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  1. TheSlayerZip

    Favorite game besides MC

    Terraria- 1000+ hours... I think thats a problem.
  2. ALL OF THEMMMM. Even thought i dont really watch movies
  3. TheSlayerZip

    Favorite Food of all time?

    I like all food.. I think thats a problem... D:
  4. TheSlayerZip

    Favorite Anime

    SAO or DBZ are Probably pretty high for me
  5. TheSlayerZip

    When Did You Join?

    Like 2011 is when i started really getting into it.
  6. TheSlayerZip

    Minecraft Accounts

    Well... Noatch. Even thought i have never thought about buy another account
  7. TheSlayerZip

    Favorite Song At this Moment

    Ya see.. The thing is.. I dont lien to music... D: