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    Kingstone's Master of Coin

    Kingstone's Master of Coin Kingdoms are built on strong sword arms and heavy coin purses. Duke Jay Porter XX of Valland Just as her vassals, the Throne of Kingstone also has a seat of councilmen to give aid and perspective to the ruling monarch. Arguably the most important of these is the Master of Coin. This seat of the council is responsible for making sure that taxes are being efficiently collected, and that federal payment is properly dispensed. Officially, the responsibilities of the Master of Coin are as follows: To keep the Kingstone marketplace stocked with goods to be bought with Crowns To keep the Spawn horse wagon stocked with crowns to be bought with imported goods To ensure the Kingdom has enough Crowns to pay her vassals each week and to divvy up that payment To ensure that the Kingdom has enough Crowns in stock to handle emergencies and depressions --- To learn more about Kingstone Crowns, click here. To learn more about the Kingdom of Kingstone, click here. Lastly, to learn more about the Evernethian Season 5 Roleplay, click here.
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    King's Cup II Wrap Up

    King's Cup II Wrap Up Thanks to everyone who joined us last weekend for the second installment of the King's Cup. We had a bunch of very close fights and as someone who has been watching the Colosseum fights since the beginning, I can confidently say you've all been improving and gave it your all at this tourney. In the end, the tourney ended with a Bo6 with RashE_ being endowed the title of Champion of Everneth. Champion: RashE Runnerup: Kaddaschatzi Memorable Moments: -Studio's 1/2 heart clutch -The nail-biting match between Porter and Kaddaschatzi -The shield crawl against withering missile fire that was seen all throughout the tourney. Feel free to share any more memorable moments below! v v v
  3. RashE (IrashiHeart)

    King's Cup II Signups

    Respond to this thread with your IGN and I'll add you to the brackets. For more information, check out this thread. Can't wait to see you on the 24th. Current Contestants: Beolyx Porter Kordon Sybillian RashE Studio528 abcfree4all Jaxxx1e Kaddaschatzi
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    King's Cup II Signups

    Lord knows I'll be there fraggin'.
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    King's Cup II

    The Return of King's Cup Years ago, a great tournament was held. Hundreds of talented warriors gathered from each corner of the kingdom as they fought and bled in the honor of their King. Now the time has come to dust off the cobwebbed pedestal and for a new Champion to rise. Gladiators once again take up sword and shield to forge through the brackets and distinguish themselves as the most talented fighter in Everneth. Saturday, The 24th of November, 2018 1:00pm Eastern Standard Time (5,64,170) The Everneth Colosseum All equipment, as well as storage space for competitor's items, will be provided by the Ministry of Competition. To signup, respond to this thread and we'll find you a spot on the tournament bracket. Unlike the last held Cup, this tournament will be double elimination, meaning you will have to lose two matches before you are kicked out of the event. Each match will be Bo3 (Best of Three) and fought with the normal Colosseum kit: Iron Sword, Shield, and Armor Unenchanted Bow, 64 Arrows Iron Axe and Steak Rewards: Along with a gargantuan statue in the Game's District of the Champion, the Champion will receive 8 diamond blocks, 8 gold blocks, the Champion prefix in-game, and most importantly, the golden King's Cup Champion medal. The Runnerup will receive 6 diamond blocks, 8 gold blocks, and the silver King's Cup medal. I hope to see you there! It'll be an honor to host the games and a great fun to watch them. From now until the event, I will be hosting mini tournaments like this one to hone your skills and prepare you for the main event. Lookout for these impromptu games in #colosseum of the official Everneth Discord channel. https://discordapp.com/invite/eHa4ws
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    When you started playing MC?

    The 5th of March, 2011. Beta 1.3
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    Costume Contest Signups

    Costume Contest Signups To enter your skin in the Costume Contest, just reply to this post with your Minecraft IGN and an image of your skin. A poll will be made on the 25th to vote on all the skins. For more information check out this post.
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    Costume Contest Signups

    We are no longer accepting admissions, and the poll has come to a close, if you're reading this before Halloween, you are welcome to join us at the unveiling 3pm EST on Oct 30th, 2018. Thanks for joining!
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    2018 Halloween Costume Contest!

    Skin Costume Contest Along with our Interior brethren, the Ministry of Competition will be joining the Everneth Spooktacular with a Minecraft skin costume contest! Spookify your Minecraft skin with an awesome costume and the coolest, most unique entry will win limitless fame and glory! Rules: -Must be based off your original skin. Anyone can grab a scary skin online, try to be original and put some makeup and some spooky clothes on your own skin. The Ministry of Competition reserves the right to disqualify anyone who is found to be entering the competition with a skin they didn't make. -Nothing NSFW. In accordance with the Discord rules, keep your skin SFW. Mild gore is allowed, obviously. How to Join: Respond to this thread with your IGN and picture of your skin by October 25th. Between the 25th and 30th, the community will judge via forum poll considering aesthetics and spooky-ness and announce the winner on Halloween's Eve (30th), in a grand unveiling of the winner's skin which will stand as a statue forever proud on Halloween Isle! Unveiling: On October 30th, 3pm EST, the grand reveal will take place on Halloween Isle, under a massive Halloween Candy Bag.
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    Kingstone Entry Examinations

    Here is a link for more information about Kingstone. Looking to join Kingstone? Then this is the post for you, here are the official Kingstonian Entry Examinations*! Kingstonians are elite, outnumbered, and fiercely loyal. As such, the Kingstonian applicants for the Season Five Everneth Roleplay must be the very best. You're dedication, standards, and creativity will be tested if you wish to become a citizen of the Kingdom of Kingstone. Why join Kingstone over another faction? Well, Kingstone has a reputation of victory in Season 4, remaining undefeated against the unadulterated assault of Loden, the Desolate One, The Empire of Solis, and the Western Bandit Hordes. More impressive than this, however, is it's rich and immersive lore that has been crafted and refined for over six years. Kingstone prizes loyalty, pride, initiative, integrity, endurance, and determination. A Kingstonian is a bastion of strength and hard work. If all of this is attractive to you than you should continue reading below. Remind yourself that grammar, formatting, and effort all have the utmost importance to your chances of getting accepted into the kingdom. I also feel the need to say that many people have expressed a desire to join Kingstone and I wish to be outnumbered by enemies, so you will be competing with your fellow applicants. Kingstonians will begin to earn monthly allowance** as they rise to the ranks, as well as secret discord channels and war councils. There are six basic ranks of players who can call themselves Kingstonian. The King - The ruling monarch, King Icarus Forde at the time of writing. The Inner Circle - Through dedication and working closely alongside the King, these members have gained his deepest trust. The Kingsglaive - These legendary warriors protect the king with their lives and act out his will. The Vassal - Landowners who receive the King's protection and wealth for answering the call of war and fighting against the enemies of Kingstone. The Councilmen - Advisors to the above tiers, tasked with assisting their liege in construction and decision-making but are barred from fighting in war. The Laborer - Peasants paid per-job, serving as gatherers and builders supporting Kingstone's economy and infrastructure. Now, the road to becoming King is long and hard, and if you want to become King of Kingstone you'll be looking for me as a corpse, so I'll only be accepting Kingsglaive and below, as only going above and beyond the call of duty can earn you the title "Inner Circle". ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Joining the Kingsglaive - There are three basic requirements to becoming a part of the 'glaive of Kingstone. Unique Character Design/Roleplay Skill - The Kingsglaive are an integral reason Kingstone's military has seen such success, and their prevalence in the "Legend of Kingstone" require them to be interesting, unique, and immersive. A Character Profile would be infinitely helpful in your quest to becoming a member of the 'glaive. These players are held to a degree of roleplaying skill, this means your character must fit in the world of Kingstone, and the Everneth Universe at large, think low fantasy medieval, I'll be denying any TRON robots with nuke launchers. Finally, you must always respect roleplay etiquette. No meta-gaming (causing your character to act with information he/she shouldn't have but instead acting on information you have as a player), or controlling other characters (speaking for another player's character without permission or assuming your actions go without reaction, for example: avoid saying things like "I stab you in the throat, killing you instantly"). Loyalty to the Crown - Kingsglaive are defined by their loyalty. They obey the King's commands without hesitation and trust in his ability to lead the kingdom to further victory. As a result, I expect my Kingsglaive to respect Kingstone and defend it with your ((character's)) life. Its citizens and homes must be protected at all costs and an insult to Kingstone is an insult to you. Combat Proficiency - Kingsglaive are feared on the battlefield, and powered by Ike's magical weapons of war(Brisingr, Ax of Odin, etc) the earth must shudder under you as you walk. You won't be required to be Achilles or anything, but I expect the 'glaive to perform well in the field. All loyalty in the world is no replacement for raw talent and physical strength. Some vassals become Kingsglaive, but I have yet to have a Kingsglaive member that wasn't also a vassal. I am willing to work with you to help design your character and weapon as well as the circumstances in which your character meets the King and becomes a member of the 'glaive. Example Kingsglaive Application: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Becoming a Vassal - There are two basic requirements (along with joining the event battles) to becoming a vassal Building Skill/Progression - The main job of a vassal of Kingstone is to build and rule over a small part of the kingdom's territory. This means you must be willing to start and finish your build. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was Kingstone, but I expect progress to be made, even if it's just fifteen minutes a day. Fiefs (areas of land given to vassals) must 'fit' in the Kingstone theme, this means doing your best to build something attractive, and believable. Medieval is a good theme to follow, but I'd also except high elf fantasy, oriental, etc. Just don't build any cars or spaceships, and don't build bigger than the capital itself. Character Uniqueness - Vassals also need to have their own characters to play as, but aren't expected to be as passionate about the lore and war as the Kingsglaive. However, like the Kingsglaive you would greatly benefit from a Character Profile. I am willing to work with you in designing your character as well as finding a purpose/theme for your build. Example Vassal Application: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Becoming a Councilmen - Compared to the above two applicants, looking to become a part of someone's council is relatively easy. A councilman's main job is to assist their liege in any way they can. This usually means help them build/design their fief, or advise them in matters of state and politics. The councilman can be a priceless tool to a vassal or 'glaive, and unlike a laborer, members of a Kingstonian Council receive a monthly allowance. In order to become someone's councilmen, all you must do is earn a member of Kingstone's trust and attention. Vassals are responsible for their council just as the King is responsible for his vassals, so it is important for a councilman to be trustworthy as well as hardworking, as a vassal with too many councilmen can begin to lose track of his people. Councilmen cannot participate in official roleplay battles, as that would unbalance the teams in Kingstone's favor. Example of a vassal or 'glaive member officially accepting a councilman: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Becoming a Laborer - The easiest rank to attain in Kingstone. The laborers are players who aren't so much interested in the roleplay or the wars, but rather making a paycheck or buying land in Kingstone. They import or gather materials for Kingstone in return for Kingstone Crowns** Kingstonian Laborers can also, of course, sell and work for other factions, a practice that would be very suspicious to any other rank. However, they do not receive a monthly allowance, nor are they allowed to participate in official roleplay battles, as that would unbalance the teams in Kingstone's favor. Example of a Laborer's Application: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Yes, I take it that seriously. The good news is though, that the harsher I am with the applicants, the more dedicated the people who actually end up joining are! **Kingstone Crowns (and a currently unnamed, unconfirmed silver coin) are the custom currency I will be minting in Season 5 of Everneth. Crowns can be used to buy real estate in the Capital, as well as steak/diamonds/fireworks. I'd ask that all applications come as replies to this thread. That said I wish you all good luck and encourage you to apply to any opposing or neutral roleplay factions if you aren't fortunate enough to make it in while we're recruiting.
  11. RashE (IrashiHeart)

    Kingstone Entry Examinations

    The Kingstone Entry Examinations are now closed. Porter and Divine have been accepted into Kingstone. If you are currently a vassal and wish to also become Kingsglaive, or are not yet involved with Kingstone but would like to become a councilman or laborer, send me a private message on Discord @RashE#6503. Vassal and Kingsglaive applications will re-open as soon as an enemy faction in Season 5 gets six or more members (including the founder). For Kingstone!
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    A Great Empire Expands into Everneth.

    So every server I play on I end up building a great city/empire because I play Minecraft for the story building and architecture. I've gotten mostly God-gear again and it's time to begin construction. I suppose this thread might be a megathread for me to post updates and lore and residential opportunities and even, hopefully, conquest updates. But for now, I have to decide where it will go, what will be its name and place in my own persistent universe. Where will it go? Personally, I always build around 2,000 blocks away from spawn. This way I don't step on toes or take up space, but I've found that my cities often go unvisited and it all feels like a ruin or a relic from an ancient golden age. This server is more populated and healthy, in my opinion, but I still figure I should stay in spawn to be the backbone of the area's activity and a great monument for new players and old to become inspired and, by their visits, inspire me. I illustrated some ideas onto a piece of the geography: There are a couple problems with this setup, however. This map not only consumes an ungodly percentage of the residential area but it is simultaneously way too small for any kind of complex and reasonable capital city, let alone the great city of Kingstone. Pair that with the fact I haven't talked to the Parliment about this, it brings up a lot of problems so my eyes are set here: More about the city. I built a city called Kingstone once before, and it was to this day my favorite builds I have ever worked on, but it was destroyed in a reset and the server itself was less than active. While I still have the world and plan on finishing it someday offline, I feel it's glory must be public and as such, I am thinking this kingdom will be Kingstone Reborn. It will be as if Icarus Forde and Agusta Rustero's royal fleet landed here and colonized the fertile shores of eastern Everneth instead of Carrotcraft's mountainous plains. I imagine I will also have a great port with a few warships and one of them being the Lady Valkyrie, flagship of the new Royal Navy, and on this ship will be a nether portal to spawn where an identical flagship will roleplay sail you to Kingstone. Also, the horse route will be fully pathed and possibly with a bunch of cool forests and abandoned shelters maybe an inn and some terraformed greenery on the way. Too bad that everyone including myself with just Elytra over. Still, if I ever find a warhorse worth of the title of Boris 'the Bold' I will gladly use this path. The city will also have multiple tiers, and should the city ever come under siege, the attackers would need to fight through three levels of defense to capture the castle. With this, I will also try and fill each tier with the respective classes from the lowest peasant to the King and his Royal Family. Also, make sure to check out the church of the seven, and the multiple shrines to Bellona and Ra and other real-world deities. And the libraries, which will be teeming with lore surrounding the past present and fiction of Kingstone, Brytannia, and whispers of entire other universes. I appreciate you reading through this and pray you will continue to check up on this thread as I release pictures and progress reports, and when it is finally all built, you will see the stunning cinematic I create from all my builds.
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    Everneth Spooktacular: Trick or Treat Sign Ups

    RashE_ -2200, 1700 [Nether Hub: Red Corner, Bottom Floor, in the corner with the Eagle banners.]
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    Season 5 Roleplay Signups/ Faction Index

    Everneth Season 5 Roleplay Signups! Signing up for the roleplay is in no way mandatory, but this page can be a useful place to gather information, find a faction, or recruit members to your side! Simply respond to this post and I'll try and keep it updated with player-generated information. Below I have provided many different possible templates for the different situations, feel free to use them! More information and discussion can be found in our official roleplay discord server. Kingstone - This proud kingdom is reeling from recent wars, under King Icarus Forde they will attempt to rebuild the glory of their past and defend their beloved Capital. They are known for their disciplined military, the legendary Kingsglaive, and their pride. King Icarus Forde (RashE_) Alfrety of Lletya (Alfretyuu) Nicku Crestshade (Nicku_Crestshade) Zil Sa'hir (Remy_) Kordon Luis (TheSteelNinja14) Ragnar The Great (DefendPopPunk) Murdek Urminn (DivineBovineYT) Jay Porter XX (20jPorter) Bewcastle Trade Confederation - This neutral city-state is a hub for trade and peace between nations. Mind RTD Unit 001 Maphya - A mercenary group famous for their role in filling in for warriors who are absent. (abcfree4all)-aka-(Impatient) Adjiava (HGWicks) Level 1; Builds: 1 Town Hall, 1 Banner Design, 3 House, 1 Guard Tower, Lighting, Banner Design Hero's Village - Lit Af; A Village Of Heroes Who Follow No King Wulfric (Warwolf595) Riki (rolo_) Admiral Momo (FearlessPie) Noah Hansen (NoahLot_) (Pandeoo) Keshi Wawaash (boofsly) Dorian Mercer (Beolyx) (Cerium) Looking for a faction? Respond to this post with your IGN and let me know you're interested in finding a faction to join. I'll add you to the list and when factions are recruiting they can find you easily. Optionally, add your discord name for quicker communication! (Example: "Name#1234") Want your faction added to the list? Respond to this post with information based on your faction, or use the template below: Thanks for reading and I wish you luck in the calamity to come.
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    Introducing: Kingstone Crowns!

    Introducing... Kingstone Crowns What are Kingstone Crowns? Crowns are the custom currency of Kingstone, in-game they appear as written books and are used for all kinds of goods and services specific to Kingstone. They even have a neat custom texture in the un-official roleplay texturepack (if Optifine ever updates to 1.13.1), which changes dynamically depending on how many coins are in the stack. Why Crowns over diamonds? Anyone can grind out diamonds and then inflate the market, and a new custom currency can be pretty fun. I mint Kingstone Crowns in an effort to promote the roleplay community, as they are awarded for roleplay battles, quests, and bounties! Vassals and members of the Kingsglaive also get a weekly salary of crowns. Can't Crowns be counterfeit? Written books have the added security of being both signed and minted by me, so as long as the book is signed "by RashE_" and a "Copy of Original" you know you have a genuine token. Technically, someone could murder me while I am minting coins, steal the original, and temporarily craft their own, but since that hasn't been done to date and is technically griefing, you can rest assured that these coins are safe. What can you buy with Crowns? All the good consumables, such as fireworks, steak, and diamonds. The marketplaces in Kingstone are also stocked with all kinds of enchanted books such as: Mending, Unbreaking III, Silk Touch, Fortune III, Thorns III, Protection IV, and Flame. Crowns can also be used to buy real estate in the Capital, ranging from small houses to medium houses containing businesses such as blacksmiths and bakeries, to massive manors in the heart of the city. Where can I get Crowns? The most efficient way would be to join the roleplay battles, but you can also get them from Kingstone quests and bounties from the Official RP Discord's #oakstead-bulletin chat. Lastly, you can buy them in spawn with diamonds, emeralds, ink sacs, and oak logs. Look for a horse wagon with a golden crown on top in the shopping district. Prices: (Prices are subject to change as supply and demand fluctuate.) Items bought with Crowns(found in the Kingstone Marketplace): -256 Crowns (16 Stacks) buys a Mansion in the Inner City(I am thinking about holding these at auction.) -128 Crowns (8 Stacks) buys a medium house w/ side business -64 Crowns (4 Stacks) buys a small house in the outer city -48 Crowns (3 Stacks) buys an enchanted Mending book -32 Crowns (2 Stacks) buys an enchanted Unbreaking III book -16 Crowns buys an enchanted Silk Touch book -16 Crowns buys an enchanted Fortune III book -8 Crowns buys two diamonds -4 Crowns buys a stack of firework rockets -4 Crowns buys a stack of steak Items sold for Crowns(found in the Shopping District, -228,72,79): -1 Diamond buys 4 Crowns -1 Emerald buys 2 Crowns -64 Oak Logs buys 2 Crowns -64 Ink Sacs buys 8 Crowns Salaries for Vassals and Members of the Kingsglaive: -Vassals earn 50 Crowns per week -Kingsglaive Members earn 30 Crowns per week -Councilmen earn 10 Crowns per week
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    Ultra Hardcore Season X Signups

    Nicku and I will be joining this UHC. The Pisano Brothers
  17. RashE (IrashiHeart)

    1000 Posts Game

    A stack of 64 posts.
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    Character Profile: Dorian Mercer

    Dorian Mercer Dorian Mercer is a character I designed for @Beolyx for use in the Season 5 Everneth Roleplay. Dorian and his sister Helena were two siblings of royalty in the faraway land of Mettenheim. Their childhoods were strict and bland as they were both molded for their royal destinies. Dorian Mercer learned swordplay and stewardship from the finest knights in the kingdom as Helena was taught the duties of a lady-in-waiting. As was customary in Mettenheim, the young princess was to be married off like a pawn for diplomatic favors and her father's renown. Helena had known this, but no one could prepare for a husband as cruel and repulsive as the Duke of Valonbray. It burned Dorian to see his dear sister try and tolerate this truly evil man, but even he did not expect the Duke to try and take her before their wedding day. When her screams wouldn't stop him, Helena killed the man before he got what he desired. Not even their father would listen when she told him the truth, and she was imprisoned that night, to be hung in the morning for her crime. Dorian was infuriated at his father's bigotry and betrayed by his culture's laws. He couldn't watch Helena be killed, and that night he slew both the prison guards and Dorian and Helena ran away together. Mettenheim declared them enemies of the realm and put hefty bounties on both of their heads. When the men and women of Hero's Village heard of Helena's defiant defeat of her would be rapist, and of Dorian's brave rescue, they gladly opened their arms to the two royal siblings.
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    Everneth's Ninth Council Nomination: Nominate Here!

    I nominate Kordon as well. Go get 'em, kid.
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    Kingstone Entry Examinations

    The Kingstone Entry Examinations are now open! Valland has surrendered, and it's time to rebuild! Any old applications are still valid but encouraged to update their information and add a bit more effort and flair. Good luck to everyone attempting to join the Kingdom. For Kingstone!
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    1000 Posts Game

    58, the atomic number for our own @Cerium
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    Of Mage and Men

    Of Mage and Men Icarus’ dimly lit study was still echoing with the voice of the translucent mage who claimed to me Wizard Marolot. The two of them were working together towards uncovering the location of Alfrety of Lletya. Rubbing his temples, King Icarus said, “We’ve been looking for him for months, from the ruins of Solis to the coasts of the Gold Sea, and we haven’t found a single dusty page.” Marolot stroked his ethereal beard, the study’s walls finally relinquishing the last reverberations of his voice. Silence reigned only a moment before he said, “Alfrety lives if that is what you’re suggesting. Each time he invoked the Eye I can sense it. Just hours ago he peered into its unholy depths… As far as finding him, you know how I-” “No.” the King interrupted, “as I’ve told you a hundred times before, we’re not going to unleash that corruption back into Kingstone so that you can play detective, even if we did find Fredrick, the risk of losing Kin-” Now it was his turn to be interrupted. The Shade had lazily leaned off the beam she had recently made her home. Thudding onto the floor behind him, the ghost jumped in surprise. The Shade’s voice was slow as she tried to convince him, “Ike… we’ve tried everything. You said it yourself, we’ve looked everywhere… and Marolot seems like he knows what he’s doing. At least we’d have a chance.” More silence. Icarus forced himself to be objective. To ignore the rage building at the thought of bringing the long-dead Lich back to life again for a hint at Fredrick’s location. The Shade was right, there were no other leads, and the old spirit in front of him was obviously sure of himself, and knew a surprising amount of the old Headmaster of the Wizards’ Tower. The old member of the Kingsglaive. “Fine. We’ll evacuate the Industrial District, and what few wizarding students remain along with Alana will hold the perimeter. I’m trusting in your word. I want to find Fredrick more than anyone, but if anyone dies in the pursuit of forbidden magic, it’s on your head.” For the first time since his arrival, a youthful glint illuminated the man's otherwise jaded eyes. "I assure you," Marolot swished the vast sleeve of his loose robe, sending a small hieroglyph-runed bronze katar falling into his other hand. "It won't be my first waltz with desert shadow magic." He said with a wink, turning toward the door to exit with the jar of sand. --- The next morning the Industrial District was evacuated into the Great Hall of Kingstone Castle, the officers living in the Wheat Gate’s towers followed them. The mages were standing together, ready to assist Marolot in the isolating and purifying of the Lich’s cursed soil. With a nod of his head, Icarus signaled for the ghastly mage to begin his work. As soon as the jar's lid was lifted, the smell of death and decay crawled into the morning air. Marolot raised both arms to the jar, and an energized hum began to tune forth from the glass. The ghost's glow intensified and reached forth from his outstretched arms to the sand in the jar as he began his incantation: "Emitte ... tu vester ... Origo!" As soon as his mouth formed the final word, the glass loyally shattered, shrapnel cutting across the fair face of a student. All fell silent as the sand seeped and fell, revealing a small form at the bottom. It was watched intensely until the parting sand no longer obscured it; the Mage Eye was sat before all on the pedestal. Bewildered, the King furrowed his brow. “Fredrick’s in the Eye?” Marolot's face flattened with contemplation, ignoring the yelping student clutching her cheek. "No, no... At least, I hope not." Marolot strode toward the pedestal and lifted the verdant Eye expectantly. "The incantation I used; A common one for curse investigation; it essentially commands: "Reveal your source". The Eye's presence here means that it must have been the origin of this curse. Or, at least..." The old mage trailed off, pacing in a circle still staring at the artifact. “Doesn’t surprise me, despite all the good it’s done us, that daemonic oculus haunts my dreams.” Relaxing his tensed shoulders, Ike continued, “But what does it mean for us? Fredrick isn’t here to seek its counsel.” Marolot whipped his head around, seemingly forgetting he was not alone. "Yes, well..." He seemed to struggle greatly with his thought path before suddenly chuckling once and continuing, "Oh, the mundane and foolish!" He laughed and straightened his face to explain, "You must have thought Alfrety was the only one who could divine with it, I take it." He held the Eye in front of him curiously, "No, indeed anyone could. Now, a weak man would be easily deceived and instantly killed by it, but... Anyone could." Toloram finally turned his gaze from the eye, scanning the crowd, lingering on the King. Icarus recoiled, “Even Fredrick would’ve been killed long ago had it not been for the protective lens that separated them, and it seems your spell conveniently left us without one. Now if you’d like to look into the abyss without that assurance, be my guest, but if you were hoping that I would blindly walk into a tragic death at the hand of my own ignorance, you’re to be disappointed. "That won't be necessary," Marolot said dismissively, stopping just a few paces in front of Icarus. "The lens he had was really nothing more than a black piece of glass, enchanted only to be more durable. Other than that, it was entirely mundane. The purpose is to obscure ones' vision: the less you see, the less you risk; and vice versa. Simplicity itself." The old wizard sighed deeply, uncomfortably balancing the Mage Eye between his fingers. "In any other circumstance, I would do it myself, but...I have long lost all I could leverage with this eye. Only those of flesh may convene with it." He locked eyes with Icarus, speaking slowly and gravely, "I can produce a lens fine enough to protect you just enough, but the task of actually looking through it... Falls to you." The next hours stretched seemingly endlessly until the glassmith emerged from a dark room, followed by Marolot carrying an onyx-black lens, still channeling some energy into it. "...There," He concluded, withdrawing a small stream of lights from the channeling, "Now even if he drops it like a fuc-" Marolot glanced up, jumping at the sight of Icarus already waiting outside of the door. "k-rha! Whe, It's ready, ahem, your majesty!" He blundered, awkwardly thrusting the lens and Eye to Icarus. Taking the Eye into his cupped hands, Icarus expected it would be warm with life, but was shocked to find it was cold as death. What other surprises do you have in store for me? He thought silently. Placing the cloudy glass lens against the Mage Eye, Icarus closed both eyes hard, exhaled and then poured his attention into the abyss.
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    Of Mage and Men

  24. RashE (IrashiHeart)

    Of Mage and Men

    Pulling away from the terrible relic, Ike handed the Eye of Guthix back to Marolot. Still puzzling over the daemon’s last words and the implication of its seemingly prophetic abilities, Icarus noticed they were all staring at him. The first person he addressed was the ghost. “Pyramid of Nharr’zal. A week's flight away from here, Northeast. You heard of it?” Ike couldn’t help but glance back at the eye in Marolot's hands. It seemed to look different, now that he had spoken to it. For the first time Ike wanted to fling himself into it willingly. Marolot's tense shoulders relaxed, and he tilted his head in recollection. "Yes," He thought for a moment, "Nharr'zal... Alfrety has entire shelves dedicated to it in the headmaster's wing of his tower." Marolot's face panged with a hundred realizations. "IDIOT! FOOL AND IGNORAMUS! " Marolot raised both hands to the sides of his head in panic, shouting "Get everything you need to excavate a mountain and let's go! Time is of the ESSENCE here!" --- Now that Valland had surrendered, the Industrial district had returned to producing food and forks for the good people of Kingstone. Instead of shields, shovels were requested by the King as he announced he was putting together an excavation force. And so, the professional soldiers of the Northkeep would stand their watch alone as a long chain of wagons brought supplies from the Capital of Kingstone to the scorching desert that held their long lost friend. The journey there had taken a fortnight, and their trek through the ruins of Solis was uneventful. Ike knew had they arrived when he saw the ruins. Great sandstone pillars and what could’ve once been beautiful effigies sprung from the abandoned pyramid of Nharr’zal. The way was blocked by more than sand, and even the cold stone seemed bent on preventing passage. But with bluesteel picks and tireless hours the entrance was dug out. Long before they had made it through the tunnel they had heard the mage yelling, pleading to be heard and saved. The moment there was a gap wide enough for the mage, he quickly vaulted out of the sedimentary prison. Despite their often cold relationship, Ike couldn’t help but embrace the Mage. “Should’ve guessed you’d be fuckin’ around with sand,” he laughed into the elf’s ear, sparing his friend the truth of how they actually found him. The heat had evaporated any hint at tears before he shed them.
  25. RashE (IrashiHeart)

    Valland: A Perspective of the Jailbreak

    It's perfect