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  1. Do you play any musical instruments? I play guitar sometimes. What about you?
  2. Aneemachenn

    Question Game

    Why should i do that if I think I shouldn't do that?
  3. Aneemachenn

    How did you got your name? (Minecraft or Other)

    So, I was playing with "OmNomNyaN" nickname and talking to some little guy (maybe 8 years old) and he couldn't pronounce my nickname right, So instead of "OmNomNyaN" he just shouted "ANIMACHEN". I thought that's good nickname, corrected it a little and kept it.
  4. Aneemachenn

    Would you rather?

    I would rather lose an eye. Always wanted to wear an eyepatch. Would you rather always be sleepy or always be hungry?
  5. Aneemachenn

    If you could annoy the MC community in 1 sentence

    Digger online is better
  6. Aneemachenn

    Favorite Song At this Moment

    Alyans - Na Zare ( Alliance - at dawn)
  7. Aneemachenn

    How did you find out about Minecraft?

    I found out of minecraft because of team of youtubers. Sometimes i watch their videos and cry because of nostalgia