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  1. Shawn_Turtle

    Reset Discussion Thread

    I completely agree with this statement!
  2. Shawn_Turtle

    Reset Discussion Thread

    I am fairly new to this server, and the little time I did have on it, I have spent terraforming. It would suck to finally get finished terraforming my area, just for it to be reset, and have me have to restart it all. Kind of sucks. However, this also means that I have not really started building my actual build, and I don't have a lot of attachment to it just yet. However, there are many people that HAS started their builds and gotten quite far in their endeavors. Many people are extremely attached to their builds, and spent so long on them. However, this may mean that they are, for a lack of a better word, "sick" of it, and would like a fresh start (but they could always just make a new nether tunnel, or continue their current one, and start a new project some place else). If I'm being completely honest with everyone, most of the people that are on this server are builders, and dare-I-say they are quite damn good at it. If we were to reset the world, people would be focusing a lot more on grinding, mining, getting food, etc. If we were to not reset the map, people would be able to focus more on their builds and projects. And if we were to reset the world, I feel like it would be a big " *&^! you " to all the hard work that we have spent on our builds and projects. Having other people in mind, I would hate to see all that hard work go to waste. So I would personally prefer to NOT have the server reset. However, since I am fairly new to this server, I personally would not be upset if it were to be reset.
  3. Shawn_Turtle

    Everneth's Sixth Council Nomination

    I agree with Lopp. He is an amazing player! Helpful and kind. Amazing at building. Super helpful around with the server as a whole! An all around good man. No one more deserving.
  4. Shawn_Turtle

    Favorite Song At this Moment

    Goosebumps by Meghan Trainor! I have always hated her and her music, then when I found this song, I fell in love. I decided to listen to more of her art, and turns out... she isn't that bad! "I get goose! I get bumps!"