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  1. "Who needs a server when you have Realms"
  2. Frn

    Mob Muesum

    How would you do the Villagers in your museum? Would you have only one, one of each color, or one of each profession?
  3. Frn

    Would you rather?

    50 salads for sure, 200 burgers would probably end up with me getting a heart attack. Would you rather get rich from creating a video game, or get rich from streaming you playing a video game?
  4. If you'd like to experience the earlier Elder Scrolls games in Skyrim's modern engine, I would recommend following the "Skyblivion" and "Skywind" projects, they aim to create the third and fourth games in the series with, as I said, Skyrim's engine. I heard they're also going to port it to special edition, but those projects will probably be finished around 2057 when The Elder Scrolls 6 is released
  5. For me, it would have to either be Half Life 2, or The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind. What's your favorite story-based game? Is it a new one? An old one? One that hasn't even come out yet but it looks amazing? I'd love to hear everyone's opinion
  6. Frn

    Your first version

    The first version I ever remember playing was 1.3.2, however, according to Mojang's website, I registered my account on August 12, 2012, which was two days before 1.3.2 was released. I remember being super excited when 1.4 was released because the upside-down and corner stairs gave so many new possibilities to building, and the new superflat customization excited me, giving me more choices for exploration and world creation. To this day, 1.4 is probably my favorite of every update I've played through.
  7. Frn

    Favorite Song At this Moment

    I like music that many others might found weird or boring. The name of the genre is Indie Electronica, and contrary to its name, it's actually a very soft and peaceful type of music. It contains a lot of piano and bass sounds as well as a heavy focus on voice. My favorite song at this moment has to be "SKOTT - Mermaid" and if anybody wants to get the feel for this type of music, I would recommend listening to this song. Hope you like it