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  1. MinecraftGran

    Public gold farm

    Just enchanted a silk touch pick, so all the stone I mine, I will bring over. Where do you want it?
  2. MinecraftGran

    [DISCUSS] What to expect between now and the reset

    Okay, started the new season, and featuring the Everneth map. You can find the playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLU91E6_tGl8N5BLVo3A356G_y29_KYt48 (That's the playlist for Everneth... )
  3. MinecraftGran

    [DISCUSS] What to expect between now and the reset

    Definitely. Trying to work out if I am creating a new channel so I can also feature my ARK gameplay, or stay on the original channel. I will post both or the one the new season will be on, once I know.
  4. MinecraftGran

    Murder Mystery Mansion

    Count me in if you need any help or resources!
  5. MinecraftGran

    Favorite game besides MC

    ARK Survival Evolved. When I started playing it, I thought it was Minecraft for adults. Only to discover, I really like Minecraft more. Well, differently at least. I love that we can build up, or dig down. I wish we could "train" monsters to do our bidding like you can train dinosaurs in Ark, but hey... XP grinders ... love that too.
  6. MinecraftGran

    Favorite Food of all time?

    #1 Eggs Benedict #2 Chicken Fajitas #3 Coconut Curry Chicken (Thai) And NOW I'm hungry.
  7. MinecraftGran

    [DISCUSS] What to expect between now and the reset

    I've missed the entire season 3 server! Bummer. Oh well, looks like we start on somewhat equal footing in a few days. I can't wait. It was time to launch my next season on YouTube anyway... so this is a great way to start!