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  1. Aekuros


    So I've been super busy all week and as a result I'll probably not be able to get on until the end of November. Will I get kicked for inactivity or something? I don't want to have to re-apply. If not, awesome. It's actually pretty hard to keep a 4.0 going in high school. Thanks, Aekuros
  2. Aekuros

    Question Game

    Where can you find such knowledge?
  3. Aekuros

    This or That?

    Tea cause people say I sound like a kettle when I laugh. Student Loan or Check Engine Light?
  4. Aekuros

    Would you rather?

    Bravo, good sir. I couldn't agree more.
  5. Aekuros

    I'm Resigning.

    Yeah, I get it. Sorry, I just got excited about the server. One could call me a puppy.
  6. Aekuros

    I'm Resigning.

    No kidding lol
  7. Aekuros

    I'm Resigning.

    Also, I found it interesting that a mod here suggested another server. I like how even though they play here they still are honest and open about their opinions and care about how people feel when they play. Thought that was pretty cool.
  8. Aekuros

    I'm Resigning.

    Me too. :3
  9. Aekuros

    I'm Resigning.

    Totally. If anything, this helped me chill out a bit. Thanks for being an awesome lively community participator. This already what I was looking for.
  10. Aekuros

    PokeyMans, by 20Corp

    That seems like it could become a million dollar idea.
  11. Aekuros

    I'm Resigning.

    Might have laughed (A bit). Guess I was a little to quick, ya' know? I'm just a little worried about how this will go down.
  12. Aekuros

    Would you rather?

    1. Would you rather run 100 m/p or fly 10m/p and why? 2. Would you rather shapeshift or warp time? 3. Would you rather eat the same thing everyday or something new? (Never the same meal twice) 4. If you could teleport three times in a day, where would you go? 5. What would you buy with 100$?
  13. Aekuros

    I'm Resigning.

    Wow. I thought that EmmJea would actually play, but it seems that this server may be a bit different than I expected. Hopefully it's not as bad as he makes it out to be.
  14. Just joined this forums. Hoping to get accepted and join this server soon! It looks like a blast!