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  1. Stoopidmunkey1o1

    Would you rather play Roblox, or Minecraft?

    Shouldn't even be a discussion, MC all the way. Roblox is beyond horrible and I can tell without having to play it.
  2. Stoopidmunkey1o1

    If Money Does Not Matter, What Would You Buy?

    Without money being a problem, I think I would want to buy every visible star from Earth just so I can charge people for looking up at the night sky.
  3. Stoopidmunkey1o1

    Favorite game besides MC

    I love Playing Battlefield specifically the 3rd and 4th game. However, i'm just now starting to get into PC games and really like G-MOD and PAYDAY 2.
  4. Stoopidmunkey1o1

    When Did You Join?

    I first started playing minecraft in what seems to be the dinosaur age for most, that's he Alpha(not sure which version). Personally i did like the older minecraft and just how simple it was at the time and it was a brand new groundbreaking idea for a game. Now it just seems overly cluttered to me. Just a personal opinion, but still love the game!
  5. Stoopidmunkey1o1

    Which Game System do you prefer?

    Definitely has to be the Nintendo 64 since i grew up with one that my parents owned. Other than that it's a PS4 for now until I get more comfortable playing on my new PC.
  6. Stoopidmunkey1o1

    Do you play any musical instruments?

    I taught myself to play guitar at a young age but slowly drifted from it. (Planning on getting back into it) I also really want to learn the piano it sounds awesome.