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  1. RashE (IrashiHeart)

    Why the Disorder?

    Order is boring and cramped. I prefer organic growth over gridlike plots. Makes it more fun to look around and explore. Different strokes for different folks.
  2. RashE (IrashiHeart)

    A Great Empire Expands into Everneth.

    In 1.13 I won't take that break of uncertainty. ... I'll show you a castle, bandit king.
  3. RashE (IrashiHeart)

    A Great Empire Expands into Everneth.

    Figured I wouldn't update this thread until next season, but I am having a bunch of fun working on Kingstone and it's passing the time. I also love showing off my progress and hearing your responses. Since the last post, I've finished the terraforming on one of the castle hill faces, as well as some terraforming for the wheat gate. I attempted to build Kingstone once before but didn't finish it. To commemorate the memories and to remember the build I made a "Goodbye, Kingstone" video. Since I won't have the time this season to finish this great build I will have a 2nd Kingstone farewell video this season, and hopefully, a third and final one when it is finished next season. The first Kingstone video had a very famous field of wheat, and it just wouldn't be Kingstone if I didn't finish this season's fields. I have finished terraforming the ground flat enough for some nice fields as well as figured out where everything is going to go and how it will interact with everything else. Since we don't know when the 1.13 update will come out, I don't know how much more I will finish before the world. I want to at least get the wheat done and maybe some more terraforming on the castle hill. Another reason I am still working on Kingstone even though I know I'll have to rebuild next season is that by designing things now, I can build them faster in the new world, whether I use schematica or just old videos and screenshots. Remember that I won't be building Kingstone exactly the same, since the terrain, and therefore the walls will be different.
  4. RashE (IrashiHeart)

    In game shopping center?

    The current world has a shopping district, and it's pretty popular. I'm sure an automated redstone shop would be welcome there.
  5. RashE (IrashiHeart)

    Vennterrian Magic and the Kingsglaive Curse

    Thanks for reading, you should check the links below if you havent seen them: http://everneth.com/forums/topic/3140-character-profile-king-icarus-forde/ http://everneth.com/forums/topic/3141-character-profile-nicku-crestshade/ http://everneth.com/forums/topic/3133-everneth-but-never-free/
  6. RashE (IrashiHeart)

    Vennterrian Magic and the Kingsglaive Curse

    Vennterrian Magic and the Kingsglaive Curse To even begin to tackle the monolith that is Vennterrian Magic (one of the main sources of conflict in 'The Seal of Heroes'), I want to start with a couple disclaimers then clarify a few terms. 1) Remind yourself to not metagame (cause your character to act in ways that exploit the information they should not have). This information is for players, not for characters. 2) The Seal of Heroes universe is over six years old, and as a result, very complex so certain things might be confusing as I don't realize what I have and haven't given context too. A few terms: -Gem: One of the six gems that fell from the sky, containing god-like power -Relic: One of the five tools that were crafted out of the gems to better siphon their power safely, at the cost of strength -Jewel: A stone, soul, or otherwise crafted 'fake gem' use the mirror the power of the Five Relics to varying degrees of success -Tool(s) of Power: A fake relic, used to exploit the power of a jewel with varying levels of strength and stability Before the events of a Seal of Heroes: Vennterria was a single continent akin to that of Pangea. It was ruled by a single ancient empire, and without even the slightest dream of magic. This was changed when six gems fell from the sky, each one containing god-like power. The first man to come into contact with one was with named Alvion. He died the second he touched it, and the corpse that remained was twisted into an arcane crystalline abomination. This new titanic daemon had the potential to bring desolation to all of Vennterria, and it almost did. Though before that could happen Alvion was sealed away with his own power and the ritual shattered Vennterria. What remained was a mountain of dark crystals named the Mantisphere, it spewed lethal radiation and sucked the life force of anything that came near. Rumor has it, Alvion is still alive, as well as the five brave heroes that sealed him, frozen in time together in brutal combat. Before the ways of the old capital was lost, the remaining five gems were crafted into flawless relics that would allow their power to be siphoned safely. The descendants of old Vennterria separated in order to better colonize the continents and islands that remained, and the five relics were separated with them. Even after centuries of war, they remained in the hands of the five major civilizations: Kalador, Zebulus, Brytannia, Malaka, and Rivergate. During the events of SoH, the Mantisphere became more active, melting down and spewing magic back into the world. Whether it was Kalador discovering jewels in the heart of their great mountain capital or the souls tethered to vessels in Zebulian experiments, the arms race had begun. They were nothing like the original six, but these jewels promised great power, and it seemed like the end of an age. Imagine the horror that they felt when they discovered how inept their own relics were. During the next few years, there were hundreds of tools of power that were crafted, but the craftsmen of New Vennterria were nothing like the old, and they could never quite siphon the power safely. Whether they were instantly reduced to ash or were slowly corrupted into Alvionspawn, the costs always outweighed the gain. While they continued to push technology past what was considered ethical, the Fitz family of Zebulus continued to open and maintain factories built on the back of child labor. In their time there, a boy named Icarus and his younger brother Dale became craftsmen of prodigy, the Fitz family picked up on this and worked them harder and harder, leading to Dale's death. Ike then decided to use his skills to create weapons of war against the Fitz Family and helped to win the Zebulian civil wars. Irashi, the new Wingman of Zebulus, decided to then gift Ike with a shard of the Zebuluan Tablet (one of five original relics), as it was useless to Irashi without a siphon. Ike could never perfect it, but he was able to get close. He crafted them into his leather gauntlets, and it instilled him with his famous fiery power. After the wars were won, Ike and the crew of his now ruined airship, the Lady Valkyrie, decided to swear loyalty to Agusta Rustero who saw his craftsmanship and had him build an entire arsenal of tools of power. With each new success, the diversity of Vennterrian jewels began to be discovered. Each seemed to work in their own unique way and Ike would have to make drastic changes on each tool, and as a result, the power they instilled was always special. The men and women who had the bodies and minds strong enough to wield these imperfect relics were named the Queen's Glaive or Queensglaive. With her glaive, Agusta easily united the petty kingdoms of Brytannia and claimed the Capital City of Aelton, and the crown that came with it (one of the legendary relics, known as the 'Crown of Aelton'). The Kingsglaive Curse With Brytannia united, Icarus decided to leave Vennterria and start a kingdom of his own, under Agusta's banner. When Icarus discovered the existence of Solis, an ancient and hostile empire, he knew he would have to fight again, and without Brytannian support, he would have to break the vow he took within himself and forge his own Kingsglaive. To his relief, a few of his companions had magicks of their own, but they were few and soon Icarus would be forging tools of power for his own kingdom. Just as the Queensglaive, the Kingsglaive's tools weren't perfect. Each time the power of Vennterrian magic was tapped into, the wielder experienced the intoxicating bloodlust and unrelenting savagery that was typical of Ike's tools. It would slowly corrupt the person, driving them away from what they once were. Some even turned into Alvionspawn themselves. But the sacrifice of his glaive bought salvation for Kingstone, and the budding kingdom survived Solisian wrath. Unique Glaive Members King Icarus Forde originally incorporated the gem shard he received from Irashi into a custom made leather gauntlet. These gauntlets had coils of metal cables incorporated into the bottom side of each forearm, using cold welding technology to 'stick' onto surfaces and either swing around his airship himself or pull targets to him. Steampower coiled and uncoiled these cables back within the gauntlet and the impact of them being shot at close range could send targets reeling backward. He had two retractable blades in each fist and finally, each of his gauntlets could fire three mini crossbow bolts from within the fists. However, when Ike implemented the tablet, each of these weapons, as well as his own bodily functions, were greatly enhanced. While under the curse, bright rings of orange and gold form around both irises in his eyes, which increased his reaction time and spatial awareness exponentially. His cables grew white hot and seemed to have minds of their own, acting to his will. The blades had much greater cutting and stabbing power and the bolts would explode on impact. As he aged, however, he wasn't agile enough to use his cables anymore and decided to once again reinvent his fighting style. He crafted 13 swords, forging all but a speck of his tablet into the thirteenth, Brisingr. He gave away his left gauntlet, now useless to him, and taught himself to shoot a longbow. The keyswordÄlfretyas required to fly the Lady Valkyrie gave him plenty of longsword experience and soon he was a master swordsman. Ike could wield Brisingr without exploiting the curse, but when times became dire, he would trigger the pommel and his fiery strength would return. The remaining speck of the tablet within his right gauntlet connected the two tools of power, and he could recall his sword back to him at will, and even teleport his entire body to the sword, however doing so would allow the curse to completely envelop him. His swings could send flaming crescents of explosive power, as his thrusts would create crushing spears of flame. As a result of the curse, Brisingr would glow red hot, and become lighter, and pierce armor more easily. His heightened spacial awareness and the power sent through gauntlet into longbow made him a deadly accurate archer at superhuman ranges and his arrows could even explode on impact. After years of exploiting this power, Ike's condition plummeted. The visible signs of his curse grew exponentially, and while under its effects, on top of the rings around his eyes, his plate armor would glow red hot, burning runes crawl across his skin, and embers encircle all around him. The carefree, optimistic facade he built around himself faded, and melancholy and rage filled it's void. He felt himself grinding his teeth and clenching his fists in unprovoked rage, and the bloodlust never left him, even as he slept. His love for Kingstone was stronger, however, and for his people and his home he always kept the curse hidden while off the battlefield. Ike is in a daily struggle to keep himself from becoming Alvionspawn, and to relieve this he shares his burden with his warhorse, Boris 'the Bold' who as a result, transforms into a griffon. Alfrety also has been known to bear his curse as well, unbeknownst to Ike himself. Agista Rustero is heir to the throne of Brytannia and the Crown of Aelton. While she doesn't wield one of Ike's weapons, she bears a curse of her own. Because of her Rusteronian blood, she was abducted as a child and chained to a demonic spirit. She mastered the ways of sorcery from the women of Tarif, and after foiling an attempt by the spirit to commandeer her body, the spirit vowed obedience to her. With its power and her skills, she became the greatest sorceress since Cartian, and inherited his scythe. With amulet, talisman, and scythe in hand, Agista is a terror on the battlefield. She can blink short distances and become intangible at will. Cleaving lines of infantry with her scythe one second, and tanking magic missiles and cannon shots with it the next. She is part of Ike's inner glaive. Nicku Crestshade was saved by Icarus as a child and has since trained by his side. Her dryad-like shade powers, which she mastered at infancy, granted her control over beasts, which she can command and communicate with at will. For those who resisted her will, she carried a crude stone war hammer, and when the threat of Solis was revealed, Ike forged her one of castle-forged steel. The gauntlet she received from Icarus was modded with a sapphire found in the old mines of Kalador. It strengthened her control of beasts, filled her with superhuman strength and made her hammer light as a feather in her arms, ungodly heavy in the hands of someone who didn't suffer from the curse. While under the effects of the curse, her eyes grow a bright cyan blue, and her horns pull farther out of her skull. Älfrety of Lletya is a young elf, who ventured out of Tirannwn into Human-controlled Gielenor to study magic, in hopes of one day freeing his people from violent oppression and attempted extinction. Taking roads less traveled, he walked and hid all the way to Draynor, where he stayed for two nights before entering the Draynor Wizards' Tower. There he studied, hooded and slouched, fooling everyone with the illusion of humanity. All but one; Wizard Toloram knew Älfrety's origins the moment he entered the Tower. Toloram knew that if Älfrety was discovered, he would be executed, or worse; pitying the elf, he took him into his personal study as a roommate, to lessen his chance of revealing his disguise. Älfrety studied with Wizard Toloram until the human wizards' grey hairs turned white, and he became ill his last time; when the other Wizards of the tower realized they'd been fooled. Älfrety was set to be executed in three days' time. Toloram could not stop the execution in his age or condition, but he knew how they would do it. Älfrety would be sent through the "Continuum Gap", a massive hole beneath the Tower which spews forth magical energy and blinding lights. On the morning of his execution, Toloram gave Älfrety his two greatest possessions: His spellbook, and a crystalline eye. The eye shone green like an emerald, with a pupil that darted erratically from one position to the next. The eye was dubbed by Toloram "The Mage Eye", a legendary magical artifact capable of revealing arcane secrets of massive gravity; It was the third eye of the God Guthix. No longer balanced by its connection to the now dead god, it is simply a fount of unlimited power, assuming you'd be willing to put your life on the line. With these only two possessions hidden inside the rags he was given to wear, Älfrety walked out of the cell, down the stairs, and after a brief hearing, was thrown down the endless, the infinity; into the unknown. "Halt!" called out a voice which rivaled the thunder, "A corpse blocks the road!" But the voice was wrong. The body was only half corpse. His spirit had been bound to the nearest vessel, King Icarus himself, only barely surviving at a great cost. Binding to Icarus also meant Älfrety permanently branding himself with Ike's inescapable condition: The Kingsglaive Curse. From that day on, Älfrety fought alongside Icarus and his strange, fiery magic but also struggled with the wrath and fury that the curse had thrust upon both of them. It incurred Älfrety's normally dormant and bitter hatred of the Human race, and while under the curse's influence, his eyes shone a verdant green only comparable to the Mage Eye itself; eyes blinded by rage, eyes that can see only his people being slaughtered at the Underground Pass, eyes that can only see his people driven into the forests of Tirannwn by bloodbath after bloodbath. How ironic it is that Älfrety fights under a human king, conjuring arcane lightning and dragonfire that would be all but uncontrollable if not for a powerful, foriegn presence. I would like to personally thank anyone who took the time out of their day to read this and know that I respect you more for doing it. I hope you can begin to see the depth of Kingstone and, by extension, Vennterria. I will be glad to answer any questions or discrepancies.
  7. RashE (IrashiHeart)

    !Attention CS:GO players!

    Looks like I will have to shake the rust off. Lucky for you guys I ak like no other, and use all the other guns proficiently. The real fun begins when you put me in a 1v4 and the clutch can take over. Got plenty of fragmovies full of clutches. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adN5VkxLheQ
  8. RashE (IrashiHeart)

    What are the best minecraft mods for you guys?

    Depending on who you ask, you'll get some wildly different answers. If you like tech: Thermal Expansion, Applied Energistics, and Ender IO will be for you. If you like magic: Thaumcraft, Ars Magica, and Botania will be for you. If you like building: Carpenter Blocks, Decocraft, and the Conquest mod will be for you. If you were simply talking about client-side mods you can use on Everneth: I recommend Optifine, Journey Map, and my texture pack that I don't publically redistribute but you can get from me if you PM RashE#6503 on Discord.
  9. The History of Kingstone, and its Future. Kingstone had some very meager beginnings on Everneth. It started with a cobblestone square and my friend of sixteen years. So I was surprised when randoms began to take notice of King Icarus's ambitions and go out of their way to join (Shoutout to Remy and DPP, those willing to put their trust in a nobody and help build Kingstone to what it is today.), and as we were picking up steam, I became very lenient about who joined and didn't have the forethought to realize nobody would actually want to fight us if we covered half the server, after all, I was just enjoying all the new faces. I also discovered on the blood-soaked battlefields between Solis and Kingstone, that I preferred a small, elite group. Late December, Solis, and Kingstone mutually decided to take a break to celebrate the coming of a new year. It was during the end of this armistice that I heard rumors that the server would be resetting at the old 1.13 update (before it was merged with the aquatic one) and even if I rushed to build a crummy, imperfect Kingstone, I wouldn't have had the time to enjoy it nor to hold any decent sized events there. These rumors were decidedly false and even if they were true, Mojang soon announced that the two updates would become one, and as a result, delayed. By this time, however, I had already lost months and months of time, and by then the new update wasn't far off and I ran into the same problems. My love for Kingstone never faded, and I never felt the same Minecraft burnout that plagued the rest of Everneth (even though I've been playing since March 2011 and wracked up easily over 5,000 hours) but Kingstone was to be my magnum opus. Simultaneously the most ambitious and most detailed project I had ever attempted. It was going to be finished halfway through the current world's life, then enjoyed by everyone through events and stories/videos/streams for the second half. And man, am I proud of Kingstone... it has become more than a build. So I've been asked by many whether or not I will rebuild Kingstone during the upcoming world reset and for the longest time it was a stern "No." I couldn't lose Kingstone a third time, I tried to build it before Everneth and lost it before it was finished and for awhile I was resolved to just build it in a creative singleplayer world with the Conquest mod, along with the impossible project of Vennterria. But Kingstone isn't just a build anymore, man, it's a community and my home. During the past three days, we have had two separate events centralized around Kingstone, and in between these events, the build was full of people who weren't even vassals of the kingdom, the population of the server has gone beyond 20 for the first time in a long time. You can't get that in creative singleplayer, and if the next world lasts a good 7-12 months, then I owe it to Everneth to finish Kingstone and continue to keep its players involved in its antics. I appreciate all of you who have taken the time out of your day to come to these events and I hope to see you all in the next world. Kingstone wouldn't be the same without you and while I will be purging the current team of Kingstonians, I will be reopening the application process, now with a more complex series of tests including building skills, lore knowledge, proficiency in combat, and unique character profiles. List of Kingstonians at the beginning of the new world: -King Icarus Forde of Kingstone -Nicku Crestshade -Alfrety of the Wizards' Tower -Arlin of Mirkwood (Remy) (( I am also thinking of renewing ties with DPP and Divine, but since DPP's computer is borked and I don't even know if Divine wishes to continue his journey, I decided to leave them off this list. )) Huge thanks to those who read all this, it was satisfying writing it.
  10. RashE (IrashiHeart)

    Kingstone Siege Event on Saturday 4/7/18 2pm PST

  11. RashE (IrashiHeart)

    Kingstone Siege Event on Saturday 4/7/18 2pm PST

    The second I posted this to the forums and to the discord, I realized I dated this as April 6th, 2016. We will in fact not be traveling in the past two years for this event. This event will take place on April 6th, 2018. I didn't know you could edit post titles and I have since fixed the title. If a mod wants to delete this message I'd appreciate it.
  12. Everyone is invited to join the invading team. This will be a pvp event held at Kingstone found on the first floor of the yellow quadrant in the nether hub, look for the red and yellow eagle banners. All items/beds/builds will be supplied for absolutely free, compliments of Kingstone and FearlessPie. Remember that we are all just trying to have fun. Stick to the rules and be positive! Kingstone is under siege by barbarians. The goal for the invaders will be to slay King Icarus Forde who is holed up in the "Discord Tower". Kingstonians will have to protect the king for 20 minutes. Barbarians will have to emerge from their encampment and storm the walls past an open field. The fight takes place 4/7/18 2pm PST. Winners get a stack of diamonds each. Rules: Infinite respawns Invaders cannot break blocks they didn't place but can use building in ANY way to scale the walls/towers No spawn camping Must follow your team's kit All items will be unenchanted but can be named 1 maximum Kingstonian per 2 invaders (Example: 3 Kingstonians vs 6 Invaders) All players are allowed stone axes Items on the ground from dead players are fair game for everyone, no looting item frames The limits on arrows are at a time All members must respect the southern/eastern border marked in orange on the map below and in orange concrete on the battlefield All players are allowed a shield (Preferably the one provided with your team's insignia) No enderpearls or elytras Kingstonian Kit: King Icarus Forde: Iron Helmet, Diamond Chestplate, Diamond Pants, Iron Boots, Iron Sword, Bow, Three Stacks of Arrows. Kingstonian Bodyguards: Full Iron Armor, Iron Sword, Bows, Two Stacks of Arrows. Kingstonian Mage: Assorted Iron/Leather Armor, Stone Sword, Bows, One Stack of Arrows. Various Potions (strength potions banned). Invading Kit: Barbarian King: Diamond Helmet, Iron Chestplate, Iron Pants, Iron boots, Iron Sword, Bows, One Stack of Arrows, Wooden Blocks (as much as they can carry.), One Default Splash Potion of Invisibility per Round Barbarian Invaders: Iron Helmet, Iron Chestplate, Iron Pants, Iron Boots, Iron Sword, Bows, One Stack of Arrows, Wooden Blocks (as much as they can carry.)
  13. RashE (IrashiHeart)

    What is your favorite book?

    How did I ever forget about ASOIAF? I've read the whole series through a few times now.
  14. RashE (IrashiHeart)

    A Great Empire Expands into Everneth.

    -February 1st, 2018- Figured I should start this post with the results of last times. The twin towers bordering the wheat gate are perfect for covering its flanks and give me plenty of room for sea-watching balistae. Some more decoration along with internal infrastructure needs to be done, but the externals alone give an epic feel and although I might have to mess with some of the arcs, I had a fun time experimenting with the open walls. You can also climb to the very top for a bird's eye view of the city. Next up is the wheat portion of the wheat gate. Kingstone evolves with me, and since enjoying Stardew Valley so much lately, the farmhouse is filled with my character and his wife. The wheat terraces will be a time consuming by satisfying piece of work since it is a lot of organic and terraforming building. Gonna be placing custom trees and resting benches or workstations here and there and make sure that there is enough room in the roads for horse carts etc. The docks will have minimal storage outside the walls since we want to keep most of that protected, the kingdom also insures the farmhouse. Below is a rough idea of how the "terraces" will work. Lots of retaining walls and waterfalls. Should end up feeling really warm, cozy, and little dirty.
  15. RashE (IrashiHeart)

    What is your favorite book?

    I don't read much anymore, but I have a few old favorites. Like everyone, I've read the Harry Potter series which was cool. I also really enjoyed the "Inheritance Cycle" by Christopher Paolini. Also known as the Eragon series, it had a pretty shitty end, but exploring that world and the amazing locations and communities in there was great, as well as a wonderous tale of a world with dragons and magic and war. Funny you should mention books all of a sudden, since just an hour and a half ago I started listening to an ebook titled "The Witcher - The Last Wish". The Witcher series is quite popular and I believe "The Witcher 3" to be the best single player game created. However, I chose not to continue playing since I wanted to read all the books and play the first two games. It is a great thing to listen to while building Kingstone since they both have a lot of fantasy and violence.