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  1. Ultra Hardcore Season IX Signups

    put me on the list if you please
  2. Apply to join the Kingdom of Kingstone!

    i guess i could be a vassal and a kingsglaive with my island "the island of kuiken, once a gold rush village years ago, now abandoned, the ghost town was then re-vitalized as a huge storage unit using the islands mass to hold wars spoils. some say their residents fled from the shades, some say they were the shades and migrated closer to the mainlands. maybe with some help and dedication, the village might be able to flourish once more" character - kordon, "the last remaining villager of kuiken, he has lived there some say for over 739 years, some say he was even there when the island was founded. him being on the island with the sea for so long, he has gotten to know the sea god Poseidon since the islands demise and was eventually gifted the prismarine blade out of a symbol of trust. he is willing to defend kuiken and any king/ally he serves with his life and blade" answer to the last of both questions, yes i can spar and yes i can roleplay, although i might have some time eaten up for working with the M.int.
  3. Secret Santa Signups 2017!

    i'm down for the idea, should have good enough crap to give as presents, i'll be adventuring
  4. what's your favorite soda?

    A&W popular here, lol, guess you can't really go wrong when it comes to them. has anyone had tom wahl's root beer?
  5. A Tavern! Now You Start Posting Some Memes

    somebody once told me hands off my macaroni, milwaukee pasta bandit found dead. he was picking up the gun with his finger and his thumb raising up, pointed straight at his forehead
  6. Question Game

    if you're legally blind, how did you read the previous questions?
  7. Guys! There's A Problem! I've Recently Been Running Out Of Meme! It's Terrible! Please, 1 Meme Posted Here = 1 Prayer!
  8. Favorite Movie?

    I'd say my favorite would be the polar express because it's the first movie i actually paid attention to what the story was and what everyone was saying
  9. Thoughts on Military use of Drones

    as long as they don't spy on us (like they don't already) then im cool with it
  10. Would you rather?

    1. who doesn't want to fly? 2. Shapeshift because it's just been my dream to turn into anything, and i would love to be a cat 3. i'm stumped, never has a question hurt my head so much, what if you eat something really good but then you can never have it again!? but if you eat the same thing then it gets boring! 4. teleport to see my cousins whom i only see twice a year, then too a vacation spot, once vacation(ed?) out, teleport to my bed 5. movie tickets, popcorn, and dunkin donuts
  11. Go to topping on pizza?

    cheese, olives, sausage all in one
  12. Do Any of You Have Pets?

    used to have a cat, born from feral cats so he was uh... mean. i was the only guy in the family who actually got along with him and he was born about the same time i was and as soon as i went on the school bus when i started school, he waited right on the doorstep till i got back.
  13. Favorite game besides MC

    my favorite game besides minecraft would have to be duck game
  14. what's your favorite soda?

    my favorites are dr. pepper and root beer
  15. What is your favorite style of building?

    dark, rustic. i can't really do modern builds.