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  1. Gorr

    Redstone Sawmill (For the RP)

    Wow, that build is so cute. I think it's really great idea!
  2. Gorr

    Your first version

    From which version did you start playing Minecraft? For me, it was 1.8 beta.
  3. Gorr

    Would you rather?

    I would raather always be hungry. (Because I don't eat anything) Would you rather be killer or be victim?
  4. Gorr

    How did you find out about Minecraft?

    I found out about Minecraft from a one of Russian's youtubers It was 2012, and I fell in love with this game. It's really interesting idea, you may built what do you want
  5. Gorr

    Favorite Song At this Moment

    Recently I learned about Skeeter Davis. Now she is one of my favorites singer. As well, I like Eminem songs