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  1. Go to topping on pizza?

    Cheese a lot of cheese with some meat and maybe pineapple
  2. What Minecraft Videos Do You Watch?

    I don't really watch minecraft gameplay videos but i do watch a lot of building guide videos like from Grian.
  3. Hey everybody

    My application went flawless and i can say the server didn't let my expectations down yet =D
  4. Favorite game besides MC

    My favorite game i have ever played is Beyond Good & Evil or the Witcher 3. I had with Beyond Good & Evil a great history, I got the game when I was young from my parents for my PS2. I loved the game util suddenly my PS2 broke I was devastaded and after a time I forgot what the name was. until I saw on a thumbnail at youtube just random the main caracter of the game and that way I got the name back bought it later on steam and I have completed it And the Witcher 3 is just a great game a lot of fun and I liked it so much that I bought the necklace from the offecial site and I'm now buying the books to.
  5. Semi-Tileable Shulker Storage Design

    @Morgoth_LotR i'm trying to improve at making redstone contraptions but i just keep on failing at it, everytime i try to make something it is going to be oversized and is not going to fit in my build or it just simply doesn't work and it is making me mad that i can't fix it ones i was making a door with pistons but instead being magical and awesome it ended up being a pathetic 2 block high entrance because i didn't knew how to let them folded in to the seiling.
  6. Semi-AFK Cooked Beef/Leather Farm

    thnx @Morgoth_LotR for posting a different kind of cow farm i will keep it in my back of my head and see if i can put it to use when i'm able to get on the server and have enough materials to make it.
  7. Semi-Tileable Shulker Storage Design

    @Morgoth_LotR was it complicated to make it. In the way of was it like when you fixed one thing another thing broke of was it more like block here redstone there and voila?
  8. A Great Empire Expands into Everneth.

    I would love to see it one day because i'm kind of the same like you. I to always end with building a town or a empire somewhere far of but first making 6 more posts before they possibly let me in
  9. Would you rather?

    1 fly 10m/p because running 100m/p looks likes you are going to trip over things many times 2 shapeshift because i can be a bird or a whale then such dreams 3 everyday something new because otherwise it would be like eating on a sock after some time 4 then it would be home - school / school - supermarket / supermarket - home done not moving a muscle for that 5 the same thing i already do, buying something to eat