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  1. Whats your guys favourite type of base style?

    The infamous quad-post that is a rare one.
  2. Ultra Hardcore Season IX Signups

    Sign me up.
  3. Apply to join the Kingdom of Kingstone!

    We are no longer accepting applicants into Kingstone for now. We ask that if you wish to join the war you apply to Solis: http://everneth.com/forums/topic/3145-official-solis-recruitment-page/
  4. Apply to join the Kingdom of Kingstone!

    With the new year over and the chaos of war ensuing, the time to make a decision regarding the new applicants is now. Javious is banned and as a result, I have decided to accept two members into Kingstone from the five final applications. Kordon has been accepted by King Icarus Forde to rule Kuiken and has also been accepted into the 'glaive. His character showed promise and matched the divine feel we were going with the glaive and I hope he will add depth to the lore and as a member of the interior, I trust he won't get banned anytime soon. Divine has been accepted by King Icarus Forde to rule Lalarian. He has shown dedication in his work on Ravenscar, and his skill is evident. I trust in him to fulfill the most important role as a vassal and finish a build that doesn't break immersion. Might have to talk to work out his lore together too.
  5. Whats your guys favourite type of base style?

    I'm a multi-tiered city kinda guy. If it can't hold a thousand men and defend against 10,000 what am I doing with my time? Jokes aside, my builds grow with the story as it progresses.
  6. Rejoinder to Kingstone

    On the third day of the first month of the new year, King Icarus sounded the horn of council, calling all of his glaive and all of his vassals to the great hall to share the contents of Solis' response. As servants poured ale and fine wine, Ike re-read the degree twice, and three times more as all the seats were slowly filled. There was just one seat empty, it suddenly occurred to the king that that seat wouldn't be filled tonight. He cleared his throat and stood. A single right hand on the shining red pommel of Brisingr. "It appears we won't be needing to send yesterday's document to Solis after all. They have, late as usual, decided to humor us." Immediately there were some outbursts. Some declared this document came too late, others laughed, the rest sighed in relief or didn't react at all. Ike rose a hand to silence them, continuing: "The war continues. They call our efforts for peace in this meaningless war 'arrogance'. They were wise, however, and respected both our demands. The haven we earned this new year is quickly ending, and we must prepare ourselves for more conflict. This is still a defensive war for our home. We imagine they will send out another offensive, this time, more cautious. My greatest masons and carpenters are already working on fortifying the Wheat Gate in preparation for a naval attack, and I'd ask that the Mage Eye be turned northeastern towards their landpath. I ask once again for the 'glaive to pick up their burden again as I will and prepare for a new and rejuvenated wave of Solisian forces. Finally, there is the matter of Avalon. After multiple warnings, the 'glaive found more and more evidence damning Ulther of the crime of dark magicks. The castle was still under construction and is in the continued possession of the Empire of Brytannia. Whether I will hold the castle myself or delegate it to another architect who holds the promise to finish the project and hold it steadfast against invaders is still up in the air. Now, before we come to a close is there anything else that must be discussed?" Pausing, Ike scanned the room. Despite their earlier objections, his loyal few appeared to be full of hope and determination. If I had to go to war with anyone, I'm glad it is them, he thought. "Well then, this council is dismissed. For Kingstone." "FOR KINGSTONE!" they chanted back. (( Lopp also was annoyed I mentioned his position in the government, saying that I had no right to control it. It appears like the rest of Solis agrees. You see, I never meant to control Solis' government in a shady way. It was a demand. Solis remove Lopp as Consule themselves or Kingstone would never have peace. It also just occurred to me that I got all of my vassals presents but I got nothing for Solis. We all pitched in and got you guys a thesaurus. I hope you had a great Christmas. I wish you luck in the coming calamity. ))
  7. What steam games do you play?

  8. What steam games do you play?

    CSGO SMITE Total War: WARHAMMER 1 & 2 Battlerite Freestyle 2 Basketball Darkest Dungeon

    With 56k dirt blocks mined and another 45k placed, I'd say I've done my fair share of terraforming myself. Zebulus is a steampunk city on top of a floating island. Kingstone will have a massive tiered castle with causeways and courtyards. And my first build in spawn was 80-year-old-Icarus's cozy cabin. You'll do well here.
  10. An Open Letter to Solis

    The Solis-Kingstone Ultimatum After the events of the Battle of Fort Acies, Kingstone and her vassals realized that Solis could not win, and as a result came together to write an ultimatum much like the one the Imperator sent to King Icarus. Inclosed are our terms and the options to which Solis must respond. Failing to do so will result in an immediate Kingstone victory and shameful end to the reign of the Solisian Empire. The Kingdom of Kingstone will give the Empire until the 2nd Day of January 2018. And then it must choose which road it will follow. Our demands: I. Lopp steps down as Consules. He is a war criminal and peace between Solis and Kingstone is impossible as he holds power in the Empire. II. Kingstone shall never again bend to impromptu and non-consensual rules. Failing to understand this will mean an immediate surrender of the pertaining battle. (( For each of the official battles we have had these recent couples of Saturdays, we have, as equals, decided on rules far beforehand and as Kingstonians we have obeyed these rules to an absolute T. The battle of Fort Acies, however, changed all this. Twenty minutes before the battle, I was approached with new, disgustingly unfair rules including: Kingstone could only use half their members, only use Efficiency 1 picks (which we didn't own), and to abandon our spawn build (that exact same spawn in which Imperator Yogi asked us to build). From now on, if you declare war against Kingstone you will be facing the full might of Kingstone. If you want an edge over our numbers and skills, build immersive and defensive builds the same way the old medieval kings did. Causeways, arrowslits, gatehouses, drawbridges. Not 360 waterfalls around a hill that looks indiscernible from grief. )) Your options: I. Solis continues the fight, using the days until the 2nd of January to train their warriors and recruit new men. You must respect our second demand. (( Truth be told I like the concept of Solis. I truly believe that adversity is the flame that tempers the blade. Solis was an enemy, a rival, someone I could use to inspire myself to grow and to work. If Solis is willing to pick up the pieces and become an enemy who shows respect and decency, then I will gladly continue our game. I still regret not being able to defend Kingstone's proud walls. I still regret not being able to build siege towers and battering rams, and not being able to have a glorious victory at the seat of your proud capital. )) II. Solis has one final stand. They defend their capital against Kingstone, if they win, and respect BOTH of our demands then we will give them a very very attractive peace treaty. (( This option will give a heroic end to the great Empire of Solis. After 350 years of peace, the war-hardened Kingstonian forces with their magic and experience were too much for the Empire of Solis, but it will go down in history as a great nation which expanded across multiple continents and reigned with grace as one of the great ancient super-powers of Lutum. )) III. Solis admits defeat and decides to work with Kingstone towards a fair and final peace treaty. You must respect our first demand. (( This option will allow Solis to live in peace with Kingstone, and perhaps prepare them for an alliance against the great dark forces that are to come. If you are willing to take this course, I will gladly sit down with you and as equals, we will decide the price of this war, and your cooperation will be rewarded. I believe that Solis will have a hard time becoming as attractive a faction as Kingstone. Solis has great builders and skilled lore-writers, but Kingstone has been a concept for six years, and her vassals are die-hard loyal as well as determined to start and finish marvelous builds. They also are skilled in combat and are very disciplined, anchored by King Icarus's voice and experience. Even with extensive recruitment efforts, and the closing of Kingstone's own applications, it may not be enough to achieve the kind of numbers required to have a 50/50 win rate against Kingstone. )) Signed: King Icarus Forde of Kingstone Agunua, Lord of Nymphea -And his councilman, Carson of Nymphea. Arlin, Lord of Mirkwood Javious, Lord of Avalon Pandeoo, Spymaster of Kingstone Alfrety, Headmaster of the Wizards’ Tower Vluxed, Governor of Mista Mathora Ragnorock, Chieftain of Ravenscar Nicku Crestshade, Keeper of THE PIT
  11. Battle of Fort Acies: A Post Battle Report

    Without the rest of their legions, the rallied Solsians were scattered easily. Their fort was searched and the supplies commandeered as King Icarus sat grimly atop the tallest battlement waiting for the crows to arrive. Wiping the red stains off of Brisingr's blade, he swallowed down the bile that was coming back up to haunt him. He could feel the curse stealing away more and more of his sanity and identity but steeled himself with the knowledge that with the Solisan offensive destroyed, Kingstone would be able to rest easy during the holidays. Glancing down, he noticed the wooden eagles that served as mantlets still stood proud, even with the three dozen arrows sticking out of them. Icarus would be proud as well, for his men, and now that the battle was over the worse was behind them. What really worried him was the new year, and the events it would bring. It was a 3:0 victory, with Kingstone taking all three points without needing their extra round. (( I appreciate all the Kingstonians who showed up to the battle, it was regretful that some of you had to stay back and couldn't earn the glory you deserved on the battlefield. I hope in future events, there will be no need to hold back and that there will be more communication between Solis and Kingstone regarding the rules being changed the last second, also looking forward to the possibility of a new faction rising up to face the might of Kingstone and it's dedicated defenders. ))
  12. Preface to the Battle of Fort Acies

    A royal war pavilion was erected outside of Antiquorum Tower. It was it was made of red silk and two proud Rustero eagles flew gold on each side of the tent. The scented wax from the candles warming the cold air of Locis Magnum. "We don't have the manpower to siege Solis. We stopped their offensive, why not return home?" the captain pleaded, the Mirerest sigil sewn on his coat. They all wanted haven from the cold, to enjoy the warm green grass of Kingstone. And words did have merit. The Kingsglaive and his greatest warriors were seated around him. They could do great damage, sure, but without engineers and most of the kingdom's infantry, it would be suicide to smash themselves against the walls. But the captain did have one thing wrong. "They may have lost the battle for the tower, but they are still countless. Great many more than us. They will regroup and march south again. No, if we want to be safe for the coming new year we must smash their rally point. We will have to" King Icarus was interrupted by the pavilion's flap opening to the cold. The headmaster seemed distracted but still held about him the same grace that follows elves. He slipped something back into his robe pockets as he explained: "I've found it. They are holed up in a tower Northwest of here. Most of them have already rallied, but two of their legions have not. One is guarding a pass in the mountains, presumably hoping to ambush us there. The second is evading my vision even now, but what I did find was a path around the mountains. We can use it to avoid the Range entirely and attack the tower from the south." The shade's song behind him was interrupted as Ike proclaimed, "Then it is decided. We attack the tower, scatter the rallying soldiers, destroy the tower's supply and fall back to Kingstone to be with our families for the new year. Then we will reconvene and decide what to do next." Brisingr's ruby pommel glinted in the light from the firepits. Hopefully, this would be the last of the blood shed before Christmas.
  13. Character Profile: Nicku Crestshade

    -Nicku Crestshade- Nicku Crestshade is Nicku's main character and loyal vassal of King Icarus in the Season 4 Everneth roleplay universe, she is one of many from a custom race called the shades who control THE PIT and the Dawn Isles. Before the events of Kingstone, Nicku lived with her family in the forests North of the Hartguard ruins. They used their druid-esque powers to tame beasts as pets and servants. The shades, as they are called in the common tongue, were peaceful. Content to hum and sing and dance together under their great oaks. Nicku was a natural adventurer and hunter for her family despite her young age. Wielding her great stone bludgeon she could defeat even the fiercest of beasts. But this would be the greatest of hunts. The northern drake troll: This one of a kind beast was a flying, fire-breathing dragon, with stone skin, massive jaws and a face uglier than death itself. It was eight times her height and eight times her weight, and big enough to swallow her whole if she wasn't careful. But armed with her mighty hammer she would win. The huntress became the hunted as the ambush turned, the troll had a dozen lesser drakes in her pack and for each one crushed by the hammer, it seemed to grow heavier and heavier. The drake blood and her own were thick on the ground and she lost balanced mid-swing, sending the hammer flying off a cliff-side. With her surrounded, the drakes licked their lips at the prospect of the kill. The pack stood aside as the alpha summoned the mucus to end her, and as the forest was illuminated with dragon fire, she braced for the end. The sound of the intense flames was interrupted by the sound of metal thudding against dirt. Opening one eye, she made out the silhouette of a man. The drake's breath was being absorbed by the sword in his right hand, as his left sent a chain as red as his sword down the mountain. It seemed to have a mind of its own as it wrapped around the grip of her hammer and sent it flying back upwards. "Fight, fight and survive today!" bellowed the fire-bearer, as her hammer smacked back into her hands.Together they slammed against the army of reptiles and one by one sent their corpses off the cliff. Alone with the pack's leader, Nicku pushed the man back towards the brush. This was the fight she came for. He couldn't understand a word of her language, but smiled and nodded, sheathing his cooling sword. She went back the village a hero, with the skull of a drake in her arms. The man's name was Icarus and over the next six years they got along, she taught him the language of the shades as he taught her the language of men. He said he was building a great stone city where his family could be safe. He also intrusted Nicku with his left gauntlet, which could serve as a grappling hook against fleeing enemies, or a way to get her bludgeon back as she drops it. And as his city grew so did she. The bludgeon didn't tire her anymore and soon she could tame the very same beasts that threatened her village. It was paradise. That was, until the arrival of a malicious nexus spawned under her home. The portal shattered the moment it was activated and split the earth open into a massive crater, vaporizing their old home. Lovecraftian horrors and beasts of untold strength clambered out of the pit. The shades shoud've been annihilated but we were saved by Nicku's super-natural grip on creatures. She tamed them and made them docile, but the hellish corruption continued to spread out of the portal. The shades sent a bird to the Kingstonian Construction Site and Ike's Kingsglaive and their golden apple appeared in time to stop the flow of death before it reached the shades and their more benevolent beasts. Nicku made a home there to make sure the beasts never rampaged and to be closer to Kingstone, since she was soon made a member of the Kingsglaive. THE PIT now served as a tourist attraction and barracks for when the beasts would be called to war under the watchful eye of their master. When the shades searched for a new home Icarus and Nicku both decided that they would be safest in isolation. The shades and the Kingsglaive rose a collection of islands from the ocean's depths and the quickly built a new paradise known as the Dawn Isles. The shades used their inherent magic powers to create a barrier to make the islands invisible to the outside world. Some say that there are shades in the Capital of Kingstone, but due to them being a minority, and the fact that they are so elusive, they were never confirmed. Disclaimer: All art was created by Nicku himself, not me.
  14. Character Profile: King Icarus Forde

    -King Icarus "Ike" Forde- Icarus Forde is my primary character this season and ruler of the Kingdom of Kingstone. I've had him with me in the ol' walnut brain for five years and this profile is for the version as seen during Season 4 of the Everneth survival series. Born in a floating steampunk city in the sky during its industrial revolution Icarus's life on the impoverished streets of Zebulus was hard. Child labor and outright slavery were widespread and that, combined with the total-war stance it took against its own people in the countless civil wars left Icarus with a growing feeling of dread for his home. It was only once his younger brother was crushed between two massive gears that Ike decided to incite his own war against Zebulus. With his closest friends from the ghetto, Jodie Holmes -a tomboy with undying loyalty and a violent attitude-, Selphy Fitz -a member of the rich Fitz family who ran away from home and was drawn to Ike's straight-forward, get-it-done attitude-, and Mako Varg -Ike's closest friend and protector- he commandeered one of Zebulus's precious airships: The Lady Valkyrie. At age 19, he was captain of the infamous "Sky Pirates" who struck fear in the heart of airship pilots all around Vennterria. As the Sky Pirates grew in number and respect, they had a real impact in transforming Zebulus from the cruel and desolate city into a flourishing hub of culture under Irashi Heart, the new and fair Wingman (President) of Zebulus. As thanks for their service and sacrifice, Irashi gifted Icarus Forde a quarter of the very same tablet that kept Zebulus afloat, as long as they would continue to serve as peace-keepers and defenders of the new and fair Zebulus. Icarus forged the tablet shard into his leather gauntlets, which gave the gauntlets untold fiery power. When the Mantisphere -a wicked and ancient magical seal trapped in time- began to leak magical energy back into the world, a war was started due to a magical arms race. After losing many of his crew and his beloved airship preventing the genocide of Kalador(a mountain capital city of dwarves), which was instigated by the Fitz family, the war was over and Icarus Forde sore. Without his ship and crew, Icarus was without purpose. Seeing war's negative effects first hand, and with his experience fighting, Agusta Rustero's cause was perfect for him. She vowed to unite all of Brytannia under one banner to put a stop to the endless wars between petty kings. Serving in her Queensguard for ten years, he helped her unite the Empire and make her Empress. She was a fine queen and Ike did good under her, becoming her most loyal vassal and trusted advisor. But it was still Vennterria. He lost too much here and decided now that the wars were over he would finally have a chance to get away from it all. The Greek goddess of strife, Eris, began speaking to him in his dreams. She was proud of all the discord and adversity he had faced in his life and felt pity for him. She promised that she would gift him the Apple of Discord, and a safe-haven to colonize a city free from Vennterria's dark past and a safe haven for him and his last remaining crew. He foolishly accepted. It was a long and hard voyage across the sea. But Eris was right, this land was very fertile and stunningly beautiful. Using the power of the gauntlet, and the magic of the Apple, they created the famous capital city of Kingstone in eight short years. They quickly razed or recruited all of the minor settlements and bandit lairs in the area until Kingstone seemed safe from invaders. Even Loden, a malicious entity of unknown purpose, couldn't crack the proud stone walls as the defenders valiantly sent the demonic abomination and his hellish generals back to the pit from whence they came. But a few short days after Kingstone was completed, they learned a terrible truth. Donning the Roman title: "Discordia" Eris revealed multiple degrees and finally an ultimatum from an ancient empire named "Solis" she had intercepted. They contained the truth that Kingstone was built on the ancient ground of a settlement named Hartguard, and that she had set them up for war from the start. Accepting the fact Icarus had to fight once more, he decided he was now too old to wield the gauntlet in the same way he used to. He removed all but a sliver of the tablet from his right gauntlet and gave his left gauntlet to a shade named Nicku Crestshade. He forged 13 swords of different forms and none of them were good enough until he named the thirteenth and final one Brisingr, ancient language for "fire". He forged the Zebulan tablet into it and cut a ruby "trigger" into the pommel. And has since used this and many more magical relics to create a "Kingsglaive" a group of legendary fighters tasked with defending Kingstone and carrying out the King's will. (( Icarus "Ike" Forde is a part of the "Seal of Heroes" universe that I have been working on for 4-6 years now so there is a lot of content that I either forgot to cover or didn't find pertinent. Any questions would be excitedly answered for you and I may be found double-posting or necroing this thread as I remember, create, or experience new content I find relevant or interesting regarding his character. ))
  15. Apply to join the Kingdom of Kingstone!

    I felt it was time to reply here even though most of this is handled in discord. Here is a list of the current Kingstonians of importance: King Icarus Forde of Kingstone His Kingsglaive: Agista Rustero, Nicku Crestshade, Alfrety A-Topic-of-Hot-Debate, Icarus Forde, Captain Kalador His Vassals: Nicku Crestshade of THE PIT and The Dawn Isles Headmaster Alfrety of the Wizards' Tower TwoEdgedDeath of Mirerest Arlin (Remy) of Mirkwood Chieftain Ragnorock (DPP) of Ravenscar -And DivineIngenuity under him. Javious of Avalon -And Pontuzaa under him. Vluxxed and his wood elves Agunua and his crew -And Carson under him. One King, Eight Vassals, Three Councilmen Contact me and once we agree on a location for the forge, I will usher you into the Kingdom of Kingstone. Contact me and once we agree on a location for Kuiken I will usher you into the Kingdom of Kingstone.