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  1. Foximity

    Favorite Song At this Moment

    I am a huge fan of music. At this point, it's kind of a no brainer. The concept of music has evolved since way back when. There are so many new sounds and people putting out their pieces. I can say that without music, I probably wouldn't be able to live. I want to hear what your guy's favorite song is and discuss music with the community. I can say my favorite right now is Get Low by Zedd and my least favorite is Despacito. Let me know your favorite and or least favorite song right now. ~Foximity
  2. Foximity

    Matching with brands????

    This is a topic I hate discussing. I feel like it shouldn't be discussed, but I would like others thoughts on this topic. People complain that you should wear all the same brand or go "Why aren't you wearing Nike shorts with Nike socks?" It's kind of stupid and I'd like you to vote in the poll if you think that you should wear the same brand all the time, or if it's ok to wear different brands. My excuse is that you aren't always rich enough to get everything the same. Anyways leave a comment and discuss and vote in the poll. ~Foximity
  3. Foximity

    Sequels. Good or bad?

    Hey guys! I wanted to bring up the topic of movie sequels in this post as compared to my video games post. Obviously, any stereotypical movie person would say that sequels suck. But then I ask you to look at literally every Fast and Furious movie after the first one. I mean seriously, does Vin Diesel make every movie better? Or Guardians of the Galaxy 2, which had a deeper storyline and was a lot funnier than the first movie. For all my horror movie people out there, Friday the 13th had like 11 movies and almost had a 12th this year? I didn't know a hockey mask killer made a movie so good. Wish I would've thought of that idea. And my final example being the Cars series. while I didn't particularly enjoy Car 2, Cars 3 looked so good that I almost watched it, but I had a vacation to go on. So I didn't. Point is, there are 2 sides to every story. I'd like you all to vote on this poll and tell me your thought on movie sequels. And I would also appreciate if you would comment why you made your choice. Love you all! ~Foximity
  4. Foximity

    Are video games getting better or worse?

    Truuuue! I can 100% agree on that. I'm not gonna lie though. Some games are still good. Like Friday The 13th or Dead By Daylight. And then there are those games we hope are good like COD WW2 or Destiny 2. Fingers crossed I guess.
  5. Foximity

    How did you got your name? (Minecraft or Other)

    Ayyyyyy. That's a dope story man. I like to think these names as something just thought up on the spot and you stuck with it, or it has a deep meaning like yours. I like the name man keep it up.
  6. Foximity

    Favorite Anime

    I'm guessing you're gonna watch the death note series when it comes to Netflix then. If you're interested, try watching other animes. You may just find one you like if you stay interested. But if you don't have a crazy amount of time, try watching the shorter animes.
  7. Foximity

    Favorite Anime

    Oh yeah I definitely didn't like the second half of Season 1 SAO. It felt kind of dumb and took away from Asunas character. The second season wasn't that bad though.
  8. Ohh video games, we love you but what happened. It doesn't seem like how it was when Minecraft was getting really famous. Nowadays, I feel like anime have degraded and not as great as previous games. So my question to you all, are video games getting worse, or better?
  9. Foximity

    Favorite Anime

    I wanted to post this little area as a debate. I figure I'd go ahead and put this little discussion out here to talk about our favorite animes. I liked SAO because of the Romance and the action. Please leave your opinions on anime below! ~Foximity
  10. Foximity

    EDM Talk.

    As I said in my introduction, I am a crazy EDM fan. I actually produce music, mashups, and remixes. As of recently, I made a mashup of Poor Fool by 2 chainz and Helicopter by Martin Garrix. Explaining EDM is super difficult to explain. In fact, that's how it is with all music. There are so many layers to a song you have to add to your piece(song). From the drums and bass to the synths and guitar, music is a difficult thing to master. I've just begun my journey into producing and making music, and it's very difficult and expensive. I guess you can say I'm a perfectionist. I want everything to sound a certain way or it majorly bugs me, because then it doesn't take my emotion from me to the song. A lot of people in the EDM community hate on people like Martin Garrix and Zedd. But it's not until you go into the studio or program do you understand how difficult making music is. If I had to give anyone one recommendation to anyone looking to get into music, keep trying stuff out (guitars, programs, etc.) until you feel like you have something that works. After that, just go all out and perfect your craft. As a question, what's your favorite artist/ song? ~Foximity
  11. Every name has its origin, maybe it's just something stupid, or it has a big meaning behind it. In this post, I'd like everyone to share why you made your name and what the reasoning/ origin behind it was. I know a couple of people have based their names, Gamertags, In game Names, whatever you prefer to call it off of bands, family, something funny, or you misspelled something and need $10 to change it but you don't because you're cheap. Here's an example of how I got mine My name is Foximity. I like EDM a lot and there is a youtube channel called Proximity, where they upload a bunch of EDM songs and remixes. I came up with my name while watching an anime called Sword Art Online. A character named Sinon chose the race "Cait Sith" which is basically like choosing your character type in Destiny (Example: Hunter, Titan, Warlock). Heres a picture of that character: As you can see, her ears remind me of a Fox, which is also my favorite animal. And obviously, I took the word Proximity and added the word fox to get my name Foximity. So there it is, how I came up with my name. I'd like to hear how all of you came up with your names. Please comment and let me know how you came up with your names! ~Foximity