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  1. Public gold farm

    Just enchanted a silk touch pick, so all the stone I mine, I will bring over. Where do you want it?
  2. [DISCUSS] What to expect between now and the reset

    Okay, started the new season, and featuring the Everneth map. You can find the playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLU91E6_tGl8N5BLVo3A356G_y29_KYt48 (That's the playlist for Everneth... )
  3. [DISCUSS] What to expect between now and the reset

    Definitely. Trying to work out if I am creating a new channel so I can also feature my ARK gameplay, or stay on the original channel. I will post both or the one the new season will be on, once I know.
  4. Murder Mystery Mansion

    Count me in if you need any help or resources!
  5. Favorite game besides MC

    ARK Survival Evolved. When I started playing it, I thought it was Minecraft for adults. Only to discover, I really like Minecraft more. Well, differently at least. I love that we can build up, or dig down. I wish we could "train" monsters to do our bidding like you can train dinosaurs in Ark, but hey... XP grinders ... love that too.
  6. Favorite Food of all time?

    #1 Eggs Benedict #2 Chicken Fajitas #3 Coconut Curry Chicken (Thai) And NOW I'm hungry.
  7. [DISCUSS] What to expect between now and the reset

    I've missed the entire season 3 server! Bummer. Oh well, looks like we start on somewhat equal footing in a few days. I can't wait. It was time to launch my next season on YouTube anyway... so this is a great way to start!