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  1. Kordon

    King's Cup II Signups

    Sign me up! IGN: Kordon_Luis
  2. Kordon

    Four Corners of The World!

    oh i guess i read that wrong, i took one item per chest woops... well uh, everything else is still in each of the chests...
  3. Kordon

    Four Corners of The World!

    got the southeast! // welp wish me luck getting back
  4. Kordon

    Four Corners of The World!

    northeast chest found // i'm relying on animals to keep my elytra alive and conserving my rockets to the extreme
  5. Kordon

    Four Corners of The World!

    found northwest // also been doing a bit of hunting myself, two chests i saw had your mark
  6. Kordon

    Views of our world

    found this while exploring and thought it was pretty cool
  7. Kordon

    Four Corners of The World!

    found the southwest corner chest! twas a fun journey too! took a bit from where i was though
  8. Kordon

    Views of our world

    woah alright, those are pretty cool
  9. Kordon

    Everneth Spooktacular: Trick or Treat Sign Ups

    Don't mind if i do Ign: Kordon_Luis Base Coords: -2432 1620
  10. Kordon

    Costume Contest Signups

    Name: Kordon_Luis
  11. Kordon

    1000 Posts Game

    '71 Starring Jack O'Connell
  12. Kordon

    1000 Posts Game

    wine and dine, 69
  13. Kordon

    1000 Posts Game

    63 - Europium - Eu
  14. Kordon


  15. Kordon

    Ultra Hardcore Season X Signups

    Aaron the Mango and Candy Korndon Teleport and Riptide into the fray!