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  1. Since i saw a similar topic about Pizza i thought i could do one about Burritos. Which is the food that i cook at my job, thus my curiousity.. So hit me, what is your favorite fillings in a Burrito? Myself i enjoy tomatorice, pork, black beans, cheese, hot salsa, pickled red cabbage & guacamole!
  2. Great topic! Games have always been a big part of my life also. Ever since i got my first Gameboy color when i was 6 i have always played video games. With that Gameboy color i got Pokémon Gold (which i still play sometimes, on the same Gameboy color i got back in 2002). But choosing one favorite games is hard! But if i list some i would choose these: World of Warcraft Hearthstone Roller Coaster Tycoon (Original) Fallout 3 & 4 Pokémon franchise (Emerald as #1) Zelda franchise (Minish cap as #1) Halo franchise (Halo 3 as #1)
  3. Jevn

    Go to topping on pizza?

    A Swedish original: Kebab, Fries and Kebabsauce
  4. Jevn

    Breakfast Foods

    Fun topic! On regular weekdays (Monday to Friday) I usually just eat some cereal, a boiled egg and drink a cup of coffee. But on weekends I enjoy going big with my breakfast! Smoothie, scrambled eggs, cinnamon bacon, toast, some vegetables, orange juice and coffee! Nothing gets you more started with a big and good breakfast!