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  1. Teagles_

    Tea & Crumpets Wedding

    Greetings everyone! You are invited to the a wedding between ToxicCrumpets and Teagles_. It will occur on Sunday, August 27th at 3:00 EST (UTC-5:00) and the site can be reached by following the signs found at the center of the nether hub. The priest will be Puddles, the best man will be Puddles, and the maid of honor will be Kathi. Lopp will be the flower girl if he can make it, otherwise it will be Kathi. Wedding gifts are appreciated! Hope to see you there!
  2. Teagles_

    Favorite Story-Based Game of All Time?

    Yeah, I've seen some stuff about those. Bruma looks cool, but the only thing I'm worried about is whether you'll still be able to do the 1000mph skooma glitch or the superjumps. Those videos are hilarious. My computer doesn't run Skyrim mods very well for whatever reason though ,so I'm sure a whole new world (cue Aladdin) wouldn't help.
  3. As the great Faceman once said, "This is about as easy as it gets with forum games. Rate/roast my avatar to get started, and the next poster will get his rated!" Link to original post: http://everneth.com/forums/topic/590-rate-the-avatar-above/ 10/10, can't go wrong with Oddish.
  4. Teagles_

    Favorite Story-Based Game of All Time?

    I haven't played any of the first four Elder Scrolls games but I did enjoy Skyrim a lot and I'm re-enjoying it with the remastered version cause why not. If the Pokemon franchise are a story-based games, then it would probably be Platinum, pretty much my first video game experience (Giratina was super cool). I can't wait to see where TES6 is set when they tease it in about 17 years.
  5. Teagles_

    Mob Muesum

    I could help you design/build it if I get accepted. If not, good luck! (Especially with the ghast)
  6. Teagles_

    Favorite Song At this Moment

    I like a lot of Imagine Dragons songs and so when Believer came out it was like heaven. I'm not a huge fan of some of the ones in the new album, though.
  7. Teagles_

    How did you got your name? (Minecraft or Other)

    My OG name was "captaincr33per" (i was like 8 or 9 don't judge) but once name changing came out I changed it to CaptainCr33per and just recently (3-4 months) I was watching a Sips stream and he mentioned it (one of the donator's name) and I liked it so I stole it.
  8. Why are the graphics so bad?
  9. Teagles_

    Question: RP

    OK, thank you!
  10. Is the RP required? Do I have to do the City Infrastructure I, II, III thing? Or can I just peacefully live on my own little island? Thanks.
  11. Teagles_

    Would you rather?

    I'd have a bunch of toothpicks shot at me. I don't think it would hurt that much. Would you rather eat 200 burgers in 1 hour or 50 salads in 1 hour?
  12. Teagles_

    This or That?

    Darkrai, because Victini (quoting the wiki here) "Has been shown to enjoy eating macarons, although it sometimes chokes on them." Summer or Winter?
  13. Teagles_

    Question Game

    When did this thread start asking philosophical questions when it started out with a boat?
  14. Teagles_

    How did you come across Minecraft

    My brother was watching some youtube videos about it and he thought it'd be interesting to try out. Best $26.95 I've ever spent.