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    Kingstone Entry Examinations

    Kingstone Vassal and Kingsglaive Application IGN: TheSteelNinja14 Character Name: Kordon Build Name: Kuiken Character Profile Character description: Kordon is currently a middle aged man from overseas. Prior to his home islands destruction, he was a fisher just barely getting by with little to none fighting experience. All of this changed with the islands demise, being leveled by a powerful arcane orb being used past it's limit for the islands own gain and spreading magical radiation in its wake. Whilst this had happened, the sea god himself had risen to prevent the chaos but was too late. Seeing Kordon as the last sane survivor out on a fishing trip, Poseidon pulled from his magical cache the Prismarine Blade and handed the weapon to Kordon to finish the job and put the towns souls to rest. Once the slaughter of lesser Alvionspawn, which had been his people, was done, Kordon found himself another man. One that could fight at that, as he had realized the sword came with a terrible cost. Icarus, just a vassal of Brytannia at the time, had set his fleet's sails towards the indigo plumes rising from the island and discovered Kordon within the destruction. The two men had the same goal in mind: a new home. So they joined forces and sailed together, docking on land now known as Kingstone. Kordon, now with a missing space in his heart, had set off to begin a new Kuiken on Kingstone territory as a Vassal and Glaive. Now protecting what he had left and what he had gained with the use of his Prismarine Blade and newfound fighting spirit. Build description: The new Kuiken is a town by the ocean side that started off as a fishing shack for Kordon to get by with the missing part of his life, as the area grabbed more and more attention because of Kordon's advertisements in the lands, folk looking for a job, home or even a new life had turned and joined with Kordon. As the years came and went, their cooperation had risen as Kuiken's successor, making it's spot on the map known. Currently the town supplies nearby settlements with plentiful fish and oversea trading goods. Applicant notes: When I joined Kingstone in S4, I had no idea that I'd ever enjoy a role play of all things so much. It was just something I did to pass the time. But I had proved myself wrong. I found my place that I could really become involved in something and Kingstone has ingrained itself into my head with the time I've been in it. It's kind of a part of me that I think of on the daily and more. Now onto the rest of the notes, I feel as if I owe it to Kingstone to finish Kuiken in some way shape or form better than it would have if I did actually finish it in S4, a town is coming and it's gonna be the best town in the lands, I promise you that. On the fighting hand though, I am an above average fighter myself given both sides have similar gear. Although I still have some room for improvement as always, I can hold my own well in times of fighting and will sacrifice myself for the better of the King if need be. I present myself here in the best manner possible to protect the Kingstone name with all my heart
  2. TheSteelNinja14

    An Audience with the King: Chapter One.

    Watching the battle go on, Kordon decides to take out his waterskin, figuring he’d know what the signal would be when he heard or saw it. So he paid more attention to Icarus in case it was a visual signal. After taking a sip of water high in the night, the ground and gate trembled, causing some water to be spilt, wetting the stones of the tower he was hiding on. Looking down upon the Lich, he sees the pillars firing out of the portal. Catching the Liches hands, keeping him on the ground. Crushing the Skeletal warriors that were retreating on his command through the sandstorm and the surrounding crop, leaving indents into the fields. One strikes the Lich on the back, revealing flesh and a little blood spilling on the fields. Both Ike and Kordon seeing this as the perfect timing, A familiar battle cry bounces off the land. “FOR KINGSTONE!” Dropping the waterskin and the dagger, almost tripping off. Kordon takes the jump, drawing the blade as he was jumping and readying it while falling into a downward strike, Kordon in a squatting position with the blade centered from his chest. Bracing for impact on his ankles, the sword pierces through the flesh halfway before hitting something hard. The Lich reacting almost immediately, thrashes, throwing Kordon unbalanced and almost falling off. A shadow passes overhead and almost right away, Kordon knew who it was.
  3. TheSteelNinja14

    An Audience with the King: Chapter One.

    Nodding, Kordon takes the first chance he gets to roll into the fields towards the noble gate. Crawling, until Kordon is sure the Lich won't see him, he stands and runs. "I hate to bother you guards, but Its me, Kordon. I need one of your blades, I don't have my own on me currently." Giving Kordon a confused look, the left sides sentry guard reluctantly hands over their broadsword. "I can make it up to you later!" Yells Kordon as he dashes towards the battlements, making mud boot tracks on the ground with each step he takes. Not thinking of what else could possible go wrong here. A pair of footsteps echoes within the tower and in no time, Kordon is resting quietly at the top, waiting for the kings command. Crouching down, Kordon is observing the battle with a newly found broadsword. Sure, it couldn't control the tides but it would give the beast hell given the right timing. Having a moment to take a breather, he looks out of the tower and looking directly down at the Lich. Then to Ike, reflecting the moonlight off his dagger towards him to grab his attention that Kordon is ready to drop. Thinking this very well could be his end if he screws this up, Kordon makes a prayer to Poseidon while he waits for the signal.
  4. TheSteelNinja14

    An Audience with the King: Chapter One.

    "Oh god... Oh no..." Kordon coughed through the dust. This was all too familiar. A mental panic took way. Many creatures, very different, but just as fearsome as this beast took residence in the old Kuiken. With a blink, however, the fear was gone and replaced by anger. Not by the curse but for the beast. The Prismarine blade was not on him but a dagger he always kept in case of emergency's. It would be no good. "Icarus! Before you try attacking, Back up! Although the boomstick won't be of help, it will give us time to recollect!" Yelled Kordon. "You too Rem!" "Nicku, if you have your hammer nearby. get it now!"
  5. TheSteelNinja14

    An Audience with the King: Chapter One.

    "Of course i'll go, anything for Alfrety!" Kordon said, still surprised by the drop in from the shade coming from th... the ceiling? Then it hit him like a punch to the gut. Now much less enthusiastic as the dread hit him, creeping up from the chest to the face. troubled by the thought that Alfrety wouldn't be coming back, it was best for Kordon to think of something else for the time being, he can't handle loss much more after the many battles he had and losing Kuiken many years ago. the thought of all the years flooded back to him, but there's nothing you can do to stop the memories. This is where not thinking of something else leads to you klutz! Kordon thought. Stay strong in front of everyone. most of all Alfrety, least of all you want is a bad last memory with him. He thought as well. It was time to change the subject in his head before he had a full out mental war. "You coming Rem?" Was the best sentence he could muster. Anything else would have came out in a garbled sentence. "We can introduce you to everyone on the way to the gate"
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    Do you play any musical instruments?

    would like to learn piano or bass guitar soon
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    Breakfast Foods

    all this breakfast talk makes me want to go to a diner
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    Breakfast Foods

    grits, hash browns and biscuit gravy are my favorite meals for good ol breakfast time
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    An Audience with the King: Chapter One.

    "Ok, I'll try to make this brief considering we have... well, a 'visitor'. I've checked with the guards and they're fine with me bringing her in." Kordon notions to the guard stationed by the doorway. A small girl walks in, heavily eyed by the guard. "She just kind of appeared one night in Kuiken a few weeks ago and wouldn't leave the gates, she wasn't doing anything wrong so I took her under my watch and she seemed to just adore the stories I had told her of Kuiken, Kingstone overall and you." Kordon, looking over his shoulder to see if she was still there, returned his view to Ike. "I offered to bring her here to see you in person, and here we are now. I hope you don't mind" As Kordon shifts to the right and guides the visitor to where he was just standing, keeping a close eye along with the guards present.
  10. TheSteelNinja14

    An Audience with the King: Chapter One.

    "H-hello? Ike? Oh, Greetings Ike. Am I interrupting something or do you have a minute to spare?" Kordon asks, seeming very mildly irritated with himself.
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    Everneth's Eighth Council Nomination: Nominate Here!

    gotta give it to kathi
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    Wanted: Translators

    NOTICE: Any books I have found (1, 2, 3, 7, 8.) have been returned to Ike for further inspection. please do the same if you find any.
  13. TheSteelNinja14

    Wanted: Translators

    Hello, this is Kordon. I was walking through the Wizards Tower the other day and I happened to stumble upon a book that looked strange and different from the rest. So I picked it up and it was written in a language I have not see yet. Now, mind you I've seen many languages but this was foreign to my understanding. It was written in symbols that look hard to write in as well. All of the books have the common number known by most races, the highest number I have so far is number 8. I will put the books back for now, from what I have seen so far is that there's 1 book per settlement within Kingstone. I will be translating book #3 If you would like to lend your hand in helping me translate, please sign your name on the extra paper i have pasted below:
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    What is your favorite Netflix show?

    Jerry is the best
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    Whats your favourite Artist/Musician? Any Genre.

    I like the Snails House and Gorillaz