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  1. Do you play any musical instruments? I play guitar sometimes. What about you?
  2. Question Game

    Why should i do that if I think I shouldn't do that?
  3. How did you got your name? (Minecraft or Other)

    So, I was playing with "OmNomNyaN" nickname and talking to some little guy (maybe 8 years old) and he couldn't pronounce my nickname right, So instead of "OmNomNyaN" he just shouted "ANIMACHEN". I thought that's good nickname, corrected it a little and kept it.
  4. Would you rather?

    I would rather lose an eye. Always wanted to wear an eyepatch. Would you rather always be sleepy or always be hungry?
  5. If you could annoy the MC community in 1 sentence

    Digger online is better
  6. Favorite Song At this Moment

    Alyans - Na Zare ( Alliance - at dawn)
  7. How did you find out about Minecraft?

    I found out of minecraft because of team of youtubers. Sometimes i watch their videos and cry because of nostalgia