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    LordKek's Whitelist Application

    well the knowing someone in the community is false, just met him a bit ago. he seems cool
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    Ok guys, I need help.

    Ok so, I bet most of you have seen me as a candidate for baron, which also means I should probably step up my game a bit more, but I don't know what to do considering I'm new to this. So I'm going to ask you guys, what would you like to see in me? Anything, even the smallest bit of advice helps me out here.
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    Everneth's Ninth Council Nomination: Nominate Here!

    i'll give remy my nomination
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    What music do you guys listen to?

    Was in "Oklahoma!" @Kaddaschatzi still remember things like Kansas city, Lonely room, and a couple i'd remember if someone else starts to sing it
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    What music do you guys listen to?

    i listen to a lot of lofi stuffs, rock, remixes of game soundtracks and normal game soundtracks, meme songs and thats pretty much it. if you ever see me online im listening to one of those. speaking of musicals though, was just in one half a year ago kathi and remember like 2 songs
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    1000 Posts Game

    51 is boring, don't give it any attention
  7. After a moment of silence with every face at the table buried in thought, Kordon's eyes lit up first with a few ideas in mind. Re-positioning himself in his chair next to Ragnar, who also looked as though he had an idea or two, Kordon spoke up, breaking the silence and grabbing everyone's attention. "Well, looking at the damage done i'd say we could use at least one new vassal, with the addition of Zil and another new face, we could rebuild the areas surrounding with much more haste rather than if we leave it be." Pausing for a moment to catch reactions, he continued. "Speaking of rebuilding, I also suggest we find a trade partner for easier access to... anything in general that might aid in the healing of Kingstone's wounds. And with that, I've met someone recently from a nearby civilization. She informed me that they too had received an attack by bandits and learned of us through them. From what I have heard, this other Kingdom is one that mainly focuses on the art of trade and could play a vital role in our recovery. Perhaps we could send someone there as an ambassador to them? Relaxing back into his chair once more, he waited for a response to his proposal.
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    Kordon meets Keshi

    It took a bit, but Kordon eventually got care in the Infirmary. Many there were wounded, some too far gone to be saved, luckily though, the percentage of people too far gone was in the minority, although a lot had life changing injuries. Kordon was put into the middle class injured list. The two major bones that had broke was a rib and and his left shin which both required minimal effort to heal. After getting cared for after about a day, Kordon requested crutches to visit the waters of Kuiken to bask in them and to make prayers to Poseidon, mostly to stimulate the repair of his leg. Reluctantly, they gave him the crutches. Shuffling through the Infirmary, now with less patients either healed or dead. The door was being held wide open with a cart of supplies. Grabbing his personal belongings on the front shelf including the Prismarine blade in its scabbard, he went outside for the first time that seemed like a week. Taking a look around, the outer town was bustling with the town folk and refugee’s. One market had fresh bread ready to be eaten, drooling at the thought, he fingered through his pouch and flipped a crown to the seller, grabbed a loaf and thanked the woman at the stand who seemed pleased her bread was selling, albeit a bit horrified at the amount of bandages Kordon had and his crutches. But Kordon took no notice, hobbling away with the warm bread towards his room in the capital. The breeze was carrying a certain scent, not identifiable but still pleasing nonetheless. Kordons crutches made an odd click click click sound on the cobblestones of the roads similar to what a horse sounds like when walking down the roads but much more quiet. Making it to his room shortly after buying the loaf of bread, About 15 to 20 minutes. he thought. The bread was greedily consumed and left him feeling energized. Entering his room, in it were a bed, the hardwood floor with quite a few of his favorite rugs, his ash desk across from the door with some papers he’d been writing along with his half full inkwell. A closet and several shelf's, one more grand than the rest to hold his Prismarine Sword. The window had been open and the breeze flew in, waving the Kingstone flags in the distance and his curtains. If Kordon wasn’t In Kuiken, it was here. Setting the crutches down next to the desk, he looked down upon at a letter sent to him. Picking up his letter opener, the letter informed him that Ragnar, the man who they all thought was dead, had proved the council wrong. The letter also confirmed Kordon to be alive and in the infirmary. This had to be sent to everyone then. Kordon thought. Putting the paper back into the envelope, Kordon placed the letter into the catalog of letters he kept. He doesn’t know why he still keeps them all, some even being completely useless, but it was habit from his family that he kept from the first Kuiken, the island Kuiken. Turning towards the closet, Kordon lays out a change of clothes onto his bed to go into. He really needed them. Sitting down at the foot of his bed to change, he first unbuckled his blades scabbard from his belt. Setting it aside to the shelf he usually keeps it on, he returns to his bed. What will i do? Pulling off his shirt, feeling the cloth of it pull up. Kuiken is a part of me. I need it back, but if I lose it again… Who knows what will become of me? Swapping the shirt for a clean one, he pulls the clean one on. I have to at least try to rebuild it. But… what if I fail again? Clearly disturbed by the thought, Kordon pushes it to the back of his head. I won’t fail again. An hour later, Kordon was on his way to Kuiken with more bread, 1 loaf as an offering to Poseidon and 2 more as he’d be spending the day there salvaging what little had been left. The crutches had been a huge help in moving and a good exercise, Kordon refused to take his steed so he could get his leg used to moving again. The morning breeze started to role in, causing the plains seemingly to move on either side of the stoned path. The breeze was warm to go along with the sun and felt nice on Kordons skin. The path was empty, something very unusual. But it would make sense given the current timing of both Minerest and Kuikens demise. The locals were still afraid foes were there, ready to attack. But something told Kordon that wouldn’t be happening. He made sure of it during the attack that everything was dead or fled. Reaching the bridge that connected Kuiken and Kingstone, it marked the entrance to Kuiken. Surprisingly, the bridge was still intact. Slowly, he made his steps over the bridge, the planks groaning under his weight. Looking up from his feet, he saw his Kuiken once more. Many if not all of the buildings had been touched in some way, either it being the wave Kordon brought upon Kuiken, bandits blowing through the door or windows, or fire. Either way, it was all ruined including the trade ports. The ships coming in from the sea must have went to Kingstone instead after seeing the damage. But then there was movement that caught his eye. Grabbing the handle of his sword but not drawing it, he looked towards the direction of the motion and saw… a deer person? She had something that looked like fuzzy antlers, similar to those of a reindeer and had the typical light brown fur of a doe. Seeing her as harmless and from a distance, Kordon loosened his grip on the ‘Pris Blade and called out to her “Hello?” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Keshi Waawaash had been sent out to find a civilization by the name of Kingstone by King Jay Porter XX of Valland. A mislead Bandit siege had attacked Valland a week before and in their dying words had mentioned of the great nation Kingstone, mistaking Valland for it. Hearing the name as familiar and intrigued by the sound of another nation being a valuable trade partner if bandits would target their capital and the area surrounding, King Jay Porter sent out Keshi. After 3 days of scouting new area, she had discovered the remains of Minerest, and then to Kuiken. Just arriving minutes before, she’d been in dismay at the site, it appeared to have been flooded, but only the ruins were touched, everything else seemed to be untouched by rain for a week or so. Just then, as she’d been calculating how this would’ve been possible, she heard a voice call out to her. Looking in the direction of the sound and freezing, she saw a man in crutches, making his way to the ruins. He had brown hair, slightly darker than her own, quite a few bandages and a basket of bread. Keshi’s muscles froze and didn’t want to move, she’d been startled by this man's sudden appearance but she slowly started to calm down and transitioned into more of an infatuated state as she got a better look of him, the man nearing her with a curious look, crutch step by step. He had baggy black pants with a thick red strap at the top of the pants, a belt weaved in and out of the red band. His shirt was a tan color, and had stitching at the collar line as if it had gone through some rough times. The grass crunched and a pendant that resembled a sword and a word he wore around his neck swung back and forth with each step he took. Regaining her composure, she blinked out of her trance like state and replied to the stranger. “H-hi… do you know what happened here?” Keshi immediately responding to herself in her head, she was criticizing herself before she even said anything. “Yes actually, I kind of happened to it with some bandit scum.” The man replied. “You inspecting the damage I assume?” he asked. “Well, yea… I’m seeing what happened. What do you mean by you happened to it?” did I ask the right question... yes Keshi thought afterwards. The man looked around, as if expecting someone to jump out at him, then sat down besides the ruins of a wall, likely for a tavern. “Well, I’m going to be staying here for a while so I might as well sit.” setting the crutches down next to him and positioning his leg. “Come here, take a seat. I’ll give you the full rundown of what happened over the past week or so. My name is Kordon by the way, would you like some bread?” “My name is Keshi.” Now sitting down perhaps a little closer to Kordon than he’d like. “Sure, I’ll take some bread!” she responded with that a little too quickly, she wasn’t even a huge fan of bread related foods but her mouth ran faster than her thoughts. “Alright. Hope you like rye.” The Kordon man said, pulling out a loaf and then splitting it with her, she watched in an awe as she was handed the bread as if she were her own King gazing upon a pile of riches. “Whoa, calm down. It’s only bread.” Kordon reacted to her gaze. Giggling a little bit. “Oh yeah, hah…” Keshi was snapped back into reality, albeit a bit flustered. Was she really just looking at half a loaf of bread like it were the world? “So, about what happened… the Kingdom I serve, Kingstone. It’s that walled city in the distance, that’s our capital. I’m a ‘Glaive member sworn to protect the King, The Kingdom and its People. And this sad remainder of a hamlet was my Kuiken… we’ve been under attack recently, with the forces of an opposing native Kingdom by the name of Solis whom recently admitted defeat, Bandits and the forces of the Underworld, if I were you, I wouldn’t ask anyone about that last one. It’s still somewhat of a touchy subject, many lives were lost.” Kordon pausing for a minute, looking off into the distance, seeming troubled. The words Kingstone and Bandits stuck out to Keshi, catching onto what Kordon had said, she followed up. “Wait so… that over there is Kingstone?” “Correct.” “My own king sent me out last week to look for this Kingstone, we were under attack by a siege of Bandits too and one of them had mentioned this place. He thought that since they would target a place like this, it must have things worth trading for and so I’m out here as an ambassador, trying to earn us a new trade partner.” She responded with as much information as her mind would allow her in that moment, any other details were swept away with one look at Kordon. “Huh, you guys were attacked too? Damn. The Bandits must’ve really went out of their way. I hope they didn’t bring too much destruction like they did to us. Anyhow, we could use a new trade partner with the damages done in the surrounding area recently. I’ll take you to Kingstone myself later to chip you in a good word from yours truly.” Kordon laughs a little bit “Really?” Keshi replied, getting excited to the thought of Kordon walking her to Kingstone, setting up a friendly relationship with herself and this new area. Her spending more time with the man she hadn’t even know for more than 15 minutes was starting to really pay off. “Yeah, of course! No need to get too excited though, it’s only me.” He said with a smile. Keshi’s chest did a flutter with the smile Kordon gifted upon Keshi. “Anyways, aside from trade routes and good words, those Bandits really did a number on us, I’ve heard just about every if not all of Kingstones Vassals were wiped clean from the land, including the ruins of what you see lie before you. This is the second time Kuiken was taken from me, I’ve gotten over it with my time in the infirmary but I took it harsh the first time…” “Oh?” she questioned. She thought it’d be a sensitive topic for him but only after asking “what happened?” Looking down, suddenly deep in thought, Kordon replied with “I- I don’t want to talk about it, maybe later. We’re getting sidetracked now though, What were we talking about again?” Kordon was clearly distressed, most likely by the mental scars the first Kuiken left on him. Thinking he would want to swap to a lighter subject, Keshi knew what they were just talking about but lied and said “Huh, I… I don’t know actually” “Oh don’t worry about it, it’s fine.” Kordon replied. Did he reply with a little bit of haste? It seemed like it. “Here.” Kordon said, getting up and making a hurtful face as he realized his leg was still indeed: broken. Quickly grabbing his crutches, Kordon offered his hand and said: “I’ll get you familiarized with the area by a tour of my home.” with an endearing smile, although his pupils had looked dilated. For a man who just broke several bones, he seemed to be dealing with the pain alright. He’s felt worse. Taking Kordons hand, Keshi sat up and got light headed, how long have they been sitting there? The sun had moved from when she’d first arrived at Kuiken. “Do you mean Kingstone herself, the area or just Kuiken?” she asked, immediately regretting asking and wished she’d changed it up a bit. If most of the area was destroyed, he couldn’t quite show her a tour of either Kuiken or the surrounding area. But instead of keeping all of her embarrassment to her head, she let out a blush hoping he wouldn’t notice and get the wrong idea. Keshi was starting to come to terms with it. She liked him a little bit, which was insane considering she’s very shy and she just met him, not to mention they're partially different species. But he had that charm to him in his voice and the way he looked at her. “Oh, to Kingstone. Probably should have clarified that, sorry!” What were you doing!? He was criticizing himself the entire conversation for screwing up a word and had embarrassed him in a sense, but not so much as to make him run away from the conversation. It almost made him feel like he wanted more time screwing himself over with this chance. He’s even tried justifying himself considering he’s falling for a deer person that she looked human enough, that mostly the only deer features he could see were her snout (which was cute in its own way), her fur and fuzzy horns akin to those of a reindeer. He decided to put his mind off of that, for now anyways. Right now, he needs to ensure the possibility of a new trade partner. Picking up the remaining two loafs, the extra one goes to Poseidon as he was returning to the capital and didn’t need it. Kordon told Keshi to wait there while he lays out the bread into a basket and sends it out to sea, making prayers as it floats away. Opening his eyes once more, he starts onto the path to Kingstone and motions Keshi to follow. “This way to Kingstone, ahem, lady… um, what’s your last name?” Kordon said with a charming grin “Oh It’s Waawaash. I see you're a formal man." "Hah, yeah you tend to be formal when you're around regal figures a good chunk of time. I can take you in as a guest under my name if you’d like to stay the night to discuss further trade options for the both of our Kingdoms.” Looking pleased with herself, Keshi accepted the offer and the two went down the path to the Capital known as Kingstone.
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    Theme Songs for Factions

    Kordon being told Kuiken (the island one) was decimated and then told to go clean it up by Poseidon - Red like roses by Jeff and Casey Lee Williams
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    What resource pack do you use?

    I use the JUG pack Rashe was going on about
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    1000 Posts Game

    33 is a bee
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    1000 Posts Game

    32, one too many
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    1000 Posts Game

    29, -no, you're fine
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    Kordon rises from the depths

    The clouds in the sky drift away as dusk turns to dawn. The cries “For Kingstone!” can be heard miles around throughout the night. By mid day the horns of Kingstone victory are blown, declaring Kingstone victorious, but at what cost? Meanwhile in Kuiken, the last home had been destroyed and the ports falling in on themselves, market tents in shambles and not a soul other than the remaining Bandits picking apart the place dry by early morning. The remaining ships were the ones out at sea, about to come back to the shambles known as Kuiken. Kordon had been fighting off the siege along with an amount of Kingstone soldiers. After summoning a wave to wipe the hordes, Kordon fell to his knees, grasping the handle of the Prismarine Blade tightly, turning his knuckles white. After an attempt to stand again after a minute of wheezing, an arrow fired from behind the remains of a building, knocking Kordon into the waters of the port. Sinking into the waters, nearing towards a sunken trade ship, Kordon took this moment to relax as the Blade would keep him safe from drowning underwater. His eyes went heavy when he reached the floor of the bay, feeling the comfort of the warm water and sand. Waking up hours later, the cuts and strikes Kordon suffered had stained the sand but also were looking better than when he got them. Leaning up against something that should not have been there to him, a piece of the port, Kordon looked around with dread as he rose up from the depths. Surfacing, Kordon swam to the edge of the bay and climbed up the ruins of the port. What he saw brought a tear to his eye, it was the destruction of Kuiken all over again. The residents had retreated to Kingstone long before this happened, but the corpses of the siege were very convincing. “I’ll protect you better next time, I promise” Kordon muttered under his breath as he stumbled around the ruins, the water in the humid air clinging to his skin dropped as he sheathed the Prismarine Blade. Kordon started to make his way to Kingstone, hopefully before the casualty report arrived for any eyes to see. Hearing the victory horns halfway, Kordon responded with a force of habit, a quiet “For Kingstone…”
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    1000 Posts Game

    25 hive minds