Note: This will be edited at any time for balancing purposes and building additions.
  15. RP Event #1

    RP Event #1 Kanada experienced plentiful rains, producing surplus crops. Income +0.25 Gold for 3 days. Garmany had no report. Income unchanged. Heuvel's levies were raised by order of the Crown to stop a local revolt. -3 Gold. Xana was investigated by the Royal Office of Inquiry for withholding taxes from the Crown, resulting in the Steward of Everneth collecting taxation. -5 gold for 3 days. RP PENALTY Notes: Events are generated at random with "No report" set to the highest single chance of 40%. No events are generated for settlements issued manual penalty. Penalties: Xana found to have used outside resources for their RP progress. Gold penalized.