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  1. This or That?

    Country, for me at least. I don't like the sounds and lights of the city. Live in a tree or live underground?
  2. Question Game

    What if the pikachu considers US Pokémon?
  3. Reset Discussion Thread

    Personally, i still haven't played, so my opinion doesn't really reflect people individually, but from my experience in SMP's, a map reset will generally, at first, demotivate people and cause them to be less active, but will eventually get them much more excited to play on the server.
  4. When Did You Join?

    Learned about MC through my older brother, he used to play around InfDev, then stopped, then played a lot after alpha had just finished and they were going onto beta. Have to say, serious this time, Beta 1.9, the famed adventure update.
  5. Favorite Food of all time?

    Parents call me an "equal opportunity eater" lol anything as long as it tastes good
  6. Favorite game besides MC

    Has to be CSGO. everyday.
  7. What's the most under-rated block

    end stone, kinda ugly but can look really good in certain themes.
  8. What's your favorite minecraft update

    i remember i was still playing on 1.6 when 1.8 was out, i was just to lazy to update lol. But ma favorite update was 1.7.10 cause i loved having hunger that ran out in like 5 seconds of just standing.
  9. Would you rather play Roblox, or Minecraft?

    mc, playing roblox is like watching a cringe compilation.
  10. This or That?

    Summer, cause theres no school duh Fall or Autumn?
  11. Question Game

    what if philosophy is just a trick made by a giant pikachu who controls everyone?
  12. Rate the avatar above revival

    200/10 wonderful and perfect it represents the essence of life duuuuuudeeeee