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  1. JishuwaDun

    How did you got your name? (Minecraft or Other)

    My original Minecraft name was Djreilly2003. This is the first intial of my first and middle name combined and my last name and birth year. Now it's JishuwaDun, one of the two members of Twenty One Pilots, my favorite band. (except his name is Joshua Dun)
  2. JishuwaDun

    Do you play any musical instruments?

    I tried to play the ukulele. It didn't work. But I'm going to be taking a piano class in school this year so I'm very excited about that!
  3. JishuwaDun

    Your first version

    Mine was 1.7.10. Just about 3 years ago. What a shocker that i've been playing this long. At first i hated it, i had no idea what to do! But now look at me, i still have no idea what to do....
  4. JishuwaDun

    Favorite Band Or Artist?

    Hello people of the earth. I'm very new to this community and would like to know what music you listen to. Not just your favorite song, which i find quite hard to do, but that one artist or band that just sticks out to you. Mine is twenty one pilots. I love them with all of my heart. What's your favorite band or artist?
  5. JishuwaDun

    Favorite Song At this Moment

    My favorite song is by far Truce by twenty one pilots. It will never be on the radio, it will never ever be heard by most people, but it's my favorite song of all time. It just gives me so many emotions and i love it so much. It's helped me through rough times like a good friend. I just really love it, if you ever have a chance go check it out.