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    The Order of Saint Vicses

    Preamble: The Holy Rule of Saint Vicses sets forth the rule of life for its members both who receive orders and of the laity therein. The mission of of the rule is to frame our way of life, our means of action, the constitution of our order, and to guide or interaction between daily life, the spiritual life, and to those external to the Rule. Our doors are welcome to all and the laity may come and go as desired. Those who have received Holy Orders will receive high levels of grace in the after-life, however; those who choose to leave their office dishonorably may experience hardship within the realm of the Order. The Holy Rule, The Book of Ardor Put forth your daily lives in sanctification of Aqreus, the Divine Father Honor the Holy Orders, ones House, and Diplomats from abroad Seek penance for sinful acts that would offend Aqreus Be ready to defend your fellow brethren in times of Just & Honorable War To those who dishonor their House and the Holy Orders must seek exile, public penance, or seek honorable redemption in battle Cowardice and desertion are the highest dishonorable actions and may result in death To enter from the laity to the Novitiate, one most swear and oath with the Book of Ardor which contains the Holy Rule and its pretexts To violate the Rule and willfully denounce penance will result in removal from the Order One must act with chivalry and altruistic intent to all except those who are condemned or made enemy to the Order The Holy Orders of Arqeus Grand Prelate - Position Vacant The Grand Prelate is the leader of the faithful, including those of the Order of Saint Vicses. The GP is elected by the Society of Archons, bishops in the rite and heads of their regions. The Grand Prelate is infallible and ceases the office automatically if found to have committed heresy to Arqeus and the Holy Orders, their scriptures, and traditions. The Grand Prelate is also responsible for making calls to action in times of war or existential threats to the faithful. The position is vacant due to the Clandessia Massacre where opposing Oktherian sect of Sphyria raided the Archon Apartments and slaughtered everyone they could find. Archon - Mendil (NPC, Missing, Quest) The Archon is an administrative figure and spiritual leader of their respective region. Archons are given special authority and powers to ordain Acolytes to the Priesthood. In times of special need or circumstance, Archons may be consecrated without approval of the GP during times of extreme hardship, vacancy of the Prelate, and during catastrophic circumstances. Paladin - Positions Vacant The Paladin is a sergeant at arms and holy warrior of the order. They also serve as spiritual leaders and perform priestly duties, cure the sick and exercise the possessed. In the field of battle, Paladins are often command officers and are responsible for the day-to-day war efforts. They must also be the pinnacle representation of the Holy Rule among the laity in order to inspire by action and persuade by word. The Paladins are granted special authority. In order for a Paladin to achieve the Holy Orders of Archon, he must be consecrated by an Archon with dutiful and legitimate lineage. If this requirement cannot be met, then fellow Paladins must unanimously agree and perform the ritual of palladial consecration. One caveat to Paladial Archons is that they may never be elected to the Prelate and cannot consecrate but one successor to their seat and thusly legitimize their holy lineage. Acolyte - Richard Matheson (Face) An acolyte is the last rank among the Minor Orders in preparation for being ordained a Paladin. Typically acolytes are responsible in the introductory instruction of the novitiate and teach the basic duties required of the Minor Orders. These usually entail the manual labor work and spiritual learning that is required to maintain the order and its lands. Many hold the position as head shepherd, head cook, head laborer and so on to coordinate the essential day-to-day operations. Cantor - Positions Vacant A Cantor is also that of a Lector but has the ability to lead the chants during holy services. Often the cantors are personal assistants or the second in charge under an acolyte in their religious duties as well as their day-to-day. Lector - Positions Vacant A Lector is a member whom has officially be authorized to be a lecturer of the holy texts of Ardor. These members may teach and inform the laity according to the scriptures but hold no official office as they have no made their vows to the acolyteship. Novitiate - Positions Vacant The Novitiate are the entry level members of the Order who seek a closer relationship to their people and to elevate themselves in the eyes of Arqeus and their graces for the afterlife. The novitiate enter the Order for the means of achieving the Paladinship but are in no way required to so according to the Holy Rule, nor does Arqeus demand it. However; Novitiates are indeed encouraged to push forward and raise themselves to the Paladinship both to bring honor to themselves and their houses and to become soldiers for Arqeus. Anyone of any race, region, nationality, or background is welcome to enter the Novitiate but be warned that it is not an easy life, for the Rule is strict and righteously so. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= If you are interested in joining the Order as either a lay member or a novitiate, please DM me on Discord or PM me on the forums. The Order of Saint Vicses is a lawful good faction that seeks spread the faith of Ardor to the lands of Evernethia. Members of other factions are welcome to become members of the Order as 2nd Degree Laity and receive Minor Orders and Paladial ordainment, but may not elect the Prelate. 1st Degree members belong solely to the Order and are eligible in the same way as 2nd Degree members, with exception to the ability to elevate to Archonship and electoral power to the Prelate.
  2. Background Summary Richard was born in the village of Ornan, a small hamlet in Queen Jenian's realm. At age 9 his family moved to the colonies and settled in the newly created Duchy of Vandem. From there Richard followed in his father's footsteps and joined the Royal Engineers Corps. Soon after Vandem had wrought its own independence and a newly immigrated knight from lands afar had quickly arose among the nobility. Soon corruption spread through the noble houses and, with little to no choice, Richard was forced to help lead a quiet underground revolution and exodus from Vandem and now settles in Evernethia, seeking a fresh start and to forge a newly opened destiny. In-depth backstory:
  3. Fishy Adjustments & 1.13.1 Hey folks! This weeks Tuesday Update brings some more changes that I felt needed a post in the News & Updates board. Adjustments to mob caps have been made and some plugins have been updated. Water mobs have had their cap increased by 112% Hostile mobs have had their cap decreased by 15% Prism will be deployed to Main. It is currently running on Test. Prism will run side by side with CoreProtect for 7 days. If successful, CoreProtect logging will end next Tuesday Update and Prism will be the primary logger. CoreProtect will be retired after an additional 3 weeks. With the 1.13.1 update we should see some performance improvements but it won't be like 1.12. Both Spigot and vanilla MC have a substantial amount of room for improvement going forward so dont expect this update to fix all the issues. Faceman Lord of the High Council, King of Everneth
  4. Faceman

    End Resets have Arrived!

    The Elytra Well will be Refilled Starting tonight the Tuesday Update will now include more network management scripts and routine housekeeping cleanups. More importantly The End will now be reset! Don't panic! The main end island will remain and the Dragon will not be reset according to the majority vote in the Discord. So what exactly happens in this update? You will continue to get a 30 minute, 15 minute, 5 minute, and 1 minute warning prior to the server shutdown at 11:59PM EST Save-all fires at 11:58PM Shutdown fires at 11:59PM Network cleanup fires at 12:00AM The End Reset runs and processes the dimension at 12:01AM The main island is copied out so that the End Farm, Exit Portal and island are preserved The existing gateways will be reset, though for now even though the block is gone you can still pearl through them safely (see pic below) All the old files are backed up and then deleted The seed of the end is changed Restart fires at 12:10AM That's right. The Tuesday Update will now take 10 MINUTES Be prepared for there to be chunk errors and possible glitches in world generation. Also make sure you are out of the end or at the very least on the main island or end farm. I cannot guarantee your safety with this in place. This HAS been tested but not under heavy load. And with that I hope you all enjoy the new and improved Tuesday update! Faceman Lord of the High Council, King of Everneth
  5. The sails whipped in the wind and the men roared a shanty as the Wintergale soared through the Adrial Sea. Richard Matheson, only nine at the time, had set sail with his mother and father seeking a new wealth and riches in the newly established colony of Vandem. By order of Queen Jenian 1 year prior, Vandem was established under her governorship to expand the empire. The methods to manage Vandem were experimental, having run under Absolute Monarchy for several centuries with swaths of military might to bolster her divine right and authority of the land. Queen Jenian sought to run Vandem with only one government official, her majesty in her own right. Three months pass before the Wintergale would strike port in sprawling Vandem, bringing the then unknown Matheson family to the place of which their fame and fortune was born. James Matheson II, Richard’s father, had taken up arms and joined the Vandem Guard to pay the family’s way through seemingly rough times. With this, he had discovered a talent in military engineering, and soon petitioned her majesty for the formation of the Royal Engineers Corps. Though skeptical of such work being done so far from the homeland, such commission was granted and the REC was born. James was subsequently promoted to Sergeant and appointed lead officer of the Corps under direction of the Captain of the Guard. For the first 6 years, the Corps were met with failure after failure. Catapult improvements led to catastrophic failures and nearly destroyed the Archery Range barracks. Gun powder experiments to improve burn time resulted in the death of two corporals. By this time, Richard, aged 16 and a journeyman under his father, had narrowly survived the explosion. After hearing word of this incent, the Captain of the Guard burst into James’ workshop and slammed him down with inches of the table saw. “You monster of a man! You killed those two lads!” The captain bellowed. “No sir! They knew the risks! They knew it could fail!” James shoved back. “I’ll have you in the gallows for this!” The captain threw James aside and stormed out. What the captain did not know is that James had successfully used that powder test to fashion the realms first stable powder mixture for use in the realms first firearms. Sure that this success would mean those two men would not have died in vain, he quickly raced to Queen Jenian to seek audience. Unfortunately, the Captain had already had her ear when he arrived. “How dare you come here!” Queen Jenian shouted. “Your grace! Please hear me. Those men did not die in vain!” James choked, dropping a package and grabbing his chest. “How could you be so sure, Sergeant? The Captain tells me you deserve the gallows for your insolence!” “Because of this…” James unwrapped the package to produce his prototype iron rifle, bored for 56 caliber metal balls, laden in an oaken grip with a golden inlay. “This will change everything! Higher power and more accurate than the bow. This--” “You can’t be serious, Jim!” The captain interjected, livid and beyond his boiling point. “If you do not cease now, I will cut you down where you stand!” “You’ll be dead before you draw your sword, you fool.” The captain turned towards James, ignoring the repeated attempts by Queen Jenian to stop him, and put his hand on the hilt of his sword. With the swift slight of hand, James had the rifle at the ready, aimed for the captain’s chest, and fired. The bullet pierced the captain’s cuirass, and lodged itself in his lung. Blood began to fill the captains airways and he could do little to speak, his dying breath “Forgive me, pity he who is a fool…”. The incident before the queen had spread throughout the colony. The Man who struck Fear in Her Majesty. Before the Queen Jenian could decide his fate, news was brought forth from the mainland that war with Sphyria was taking a toll on the front, with the realm losing more than 30% of its lands to the enemy. Seeing James more as a tool for war than a criminal, she hastily promoted him to Field Marshal and dispatched the Royal Engineers Corps to the front to train and distribute the new weaponry. Richard, now 18, is left alone in Vandem. His Mother, Anne, had died 2 years ago to dysentery and his father now aboard a navy ship with the REC. His days were spent in the siege workshop under the employ of longtime childhood friend, the newly ascended Duke Meind Masters. The Duke, after the queen’s departure was charged with managing Vandem and was properly appointed the Governor General. For several years, Vandem prospered having endured peace and isolation from the war-torn home lands. This peace lasted until controversy broke out that the heir apparent to the throne had gone missing in action. Soon after, the Queen was assassinated by agents of Sphyria while on route to the front to raise the morale of the troops. With no successor to the throne, the home realm broke out into civil war. Meanwhile in Vandem, Duke Masters proclaimed himself Lord Masters, ruler of Vandem. Given the prosperity of the colony, little to no resistance was offered. He then turned his attention to Richard, and granted the title of Duke and their friendship grew. Migrants from the home realm and lands afar came to the ever prosperous Vandem for years to come until the fateful day, Knight Chronnus arrived to Vandem. Chronnus had come to Vandem seeking its riches and opportunity, having just escaped the clutches of the Sphyrian Legion ravaging the continent to the East. His notoriety quickly earned him a position on the Guard. Chronnus then excelled and flew through the ranks throughout the course of a year, and soon found himself among the royal court of Lord Masters himself, serving as Captain of the Royal Guard answering only to Duke Matheson and Lord Masters. All seemed well until one evening during the courtly supper, that Chronnus had particularly caught Richard’s eye. “I just got word from a dear old friend. There’s a legend stirring among the Sphyrians.” Chronnus began. “By jove, lad! What could it be this time?” Lord Masters prodded. “Some old codger single-handedly wiped out an entire regiment of Sphyrian Legionnaires carrying royal courier containing battle plans for the front. Then this man took this information and wrought fire and stone upon the walls of Hallburg, the Sphyrian Capitol while its men were in transfer to the front to free over 300 men held prisoners of war!” “Does this codger have a name?” Richard demanded. “James of Vandem they say. No word on his surname. I can tell you though he perished.” “What did you say?” Richard screamed. “Yes, sir. Died in battle shortly after. No one knows how he did it, or how many he actually saved or killed. The man is truly something.” Richard was taken aback after hearing of his father and excused himself from dinner. For 5 years the war raged on and James was presumed dead. Richard had written before in the dispatches sent from Vandem to inform his father of his rise to the nobility but never received a reply. Even more disturbing was Chronnus’ knowledge of his death. Surely word would have come to Vandem of such heroics… Why is it now that he hears of this? Over the course of the next month, Richard’s suspicions surrounding Chronnus grew. Lord Masters grew fond of Chronnus’ company in the Royal Guard and soon granted him Chancellorship of Vandem, his lordship’s First Minister. More months would pass as Duke Matheson grew weary of Chronnus’ hold over his lordship’s ear and one summer evening the young Duke pulled Lord Masters aside on the way to their private chambers. “Your lordship, can you spare me a moment, as an old friend?” Richard cautiously approached the ruler. “No need in seeking my permission, friend. We’re far beyond simple pleasantries! What is it? Count Chronnus has sent word from Rengir in the north and I’m not much time.” Masters warmly replied “Count Chronnus? He was only Baron for just a few short months!” “What can I say, the man has a way with the realm! Is that a problem?” “A gut feeling says yes. Something about him doesn’t sit well with me.” “Bah. To hell with your gut. Unless you have something more concrete, we’re done here.” The tone suddenly became firm and short. Masters immediately brushed Richard aside and strode off to his chambers. Never before had Richard’s counsel been some easily cast aside before… Surely there must be something going on! Suspicions peaked when a royal dispatch arrived at the workshop named Richard the royal regent of the throne and Archduke of the land. Such majesty and grand authority were bestowed upon him, but he knew it in his heart that it was merely a distraction, an attempt at placating him and pacifying him to keep him quiet. That night, after the forge had been dampened and the bellows came to a halt, Richard gathered his senior officers: Sergeants Warwick Cadbury, Rutherford Wrennington, and Man-at-Arms Sib Malone to stage the underground. The group of men agreed that a sense of impending doom and tyranny lay upon the horizon and put the Royal Engineers Corps to work. Through the course of three months, a steady exodus of Vandem was underway to the uninhabited lands of Evernethia to the south west, far beyond the peaks of Brom and across the Adrial Sea. The operation couldn’t remain hidden for too long as portions of Vandem became abandoned and run down. Count Chronnus’ had grown equally suspicious of Richard and suspected him to be behind the disappearances of the people. After pleading with Lord Masters, Chronnus found himself Richard’s equal, both Dukes of the realm. With the newfound authority and power that came with dukedom, Chronnus began to investigate, shadow, and intercept communications between Richard and the REC, suspecting his use of the Engineers Corps to do his bidding. Not much came of the messages sent through; most of them contained dispatch orders, plans, designs, work orders and the like. Nothing out of the ordinary. Still Chronnus pressed on searching for the silver bullet to end his demons and one night his moment would come. Sergeant Wrennington was spotted leaving the East Quarter Pub having delivered a dispatch for the inn keeper. Usually this was a purchase order for ale to be brought to the REC. But this famed night had brought Chronnus his long sought-after cache of evidence. Once Sergeant Wrennington turned the corner and his torchlight faded, Chronnus crept inside the pub and slinked into a stool at the bar. The inn keeper took one glance his direction before asking the usual, “What’ll ye be, lad?” “1 pint and that slab of ink you just received from the sergeant…” Chronnus said, his fowl excitement barely held back. “Can’t say I have any paper, lad. Just a drink” “Bring it here or I’ll have the Royal Guard rip this place apart” Chronnus lifted his hood and stabbed the bar with a dagger hidden beneath his cloak. “Oh, uh… pardon me your lordship! Here it is… uh. Sorry. Have a pint on the house!” RM, The last ship sailed. Any others can come freely aboard the Frostbite. See you across the waters. -RW He had it. All he needed to win over Lord Masters and eventually seize the throne for himself. Now for the part he had been waiting for all this time. And behold! He didn’t have to even leave the pub for this opportunity. In came Richard Matheson, Duke of Vandem himself. Oh what stroke of luck was this! “Evening Fendil! Just the usual half gallon if you would please.” Richard jokingly requested. “Sorry Richard, I’m all out today. Please forgive me.” Mathias quickly scurried away to the far room in the pub. “What in heavens is—” “Traitor!” Chronnus brandished his longsword and extended his arm towards Richard.. “Chronnus, I should have known! What brings you to this fine establishment?” Richard broke a smile, arms opened wide. “I could ask the same, you despicable traitor! Where are they!” “Where is who, Chronnus? Put that sword down, man.” “You’ve been behind the population decline! Where are you taking the people of Vandem? WHERE?” “I don’t know what you’re talking about Chronnus!” The pub fell silent, all eyes and ears on the quarreling nobles. “Don’t play the fool with me, Matheson! I have the dispatch!” Chronnus bellowed, raising the note in his left hand for Richard to take heed. Seeing no way to end this dispute quietly, Richard decided to concede defeat. “All right, Chronnus! You’ve got me. I started an expedition with the REC and we’re moving operations abroad. This was meant to be secret so as not to arouse suspicion, but I see that it still has managed to creep up on us.” “Hellfire! You lie to me even with the evidence here in my possession! You’ve lost your way Richard, just like you father.” Richard was caught off guard by such an off-hand remark. Shocked at such a statement he couldn’t resist. “What do you know about my father?” “I know everything you daft little man. Even how he was killed.” “And why have you never told me!?” “Because…. You wouldn’t want to hear it.” “Tell me why!” “I wasn’t always a defector, you fool. It was I who suffered the losses Hallburg and I who slew the madman James!” “How dare you!” Richard drew his pistol and squared a bead on Chronnus temple. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you… How about we make a deal... hmm?” The evil grimace returned to Chronnus’ complexion. “What say you, then?” “Leave this realm with your vagrants. Never return for if you do I will cut you down myself.” Richard hesitated and acquiesced. “We have an accord.” Over the course of a week Richard had stowed the remainder of his belongings aboard the Frostbite, ready to set sail for Evernethia. To Chronnus shock and dismay, more than 200 of his 230 man Guard had abandoned their duties to join Richard and the entire REC. Furious, Chronnus and the his Royal Guardsmen came and verbally accosted Richard in public view. Despite the verbal attacks, Chronnus dare not draw a sword, for he was vastly out numbered in the shipyards. That same evening, word reached the Engineers Corps that Sergeant Warwick had been captured and sent to the dungeons, Sib and Rutherford already plotting an escape for their fellow officer at a table near the water’s edge. “Hold steady gents. “Richard interrupted. “Unbeknownst to you two, I have a hidden passage to the dungeons. My father and I dug it out in the untimely event we were labeled traitors to the crown. We can fetch him there and pray he is still in one piece.” “And what of Chronnus? That bastard deserves to be thrown in the wash!” Sib slammed his hands down on the table. “Easy. I too have unfinished accords with that slime. Let’s go tonight as soon as the sun sets over the horizon. Inform the harbormaster and ready the ships, we’ll be sailing out of port in a hurry.” Richard assured them. That night the sun settled over the horizon, the streets deserted. Nary a rat was stirring as the three men made their way trough back alleys up to the cliffside below Lord Masters Bastion. Richard began to dig his heels into the ground at varying patches beside the cliff, searching for the hidden entrance he and his father had buried a decade before. After an hour of searching he finally hit metal. The three unearthed the metal trap door that lay a few inches beneath the topsoil. With one good heave, Richard pull the trap door open, releasing a waft of stale and putrid air and revealed steel rungs leading down into the passageway. Sib lobbed a torch down the shaft and it fell for a good 12 feet. Despite the uncertainty of the hidden passageway, the three climbed down and pressed through the narrow cavern. Every so often they had to crouch to get through as the ceiling dipped down and raised up at random until they reached a stone brick wall. To the right lay a rusty iron key on a hook, which puzzled Rutherford. “What does this open?” “On the other side is a storeroom that’s usually kept locked up. We need it to get through.” Richard replied while pressing against the wall. “If Warwick is where I suspect, he’ll not be far.” The wall would not budge at first, but soon began to crack where the doorway had set against the real wall. Dust and rocks began to snap and the door gave way into the storeroom. What no one had expected however, is what was to be stored in this room: not supplies, not dry goods, not even treasures. Torture machine parts, blades, collars, chains, spikes, rope, and straps lay about the room, some carefully stored methodically as if categorized by the act they commit, others just strewn around the room. “By the fires! Pity the soul that lost his way in this forsaken place!” Rutherford gasped locking away towards the passage. “Warwick, you better be—” Screams echoed throughout the dungeon and stopped Rutherford in his tracks. Panicking by the horrors occurring beyond the door, he quickly grabbed the key and unlocked the storeroom door and burst into the chamber beyond. In the next room, a bloodied Warwick lay propped up on a rack, wrapped in iron chains from head to toe hooked up to a pulley system to tighten the chain. A hooded figure and Duke Chronnus stood before Warwick and quickly whirled around to face Rutherford as he burst into the room. “Let him go!” “Kill them!” Chronnus ordered as he ran the pulley to tighten the chains. The hooded man charged Rutherford but easily fell to his cutlass after two bouts brought the fateful blow. Chronnus dashed for the gate to escape the Dungeon as Sib leaped to stop the pulley and Rutherford struggled to free Warwick from the chains. Richard intercepted Chronnus and ordered the others to escape. “Not so fast, you slime!” Richard shouted as he slammed the gate shut and locked it with the same key from before. “Draw your sword.” “You think you can best me? Hah! You really are a fool, aren’t you?” Chronnus taunted back, drawing his longsword. “If you wish to die, then I won’t stop you from joining your father! Chronnus lunged forward thrusting his longsword out ahead like a sharp rapier. Richard swiftly parried and slices Chronnus’ left shoulder, blood beginning to seep down his arm. Unaffected by the pain, Chronnus continued his offensive. Up high, to the right, parry, riposte, thrust, up high, block, to the right, parry again. Suddenly Richard was struck with a searing pain in his left thigh. Blast! He landed a cut! ARGH. Gripping his waist, Richard kept defending. Again to the right, parry, riposte, thrust, up high, until Chronnus slammed his head forward against Richard, knocking him back several paces and falling to his knees. “Had enough have you?” Chronnus began to roar with maniacal laughter, filling the dungeon. “Throw down your sword so I can run you through without trouble. Ha ha ha!” Almost as if time had frozen, the room began to slow and the color started to fade. The pain in his waste evaporated and all that could Richard could think and feel was a blind rage. How could someone be so despicable? How could you betray a trust built over so many years? It can’t be over. Not now. And within an instant, time had resumed and the color returned. This time Richard lunged forward and lead an onslaught with Chronnus struggling to maintain his defensive posture and pushing him further and further back. Sweating buckets and dying for air, Richard gave one final swing with all his might that clashed and snapped the opposing longsword in half while dropping the cutlass. Chronnus was flown back against the wall and dropped the broken half of his sword, and before he could ready his dagger it was over. Richard picked up the broken blade while recovering and plunged it into Chronnus’ heart, putting his tyranny to an end. “I pity you and your loved ones, for they must know not of what you truly are.” Richard looked down upon his foe as his breathing became harsher. “By the fires, rest your soul.” Within twenty minutes, Richard arrived at the shipyards shouting for a cast off. Warwick had successfully been rescued and lay below deck on the Frostbite recovering. Sib and Rutherford stood by the bow and took notice of Richard coming aboard. Without speaking, Richard matched their gaze and simply nodded before going below decks. They knew then that Chronnus was no more and set sail for Evernethia to start anew with those who would follow them abroad.
  6. Faceman

    Getting Ready for Season 5

    Getting Ready for Season 5 We're in the final stretch in getting Season 5 launched! The Ministry of the Interior has been extremely hard at work last week and over the weekend and has completed very extensive preparations for Spawn. This has been the most prepared and complete prep work we have done yet in Everneth's history and we couldn't have done it without our extremely talented and highly productive members of the Interior. So I hope the hype train is moving fast down the rails at this point! So lets cover whats going on this week. To address some common information that we get asked: World Spawn will be set at 0,0 for easy navigation. The Map size will be kept under 7-8k and expanding 2k every major update from here on on a trial basis The seed will not be made available, sorry! There are reefs by spawn because this is 1.13 for crying out loud. Lets get into it! The map download could take a while. Its going to be massive! Tuesday, July 24th, 2018 - 2PM-6PM EST The MAIN server (play.everneth.com) will be officially closed down an transferred for getting it compressed to a download. The end as well as all playerdata will be deleted and only the overworld and nether will be preserved. The map download size is projected to be approximately 12GB depending on compression. While this is semi short notice, you'll have the whole world available to you. Once the transfer is complete, we'll get the map ready for its demise! Thursday, July 26th, 2018 - 6PM EST TNT Day has arrived! The Main server will be relaunched in Creative Mode and its time for you to do your worst to destroy this map to your hearts content. To give enough time for people to lay waste to the world, we'll extend TNT into Friday evening until 9PM-10PM EST. Friday, July 27th, 2018 - 9PM-10PM EST Main will once again be shutdown, housekeeping will commence by cleaning up all old data, clearing out our databases that house stats, coreprotect data, and more. After everything has been cleaned up, HC will begin moving Season 5 out of our prep build server to Main. Once Season 5 has been successfully moved over, Par will be given access to test plugins and verify that we are ready for launch. Once we have confirmed all of our systems are in order, we'll shutdown and begin the countdown to our launch! Saturday, July 28th, 2018 - 12PM EST The floodgates will be unleashed and Season 5 will officially begin! There you have it Get hyped, get ready. Season 5 is coming this weekend so you better be prepared to jump right into the new content! Faceman Lord of the High Council, King of Everneth How about this view from Spawn!?
  7. Faceman


    The parliament is the collective name for the Staff team of Everneth. Its formed with 2 teams: The Council (Mods) and High Council (Admins). As part of the feudal theme, Mods are named Barons or Baronesses, a lower rank title in the peerage system. The Admins are named Counts, a mid level rank title in the peerage system. We reserve the rank of Duke for times we have multiple HC members and theres need for a clearly defined second-in-command. I am the owner of the server and sit as its King as well as a member of the HC. Currently their are 2 permanent Mods and 2 elected mods. Something unique to our server is that members of parliament may propose and vote on changes to the Charter which is our ruleset. This charter contains all of our rules, the standards for which our staff is created and managed, how rule change procedures are to be done, and clearly defines a code of conduct for both members and staff alike. This is why our "rules" are so long. Everything is in there! http://everneth.com/rules/
  8. Faceman

    Plans for 1.13

    Things have been quiet, much too quiet For a while now, we've been kinda coasting on by as a community. Much of us have been straight up burnt out, waiting for new features, moved on to other games, suddenly became adults, started college, and so on. Some side effects of this has been that we missed out on the last elections and haven't pushed to make amends to this just for the sake of time and activity. Lots of rumblings have been heard, and I'm mainly going to dispel rumors and confirm most of what many of you have already been talking about. So lets get started here with a non-exhaustive list of whats to come. The Discord Its no secret, the discord casts a large shadow on the website. While we use the website as a gateway to the community, its largely a pile of mud that players must dredge through in order to join us. For those that do manage to join us, the mud is so overpowered they move on to a new community. Who knows, we might even make them reevaluate their lives and discover Minecraft just isn't worth it. I have no idea. So whats going to happen to discord? Psych! Nothing huge. Well, not overtly huge anyway. Some channels may be disappearing... Most notably the map development areas. Categories will return very soon for staff areas and maaaaaaybe the events section. Projects will probably disappear. Most importantly however; a new #help channel will be implemented. This was suggested by FearlessPie some time ago and I believe its a good time to try and beta test his plan. #help will be used to contact staff for problems or ask questions. Once these have been sorted, the messages will be deleted from #help to keep it clean and to show our queue of issues. This should help two-fold: you will have a primary point of contact to get staff help and you will see more transparency between staff and players. In a nutshell, treat this channel like a hospital: Only use it when you need help If its empty, no news is good news The reports forum on the site will remain! So don't fret! For those who don't use or participate in discord, it will still be there. About the staff... Again, its no secret that staff has been running on fumes for a looooooong looooooong time. When 1.13 comes closer to pre-release, we'll have people return to play and check out the new content. At the same time, Parliament will be dissolved down to just myself and will form a temporary provisional Parliament much akin to how Everneth began 2 years ago. Once Par has been dissolved, I will appoint 2 barons(esses) for the permanent seats, one (or two if it works out that way) of these Council members will head up the Ministry of the Interior. Then an election will be started like usual for the temporary Council members. As for the High Council, I will be seeking 1 member for the HC position who is more technically inclined to assist with server administration. The goal here is to have the lower council outnumber the high council as sort of a social experiment, as well as put more technical expertise toward the top so that the load is more evenly spread. While the HC member appointed may as well effectively be the Duke, this may or may not be the case. About the map... Without hesitation, 1.13 changes everything and anything to do with water. As such, this means we will start fresh with a new map to get the most out of the new content. Much akin to the previous reset, Par (as much as it is stable at the time) and the Interior will aim for getting basic infrastructure laid out before unleashing the floodgates. One thing I want to try for 1.13 is the addition of challenges. These challenges are something you would find in old survival maps such as skyblock or deserted island such as: build a cobble generator, build a mob farm, etc. The challenges for us won't be nearly as simple since we aren't restricted to a small floating island, but the idea is there. Feel free to toss ideas around here on the site or in our discord. About the site... The site will stay. Its still a bastion of information that should stay posted regardless of what communication tools we use. The forums will stay for now. Some tools to integrate with Steam may come in later on down the line. Some tools to connect your in-game stats may come later as well. Its a slow and endearing process. About the Charter... There are some proposals I have in mind to pitch once Par is back up and running strong with 1.13 coming out to amend the charter. Most notably is the treatment of thefts. Do we want to remove the ability to return items and jump straight to a 72 hour ban? Do we want to forgo charter points for thefts unless the victim of the theft "presses charges" for it? Reason for the consideration is that 62% of the issues that arise within our community are theft related and the current due process for theft is fairly exhaustive and a long process. Definitely something to debate/discuss/rage/shrug about. For sure let me or a member of par know! A couple of them are representing you after all! In Closing We have quite a bit to look forward to. Some changes are being made. The map is getting reset when 1.13 launches. Staff is being shaken up around the same time. If you have any questions, ask!
  9. Faceman

    i am still banned

    i'll get you set up!
  10. Faceman

    Second Raffle Winner

    The Second Voter Raffle Result In October 2017, I launched a raffle to everyone who votes for our server on our MSL listing. Once you vote, your IGN is recorded in our database and counts as an entry to the raffle. Please note that only real IGNs will be accepted for the raffle. So if the player selected did not recently own this name, it will be disregarded and the raffle will redraw. The winner of the raffle will receive a $10 USD (or native equivalent) Steam wallet code. In order to be awarded the code, the winner must have a Steam account and must provide a link to the account in order to receive the code. Without further adieu, the winner is... GeminiBrian Congrats my dude! Please PM me on site or DM on discord with your information and I will get your code to you as soon as possible. For those who also voted, thank you for your entries and better luck next month. If you would like a chance to win, vote for us! Each vote counts as one entry into the raffle. Faceman Lord of the High Council, King of Everneth
  11. Season 3 Awards & Beyond Due to reasons unknown, (Throne Abdication?, Formation of Privy Council?, Zieon is a bloody mess?), the realm of Everneth has not seen monthly awards in months. These awards are meant to highlight achievements of merit, notable blunders, and outstanding performances by the citizens of this community. Their presence on your profile and beside your posts also helps to commemorate seasons past after a reset. So, without further ado, here are the awards for the closing of Season 3 (June-September 2017) and some awards from the start of Season 4 and their recipients in order of precedence! Companion of Everneth DigitalRocker, hearsay, HelloDoodGames, Fixemega, Zippur, sirignol, MagicDave_, Xmplary, OriginalYT, Sh3mm, _Cash_, Puddles, KiemPlant, Cookeh, livelaughdream, RoscoesWetsuit, Toxic_Crumpets, sofiahana, DivineBovineYT, Gantoxx, freddysee, InchTech, Legit_Flash, korbinyt, LieutenantChip, Pontuzaa, Kaddaschatzi, NuclearPhys, JazziBelle, Ultimatenotch, NeonNarwhal4, AlohaDood, Javious, ENGLuke, JoMiGo, EspioEclipse, HGWicks, LeonGospel, GeminiBrian, Cerium, Toby_Teal, Mr_Yogi_Bear, UltraMoreGaming, Brenegan, DedBoii, SaltyBac, chiptzel, SableVigilante, N0MOARBISCUITZ, Altimadark, ProfessorDangle, Outkast_, BobIce1026, kemari_kemai, Adriano1804, sam8ddd, UnbreakableWill, Empryzz, BurntCobalt, RemyBoyz_, campbell529, AlexSanchez, Jtm12, BenSwift, Blades88, Juice328, BuddahPlayz, Kenner, wagzal, Erkard, wbafunk Parliament Service Medal EarthCube, Zieon, Kaddaschatzi, lopp Beer Award Pandeoo - Absolute Drunk UHC death Javious - Claiming to be best player on the server and dying moments later Purple Heart of Dedication Kaddaschatzi, RashE, lopp Outstanding Build Medal GreasyTroll4 - Raventon Build RashE - Kingstone Build Kaddaschatzi - Kanada Build Outstanding Redstone Creation DauntlessFive513 - Shulker Storage system Virtuous Medal Puddles - Season 4 spawn and Hub Pandeoo - Season 4 Spawn and Hub EarthCube - Season 4 Hub Kaddaschatzi - Season 3 Spawn Ministerial Excellence Medal FearlessPie - Late Season 3 Morgoth_LotR - November 2017 King's Cross Medal Kaddaschatzi, ProfessorDangle Order of Everneth Medal FearlessPie, EarthCube DMost of these awards have been given based on memory (vague at best in some circumstances) due to being very far behind in handing out monthly awards. So I do apologize for those who feel they have been skipped over or missed. I would say though to get recognized for certain items, there are certain criteria we look for. Some examples of the criteria: Purple Heart: Be active in helping players transition from newly registered to pending to citizen. Outstanding Build: More often than not, we consider builds posted in Builds and Map Talk forum to be worth consideration, however; the rest is left up to written nominations. Post your builds! Don't be scared to share! Outstanding Redstone: Same criteria and procedure as the build. Beer: Be drunk and fail Virtuous: Be active in public projects that affect the community as a whole. (Int is a good place to start) If i missed you for the Companion of Everneth award, this could be that I haven't seen you play in a while or i potentially passed over your name in the member list accidentally,. If you fall into the latter category, please PM and I will fix that ASAP! Congrats to all! Faceman King of Everneth, Lord of the High Council
  12. Faceman

    [DISCUSS] Weekly Projects

    This is the discussion thread paired with the Weekly Projects announcement. For those who would like to suggest a build to vote on, our top three candidates from the survey are the following: Modern City Megabuild PVP Arena Spawn Subway ==================== Discuss!
  13. Faceman

    Current NPCs and Bios

    Archmage Teraphys The King's royal advisor in the magic arts. Headmaster of the Brimlock Wizards College. Age: 57 Race: Galandarian Profession: Mage, Royal Advisor Element: Lightning, Arcane Nobility: Lowborn Teraphys grew up in the small wizarding village of Moctal in the southern provinces of Everneth. As a young child, Teraphys was a troublemaker and mischievous boy who often set fire to the crops. Rather than face imprisonment for various counts of vandalism,, Teraphys accepted apprenticeship in Brimlock Wizards College under the condition that should he drop out, he would be arrested immediately. During his time at the college, his magic became more refined and manageable.While not the highest performing mage in the college, he managed to graduate with above average markings. Then three-years war broke out between the Evernethian realm and the denizens of Hell when the Demi-god of the Undead, Formitiis, ripped a hole in the fabric of time unleash his armies onto the world. Teraphys grew in favor of the royal court in the Battle of Axel where he discovered the vortex that Formitiis had created and sealed it permanently. Once the war had ended, then Headmaster Paelix of Brimlock invited Teraphys to return as an instructor. Initially Teraphys had refused the offer and returned to serve on the Royal Guard to His Majesty. Two years later, seeking change Teraphys returned to Paelix and accepted the offer. Fifteen years would come to pass until Headmaster Paelix's passing. Upon Paelix's death, Teraphys was selected by the King to serve as Headmaster of Brimlock. Immediately following the assault by Loden in spawn, Teraphys was appointed Royal Advisor of Magical Arts. Field Marshal Mendil The King's royal advisor in military affairs. Top ranking military official of His Majesty's army. Age: 55 Race: Galandarian Profession: Soldier, Royal Advisor Element: Steel Nobility: House of Langham - 4th Earl Langham Mendil, of the House of Langham, was born into a house of Evernethian nobility. Throughout Mendil's childhood, he assisted his father and as the first born was vetted for managing the County of Langham in the southern provinces. At the age of 16 while serving as Deputy to the Sheriff of Langham, Mendil took part in Teraphys' arrest. It was through Mendil's suggestion that Teraphys went to the Brimlock Wizard College and through this they became good friends going forward. To gain honor in the family name, Mendil enlisted to the King's Army at the age of 17. By his father's recommendation, Mendil was dispatched to handle bandits and rebels in the norther provinces. During a scouting mission, then Sergeant at Arms Mendil led a reconnaissance unit that led to the discovery of the largest rebel camp in the region. In the resulting battle the following day, Mendil successfully besieged the stronghold with minimal losses. This victory garnered Mendil a promotion to Commander. Once war broke out with Formitiis and his minions, Mendil was teamed up with his old friend Teraphys to lead the King's Army against the forces of Hell. At the Battle of Oldecastle, the top ranking officer Field Marshal Walcor was killed in a surprise night assault. Fighting demoralization, Mendil seized command and turned the tide of the battle to drive the enemy out of the fortress. While considered a loss, had Mendil not taken command the realm would have been dealt a major blow strategically. It was these actions that led to Mendil's immediate promotion to Field Marshal, the youngest ever in the history of the realm. At the closing of the war, Mendil was chosen as Royal Military Advisor to the King. It was through his recommendation that Teraphys would be chosen as Royal Advisor of Magical Arts. Today he also serves as 4th Earl Langham.
  14. Faceman

    This Month in Everneth

    Monthly dispatch-like things re-re-restarted Staff Updates Council Election As the nominations have closed, the vote is now on for the next term of parliament elections. Your top candidates and current Council are Warwolf595 P_Puddles FearlessPie Kaddaschatzi (Incumbent) This vote will last a week which started on November 23rd, 2017 and will close on November 30th, 2017. Once the voting closes, the electorate shall start their term the following day on December 1st. Vote! High Council Changes For a while now, there have been 2 Dukes at the upper echelons of the HC. This was never the intended purpose of Duke as it is meant to be a singular position as second in command of staff and not co-inhabited. As such both rolo_ and GT have agreed to voluntarily descend to the rank of Count for the time being. Dependent on the changes coming in Term 7, I may be faced with re-selecting one of them to regain the role of Duke. For now however, there is no inherent need for a Duke at this time. Community Updates Raffle and Voting The first monthly raffle was a huge success resulting in 271 entries into the contest. With the success of this raffle, I will continue supporting the raffle monetarily. In case you missed it, the first winner of the raffle was none other than Mr_Yogi_Bear. Please drop a quick congrats to Yogi and thanks to all who participated in October! Let's keep this up and keep our community growing! Map Longevity Survey On November 20th, 2017, I posted a survey in discord asking for feedback on keeping the map alive for much longer than are usual time. Most of our maps last roughly 6 months and we would like to aim for a year and follow through with that for the first time in our communities history. With that I will provide some data collected from this survey and let you all know where we are headed from here. The top 3 picks for top priority projects were the Modern City Megabuild with 62.2% favor, Spawn Subway with 48.6%, and then PVP arena with 40.5%. So expect to see these 3 projects scheduled more frequently in the calendar. With the implementation of the community projects, the average response was roughly 67.8% somewhat confident in these changes, 18.9% very confident, 10.2% somewhat not confident, and 3.1% not confident at all. Out of 22 responses at the time of this writing, staff will be investigating these ideas Tour videos More frequent small events Bring back weekly minigames Customization achievements/advancements Weekly challenges that record the top players on a sidebar scoreboard RP events using Dungeons & Dragons style characters that players create. Tellraw lore/interaction and Summon'd entities for events Promote community based projects Better/More frequent vote reminders for growth. reduce pings Resurrect staff from the dead Out of 37 responses, the top 3 events that were requested to happen more frequently were (in order of 1st to 3rd in votes) the following: PVP Battle Tournaments (56.8% response) Spleef Tournaments (45.9% response) (Tied) Generic RP Events & Archery Tournaments (37.8% response) With the implementation of more frequent events varying in size, over all confidence was roughly 63.9% very confident, 27.8% somewhat confident, and 8.3% somewhat not confident. For the reintroduction of a spleef league, overall reaction to this was somewhat split between Maybe at 48.6%, Yes at 40.5%, and No being 10.8%. Overall wish list ideas that I intend on investigating are the following PVP battles that involve invisibility Custom Advancements Underground labyrinths in the game district Haunted mansion as a tour or rollercoaster Rollercoasters Ice Boat Races Community Projects This is an attempt at starting large projects that the community can contribute to as a whole. These projects change each week so that we don't get burnt out with one project in particular and consistently get some change happening each week. These projects will be coordinated by the the Ministry of the Interior and Parliament (staff) and will be led by Kathi and Earthcube. For more detailed information on the community projects and how they will be handled, please check out this announcement: Server Updates The decision and discussion behind moving to Sponge is still very theoretical is not remotely close to being feasible at this time. The major features/plugins we need don't quite line up just yet. Its something along the lines of this: Map - There is a solution available but it is NOT real time. That said, in-game signs on this other map can appear on the map which could be used for base marking Discord Link - There is a solution available much like the current. Permissions - There is a solution available much like the current. WorldGuard/Edit - There is currently no solution available to setup commands restriction by region Until these core requirements are met, we're going to stick with the battle-tested spigot. If you know of a plugin for sponge that's stable and offers command restriction by region, feel free to DM me on discord or PM on site. In Summary In case you missed it, this is a quick tl;dr of recent events: We recently had our map reset on October 1st, 2017 There is now a raffle every month for those who vote for our community We are starting community project builds that rotate every week A couple editions of Roleplay are on the way A survey happened to get your feedback and it was a huge success There is an election going on. Go vote!!! Come join us on site at http://everneth.com and in our Discord at https://discord.gg/0zdTSF2v9w0Ik1tt
  15. Faceman

    Introducing Weekly Projects

    Introducing Public Works Projects Introduction This was first brought about a couple years ago to our former namesake community, VanEvo, under the name of campaigns. We facilitate a large mega project and get the community involved throughout several phases of the project to vote on what we build, designs to build, etc. This process was a long drawn out procedure and it eventually ran out of steam in the early phases of our first project. So to reattempt this type of idea, we will only focus on one project a week at a time and move on to the next one so that there's something fresh to work on. How will this work? Step 1 - Discovery We will be looking for projects from you, the community, to work on. The interior already has some projects in mind but we want to have a specific passion project that the community votes to work on. In order to do this, we ask that you suggest in a build in this discussion thread! Step 2 - Vote Once we take suggestions, we'll put up some of the popular ones up for a vote. If theres already a majority behind one particular suggestion, we'll skip the vote and put it right into the agenda. Step 3 - Schedule If you haven't come across it before, our website features a Calendar. We will schedule the projects from Sunday to Saturday in 1 week blocks and alternate between them. For example: Week 1 is a spleef arena project, Week 2 is a Roller Coaster Project, Week 3 is a subway system project, etc. If there is demand to work on any specific project, the Interior may increase the frequency we work on those projects in the schedule. Step 4 - Claim Once those projects are in place, the Interior will be tasked with choosing land for our builds. This is part of the Interior's special ability to claim land for Parliament / public use. Once claims are finalized, they will be documented on our Dynmap. Step 5 - Build! Help out with some designs on the test server, contribute materials for the build on main, or help in the construction of the project. There is a role for everyone! Step 6 - Get recognized Each week you participate in the project, you earn progress towards a medal. At project completion, you will be awarded the medal you built up to. With each project you will be working on a separate medal. You only need to contribute once a week to earn progress at this time. The tiers are as follows: Stone tier - 1 week participation Iron tier - 2 week participation Gold tier - 3 week participation Lapis tier - 4 week participation Emerald tier - 5 week participation Diamond tier - 6 week participation How do I log my contribution? Contact a member of the Interior or Parliament so that we can make a log of your contribution for each project and make note of your medal progress. All records are being tracked in a shared document among all teams. Whoever does your log entry will inform you of your medal status including the entry. Who is running this? This program is jointly managed by the Ministry of the Interior and Parliament. Management documents are shared among both teams. The program leaders are @EarthCube, Baron and Deputy Minister of the Interior and @Kaddaschatzi, Baroness and Member of the Interior. As such, they have authority over logging and project sites. For any suspicious activity/thefts, please contact a member of Parliament directly for assistance. For any other issues, any member of the Interior should be able to help. How to I keep track of this? Check the site and check it often! Each project is scheduled in the Calendar and will be shown in the upcoming events box on the side bar when you come to the site and login. We'll do what we can for convenience and quality of life purposes, but it is ultimately the community's responsibility to keep track using the website. It is also suggested that you join out discord for use of voice rooms or private calls. Schematica For anyone interested, you are allowed to use the schematica mod with the forge client. Please note that the print function is prohibited without prior approval from HC which is only in extreme cases. While this makes building less convenient, part if the challenge in building is doing everything by hand. So lets build as fairly as possible. Conclusion In closing I would like to thank Kathi and Earth for volunteering their time and effort into taking the lead in this program. I would take the time to make build suggestions in the discussion thread (linked below, needs link) and we'll inform you whats happening next after suggestions come in. Faceman Lord of the High Council, King of Everneth
  16. Faceman

    Question Game

    About as easy as rating the avatar game, answer every post with a question. Try to relate the question to the previous post. IE: Why is the water wet? Why did you fall out of the boat?" etc. Why do boats sink?
  17. This is a companion thread to the announcement here: Congrats yogi!
  18. Faceman

    First Raffle Winner!

    The First Voter Raffle Result In October I launched a raffle to everyone who votes for our server on our MSL listing. Once you vote, your IGN is recorded in our database and counts as an entry to the raffle. Please note that only real IGNs will be accepted for the raffle. So if the player selected did not recently own this name, it will be disregarded and the raffle will redraw. The winner of the raffle will receive a $10 USD (or native equivalent) Steam wallet code. In order to be awarded the code, the winner must have a Steam account and must provide their email address associated with the account in order to receive the code. Without further adieu, the winner is... Mr_Yogi_Bear Congrats my dude! Please PM me on site or DM on discord with your information and I will get your code to you as soon as possible. For those who also voted, thank you for your entries and better luck next month. If you would like a chance to win, vote for us! Each vote counts as one entry into the raffle. Feel free to discuss this announcement in the corresponding discussion thread. Faceman Lord of the High Council, King of Everneth
  19. Faceman

    This or That?

    The game gets a reboot! This one is pretty easy, I start us off with two choices for the next poster to pick from and then they put two options up for the next poster. Pretty simple? So let's go! Granite or Purpur?
  20. Faceman

    Everneth's Seventh Council Nomination: Nominate Here!

    yes you can. I nominate Warwolf595
  21. Faceman

    I'm Resigning.

    I mean, we don't just pull rules out of thin air. About 95% of the rules are born out of reason and circumstance. In other words, they exist because something has happened prior to warrant them. So yeah, this is making some grand assumptions that can't be afforded to make. Even those with common sense will still ask questions that the rules seek to clarify.
  22. Faceman

    I'm Resigning.

    Sorry to see you go my dude. I just want to say that the structure here was built on the foundation that everyone is accountable for what they do, staff included and that anyone is able to become staff through elections. Our theme here is probably what is confusing because we don't have the status quo "Admin", "Mod" "Helper/Spawn Team" names. Best of luck with your search for a new home.
  23. This is the discussion thread for the announcement here: Link
  24. Introducing the Monthly Voter Raffle Starting with this reset and the month of October, we will start a new incentive to get you guys hyped up and voting for our community. To achieve this, I will begin using some of the funds we receive from donations to raffle off a $10 to $20 Steam gift card/certificate to those who vote for us on any server page we are listed with. Each of these listing is linked with a votifier listener and the votes you make for us are tracked and recorded to an internal database. The Rules In order to participate, all you need to do is vote! You must use your current IGN in order to receive valid entries to the raffle. Each vote you make is an additional entry to the raffle. Fake IGNs will not be counted towards your total. At the end of the month, I will take all the entries recorded and randomly generate a number out of the total votes. The number generated will be matched up to the entry with the same number and that player will receive the prize! In order to get the prize, you must have a valid steam account! If the winner does not have a Steam account or refuses the code, I will select another winner. Good luck and get voting! http://minecraft-server-list.com/server/350215/vote/